Disgusting! A man is sentenced in California for ejaculating on a woman’s food (PHOTO)

Stevens Millancastro sentenced to two years in prison after ejaculating in food from a woman The man put semen in the water bottles of hi...

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  • Stevens Millancastro sentenced to two years in prison after ejaculating in food from a woman
  • The man put semen in the water bottles of his former co-worker at Mega Western Sales
  • The Orange County prosecutor’s office says it did the same to some of the victim’s belongings.

Condemn in California to a man named Stevens Millancastro two years after jail after ejaculating on food from a woman who was his partner at Mega Western Sales, according to the However.

The events took place in the city of La Palma, in Los Angeles, California, on accused He is 30 years old and a resident of Hawthorne.

The first investigations verified that the man carried out this action between 2014 and 2017 when he worked with the woman.

Image taken from Twitter @NOTIFALCON

According to the authorities, the defendant managed to ejaculate into some bottles of purified water that the woman would drink, however, she noticed a strange appearance and avoided taking them.

In addition, the statement from the Orange County prosecutor’s office indicates that it did the same to some of the victim’s belongings.

The first investigations indicate that the man masturbated several times and placed his semen in a jar from which the victim drank without knowing it.

After this, the man placed the semen on his desk, and the woman realized it, which is why she filed a complaint for sexual harassment.

For this reason, the man was arrested, because he managed to ejaculate in the woman’s food and now faces a sentence of just over two years.

In this case, the Orange County prosecutor, Todd Spitzer, said that the magistrate’s disposition “is an acknowledgment of the trauma inflicted on an innocent woman who was only trying to fulfill her tasks in her workplace.”

Stevens Millancastro, the man who is accused of ejaculating in a woman’s food, is in prison and must serve his sentence.

Currently, Stevens Millancastro faces several charges of assault and that of a sex offender must be added for the rest of his life, according to Infobae.

According to the MyNwesLA website, the judge in the case, Kathleen Roberts, commented that the crime: “is much more serious and invasive than a normal punch or a blow or a slap.”

For four years, the man sexually harassed her and was forced to take training against this type of conduct.

According to some people who know the case, the man would have taken “revenge” for it and therefore decided to ejaculate on the woman’s food.

After already having some indications or suspicions of the man’s behavior, the head of both set up a surveillance camera, through which they realized what he had done.

Now the man faces highly sustained charges and will spend more than 2 years in jail for this reason.

Image taken from Twitter @CBSLA

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But this case is not the only similarity, it was recently reported that a man in his 50s was arrested in Mexico City for ejaculating on the pants of a 19-year-old woman in the subway. The girl was accompanied by her younger sister.

It all happened at the Nezahualcóyotl Metro station, on Line B of the Collective Transportation System (STC). The girl was able to report the man, identified as Rubén “N”, and PBI agents arrested him.

According to the complaint, Rubén N. took advantage of the movement and the number of people on the subway to rub against the girl’s body until he ejaculated on the girl’s pants and visibly soiled them.

The event went viral because the complainant first made it public on her Facebook and is similar to that of the man they accuse of ejaculating on women’s food.

“This disgusting man ejaculated on my pants just when he was on the Metro. You should be disgusted and ashamed, I was with my little sister, pin … and pig, “wrote the girl on Facebook.

Two other similar cases, where subjects sexually harass users of the capital metro, occurred in September and October, respectively.

Ejaculate partner

Image taken from Twitter @Radio_Formula

Citing what was published by the newspaper sinembargo.mx, on October 15, the police arrested another individual in a similar scenario, only that time, the man ejaculated on the legs of two women … also in the CDMX subway.

And a month earlier, in September of this year, a 68-year-old man was arrested in the same place, the CDMX subway, for ejaculating on a girl at the Candelaria station.

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