Dixie Fire: More than 16,000 people have been evacuated from their homes in California

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  • The second largest fire in the United States has caused at least 16,500 evictions.
  • Dixie in Northern California has burned 244,000 acres and is 30% contained.
  • Firefighters desperately try to prevent it from spreading to Paradise.

In Northern California, east of Chico, the Dixie Fire, the second largest in the United States, has caused at least 16,500 people to flee their homes. As of Saturday, the 244,000-acre fire was 30% contained, and crews expected 100% containment within two weeks, according to NPR.

Dixie is the biggest wildfire so far this year and has already destroyed 44 buildings and at least 10,000 other homes are in danger. So far, the fire has been kept within a perimeter built by fire crews.

Dixie fire
Dixie Fire: More than 16,000 people have evacuated their homes. Photo: Getty Images

Firefighters’ work occurs amidst huge plumes of smoke and ash that can pose a danger to them. They are desperately trying to prevent it from spreading to Paradise, a city that was destroyed by hell in 2018.

The Dixie Fire has currently burned 244,000 acres since it began July 13, according to the state wildland fire agency. The Paradise fire killed 85 people and is recorded as the deadliest in California history.

Firefighters fighting for fire control

Dixie fire
Dixie Fire: More than 16,000 people have evacuated their homes. Photo: Getty Images)

Mike Wink, an incident commander, told the media in an online briefing that “there is nothing close to our line at this time. They are all the internal fuels that are burned “, he reviewed The Sun.

Meanwhile, President Joe Biden spoke with governors of several states fighting wildfires on Thursday, telling them the crisis highlighted the need to take action against climate change. The Sun.

Biden warns governors

Dixie Fire: More than 16,000 people have evacuated their homes. Photo: AP

“We cannot ignore how the overlapping and interlocking factors of extreme heat, prolonged drought and supercharged wildfires are affecting the country,” Biden told the governors of seven western states, including California, Oregon and Montana.

In southern Oregon, the Bootleg Fire has become the largest active fire in the country. The 413,000 acre inferno was 56% contained, as of Saturday night. The US Forest Service predicts critical fire weather over the weekend in the Bootleg fire area.

Conditions increase fires

Dixie fire
Photo: Getty Images

Drought conditions, combined with low humidity and high winds, could increase fire activity, potentially carrying embers and creating nearby hot spots. Residents of neighboring Lake County have been advised to be prepared to evacuate in case things get worse.

Authorities do not anticipate that the fire will be fully contained until early October, according to NPR. The Bootleg fire, the size of the city of Houston, has 1,900 workers tending to it.

Fire brigade battalion

Dixie fire
Photo: Getty Images

A line of fire has been built around the entire perimeter, ranging from 100 to 150 feet wide between the burned and unburned areas. However, that line of fire may have to be doubled, up to 300 feet, to prevent the fire from spreading.

Currently, more than 22,000 people are assigned to wildfires across the country. The two largest fires occupy about one-third of the nation’s active wildfire personnel.

An increasingly recurring problem

Dixie fire
Photo: Getty Images

The Dixie Fire to the south is slightly smaller than the city of San Diego and has nearly three times as many personnel working in the area as the Bootleg Fire. The USFS is concerned that what was once known as fire season is slowly becoming a problem throughout the year.

For the remainder of the year, fire conditions are likely to worsen. According to a fire outlook report released by NIFC, the months of August and September are expected to have above-average fire activity.

‘Hell’ breaks out in Turkey, fires kill 4 and destroy houses (VIDEOS)

Photo: Getty Images

Strong winds fueled two separate forest fires in southern Turkey, killing at least four people and hospitalizing to more than 180 while many houses are they burned, reported the authorities on Thursday, according to the news agencies AP, EFE and portals such as Televisa News.

One of the fires, which broke out near the Mediterranean resort town of Manavgat on Wednesday, had been largely contained, Agriculture and Forestry Minister Bekir Pakdemirli said. But another fire that started early Thursday morning and swept through Akseki district, 50 kilometers (30 miles) to the north, was keeping firefighters busy.


Fires in Turkey
Dixie Fire: More than 16,000 people have evacuated their homes. Photo Getty Images

Four people died in the fires and authorities they evacuated about 20 neighborhoods or villages. Meanwhile, another forest fire broke out near the town of Armutalan, near the seaside resort of Marmaris, 320 kilometers (200 miles) west of Antalya, threatening a coastal residential area that includes hotels.

The state Anadolu news agency said some people were evacuated from the area as a precaution. Pakdemirli said a firefighting plane and five helicopters were involved in the efforts to control the fire.


Photo Getty Images

Those killed in the fires in Antalya included an 82-year-old man in Akseki’s Kepezbeleni neighborhood, where 80% of houses were incinerated, district governor Volkan Hulur told Anadolu. Citizens pray that this ‘hell’ will end soon.

The Turkish government’s emergency and disaster management authorities said that in addition to the three deaths, at least 112 people were affected by the fires, including 58 who were hospitalized, mostly from smoke inhalation.


Dixie Fire: More than 16,000 people have evacuated their homes. Photo Getty Images

For his part, the president of that country, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, said the following: “All the necessary support will be provided to our citizens who suffered the fire,” who also promised a thorough investigation of everything that happened.

In turn, Muhuttin Bocek, mayor of the town of Antalya, told Anadolu agency: “The fact that the fire started from four different points makes us think that it is a criminal fire. But at the moment we do not have clear information on the subject ”. Filed Under: Fires in Turkey



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