Do you have an unknown song stuck? Hum it to Google

Google, once again, is innovating to offer you unbeatable experiences. Imagine the scene: you are driving down the road, and suddenly you...

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Google, once again, is innovating to offer you unbeatable experiences.

Imagine the scene: you are driving down the road, and suddenly you hear an unknown song that captures your attention; You do not locate the singer, or it is in a different language than yours, and the only thing you remember is the melody.

Before, the only way was to open another application or type the letters to carry out a later search.

Today, the solution is closer than you imagine, and it is much simpler than you think.

Thanks to Google, from now on it will be enough to recognize the melody to make a quick search for your favorite song.

Do you want to know how to do it? Here we tell you!

  • You no longer need to know another language to find your favorite song: Google will do it for you with its new tool
  • Available for iOS and Android, all you have to do is ask the Google Assistant to know the name of your favorite song, regardless of the language!
  • Advances in Artificial Intelligence have allowed the creation of this tool, which is currently available for all devices

Without a doubt, looking for a song of which we do not know the name, the interpreter or the lyrics, can be a daunting task.

Without technology, the only option would be to go from person to person humming the song for someone, at some point, to identify it.

Fortunately, the technology has advanced enough that you never have to search for a song again.

A question to the Google Assistant to find that song that you’ve been looking for a long time.

Since mid-October, Google has added a new tool for mobile devices, which consists of recognizing the “hum” of a specific song to carry out an exhaustive search in its engines.

This tool works for both iOS and Android operating systems.

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Users will only have to open the Google application, search for the widget or Google Assistant, and proceed to ask ‘What song is this?’ while humming a fragment of the song in question.

If they wish, users can also click on the ‘Find a song’ option and start ‘humming’ it.

Unlike other applications, the application created by Google is designed to detect a song using only the melody identified in it, even though it contains no lyrics.

The application is programmed to do an exhaustive search and, when it returns the results, it will also include options to listen to the song in a specific application, consult the complete lyrics of said song, or receive additional information about the composer, artist or year of release, among other data.

Google will allow you to ‘hum’ a song to search for it: How does this application work?

Google’s algorithms have the ability to do a quick search of the songs already digitized to choose the ones that it considers closest to the user’s ‘hum’.

According to figures provided by Google, each month the search engine receives 100 million requests to find a certain song.

Faced with the impossibility of identifying the song solely with the lyrics, Google has created a new function that allows you to ‘hum’, sing or whistle to reach your search faster.

Although Google announced that the application will be available in more than 20 languages, the good news is that users do not need to be fluent in a language to perform a personalized search.

The Google application works in the following way: the program analyzes the tune of the ‘hum’ and, from there, the application converts this tune to a sequence that allows you to select from a large number of similar tunes, a task in which Google has been an expert for several years.

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According to a statement issued by Google on its home page, starting in October users will be able to “’Hum’, whistle or sing a melody to Google to answer their questions regarding a song. Users just need to open their app, click on the microphone, and ask ‘What song is this?’ and ‘hum’ for approximately 10 to 15 seconds.

Once the user has finished ‘humming’, the search engine’s algorithm will help identify songs that could match the user’s search.

As a ‘joke’, Google warned its followers that neither the language nor the vocal capacity of whoever carried out the search mattered, since it is not based on either of those two characteristics.

In addition to the song and additional information about it, the searcher will also have the option of viewing the videos related to the selected song or finding the upcoming dates of the artist’s performances in locations near their location.

As Google explains in its statement, each song has a component that makes it unique; something like its ‘fingerprint’, so that search engines can identify that ‘identity’ of the song and offer an accurate list of potential results.

In summary, the new Google tool will be able, thanks to Artificial Intelligence:

  • Identify the sequence of tunes in a specific song
  • Identify the melody sequence in the ‘hum’, whistle or chant of users searching for a specific song
  • Perform an extensive search of this sequence of melodies and return a series of specific results
  • Provide information related to the song that the user has found; Among such information are the name of the artist, his place of origin, the year in which the song was released, the lyrics, the music video and the dates on which the artist will perform in a location close to that of the user, among others data.

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