Discrimination between Mexicans in a hotel in the United States (VIDEO)

A case of discrimination between Mexicans inside a hotel came to light The man said the woman didn’t even want to speak in Spanish ...

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  • A case of discrimination between Mexicans inside a hotel came to light
  • The man said the woman didn’t even want to speak in Spanish
  • He says she denied them a room, when she had treated them very well a few days before

Mexican hotel discrimination: A new case in the United States has been ventilated through a video on social networks, however, now it’s not about an American against a Latino, but between two Mexicans inside a hotel, when a bedroom was requested, according to the Instagram account Chicapicosa 2.

The video has had so many views that as of May 11 it had more than 11,600 views and almost 100 comments, especially from people who condemned the behavior of the woman, a hotel employee, who apparently refused to help a Mexican.


Discrimination Mexicans hotel
Instagram photo

Given this, the client began to record the situation he was experiencing, and although it was not seen what was happening, he was narrating the situation that happened to him, while other men, apparently his friends, supported him, complaining about the woman, who supposedly did not He even wanted to speak Spanish.

This case of discrimination between Mexicans in a hotel has powerfully attracted the attention of the Hispanic community in the United States, and caused great indignation because a case of alleged discrimination between countrymen is exhibited, at this moment, a Mexican with another Mexican.


Discrimination Mexicans hotel
Instagram photo

With indignation, the young man said the following: “There is no ped… everything is fine, but I am going to use my social networks to tell you that that lady who is there, who speaks Spanish, took me to the gym, she does not speak Spanish, doña mary, and He did not want to give me another room.

And he added: “He says I have to talk on the phone or bring the reservation online, but there he doesn’t want to give it to me, yesterday we asked him things in Spanish and he answered us and today he doesn’t speak Spanish, yesterday it was Dona Mary and now it’s Marie” said in a sarcastic tone the man seconded by his friends. Filed Under: Mexican Hotel Discrimination

Hotel Mexicans discrimination: EVERYTHING IS RECORDED

Discrimination Mexicans hotel
Instagram photo

The Chicapicosa 2 Instagram account reported that the events took place at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Anaheim, CA, with a woman who was identified as María Juana Martínez, who is accused of the act of discrimination seen between two Mexicans. To see the video click aqui.

Then the man said a few words that the page of Chicapicosa 2 picked up: “Rather, he did not want to and did not want to attend to me because I was MEXICAN.🇲🇽 Nothing happens, in this life everything comes back! “Muleteers we are and we walk on the road.”

Discrimination Mexicans hotel: EMPLOYEE CRITICIZED

People began to comment on the account and someone wrote the following: “I have a sister-in-law who after 2 years in the United States no longer knew what beans were, she asked me what they were like … I felt ridiculous about someone else’s pity.”

Other people commented: “Maybe he really doesn’t know Spanish, because many times they seem Mexican”, “in that hotel the gringos are very nice and the Latinas are very mam …”, “How ridiculous !! If the nopal brings it on his forehead ”. Discrimination Mexicans hotel


Netizens wondered why this deal was made: “Why are they like this? The truth. The thing for which they gave him the job is because he speaks two languages ​​and it is a hotel and he will have clients from other countries who speak Spanish ”.

Others commented: “Saying ‘the worst enemy of a Mexican is another Mexican’, it does not seem fair to me that we are Mexicans who we help and it is only enough to read many of the opinions here now to realize that we are not all the same … Better You have to say ‘it’s sad to meet a Mexican who doesn’t want to help you… ”. Filed Under: Mexican Hotel Discrimination

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