Disrespect? Maluma awakens low passions by posing as an FBI police officer

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Disrespect?  Maluma awakens low passions by posing as an FBI police officer
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  • Maluma awakens low passions by posing as an FBI cop.
  • The comments pointed out how handsome he looked in the FBI uniform.
  • Many netizens asked to be arrested

Maluma FBI: What a controversy that was formed after the Colombian singer Maluma posted a photograph on his official Instagram account that drove all his followers crazy.

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All this because the interpreter of “Hawaii” posed in front of the camera wearing an FBI agent costume, which caused thousands of comments about it.

With the caption: “Baby under arrest…! Along with a police emoji and a laughing face, the Colombian aroused low passions among his followers, who pointed out how handsome he looked with that suit, and even, some netizens commented that please arrest them now.

“Arrestameeeee, stick me” wrote a slightly more expressive and crazy Internet user, said comment obtained more than 383 likes and 70 responses. Another girl even asked “What caliber is it” next to a gun emoji, referencing “What caliber is your gun”, “I plead guilty, take me away.”

A girl thanked for the photo, as it was something that all her followers needed. “The photo that all the fandom expected”, comment that had responses that they confirmed that fact.

Among the comments also stand out those of the Colombian soccer player Juan Fernando Quintero, who wrote: “You gave it… what a player” and the Spanish singer Ariann, who commented that the vest “killed” her.

“You saw that in the end the suit was going to be useful for you, my love,” commented a netizen. “Take meeeee my amooorrrr, I get on the patrol car solaaa,” argued another. “Arrest me sir, handcuff me with pleasure, that I get on the patrol alone,” said a user on Instagram.

One user even brought up the name of the American singer and businesswoman Jennifer Lopez … but why did JLo enter this comment? The answer on the next page.

The publication here.

Maluma FBI

Source: Instagram

Maluma FBI: One user even brought up the name of the American singer and businesswoman, Jennifer Lopez: “When you stay out past curfew in Miami, JL arrives like this…” which in Spanish would mean “when you go past curfew in Miami and JL arrive like this … “

It should be noted that in recent days, Jennifer Lopez and Maluma launched two musical collaborations on the singer’s official account entitled “Pa ti” song sung completely in Spanish and later “Lonely” video where Jennifer Lopez sang now in English, and also, The Colombian dressed in an FBI police suit appears at a certain point in the video clip, just like in the snapshot he uploaded yesterday on his Instagram account.

The video clip, “Pa ti” already has more than a million visits, while “Lonely” will already exceed half a million just one day after being released.

It is not the first time that Maluma causes controversy with a photograph, since, around the month of August, and after winning his first VMAS, Maluma had also been discovered something rare.

After his triumph at the MTV, Video Music Awards, Maluma won the award in the Best Latin category for the duet he had with his compatriot, J Balvin entitled “Que Pena”.

“Thank you to all the fans for your love and affection that you give me every day.” Maluma spoke in Spanish in her speech of appreciation for the award. The Colombian singer was clad in a yellow suit and surrounded by cars because he had just finished presenting his single “Hawaí”, a song that days later would also be full of much controversy.

“It is incredible that, from Medellín, Colombia, J Balvin and I have left, who made this song,” added the singer, recalling the collaboration of his compatriot.

Maluma FBI

Source: Instagram

Maluma FBI: Maluma also mentioned the absence of J Blavin, since, although it was planned that the interpreter of “colors” would attend the gala and was even going to act in it, however, he canceled his attendance a week before the awards.

On August 14, J Balvin announced that he was recovering from the coronavirus, and asked his followers to take the disease seriously.

However, as in all awards, you have to pose in front of the cameras when you walk on the red carpet, where Maluma posed in an elegant black suit, and her blonde hair was close, but when she smiled, she was exposed a little detail”

“Maluma without a tooth!”, “I see badly, or is he missing teeth?” Asked a follower.

“Ha, ha, ha, it got like money or something like that in them, that’s why you see it like that,” replied another follower of the program.

“That picture is ugly, a tooth is missing!” Someone else commented.

“How strange and strange, what has been done? Two teeth are missing ”, was another comment.

“He’s missing teeth, but he’s beautiful,” someone else opined.

In these awards, Maluma faced “China” by Anuel AA and in which Daddy Yankee, Ozuna, Karol G and J Balvin collaborated; “Yo Perreo Sola”, by Bad Bunny; “Amarillo”, by J Balvin; “Mamacita” by the Black Eyed Peas, in which Ozuna and J Rey Soul collaborated; and “Tusa” by Karol G with the collaboration of Nicki Minaj.

Maluma has been made in this way with the only award for which he was nominated in this edition of the VMAs.

Maluma FBI

Source: Instagram

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