Did his parental instinct wake up? The Hispanic girl who ‘stole’ Jorge Ramos’ heart (VIDEO)

Jorge Ramos, does he want to be a dad again? A Hispanic girl woke up his ‘parental instinct’ Sophie Cruz conquered the journa...

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  • Jorge Ramos, does he want to be a dad again? A Hispanic girl woke up his ‘parental instinct’
  • Sophie Cruz conquered the journalist’s heart
  • Could it be that at 63 years of age, the journalist would dare to be a father again?

Jorge Ramos Hispanic girl steals his heart. The journalist has been with Chiqui Delgado for several years and although they both already have children, could there be the possibility that they have one of their own? The journalist appeared with a Hispanic girl named Sophie Cruz who stole his heart and was seen like never before.

Through Univision Noticias’ YouTube channel, a video from years ago came up, which shows when journalist Jorge Ramos melted in the presence of Sophie Cruz, a beautiful Hispanic girl who went viral after meeting and ‘throwing herself at’ Pope Francisco.

Jorge Ramos ‘allowed himself to be conquered’ by a Hispanic girl

Jorge Ramos Hispanic girl

The video published in 2016 resurfaces amid rumors that assure that there is a ‘crisis’ between Chiqui Delgado, the journalist’s girlfriend, and Jorge Ramos, since on the 63rd birthday of the presenter news, the model did not appear anywhere to wish him the best and considering that he always shows off on his social networks, it is strange.

Through the YouTube portal of ‘Univisión Noticias’, Jorge Ramos begins by explaining that Sophie Cruz, at that time 6 years old, surprised him by her attitude and what she did to Pope Francis when he was visiting Washington, as he mocked the security fence to do ‘the unthinkable’.

Sophie Cruz won the admiration of Jorge Ramos

Jorge Ramos and Sophie Cruz

“Congratulations,” Sophie Cruz arrived at Despierta América to leave a cake for Jorge Ramos, who at that time had just turned his birthday and the visibly excited journalist could not believe the surprise that the Hispanic girl gave to whom he took the opportunity to interview.

Could it be that the Hispanic girl awakened her paternal instinct ?: “Thank you for coming, you are our heroine, did you know that, Sophie or not?”, The journalist is heard saying while Sophie Cruz sits in the room to listen to the words of Jorge Ramos on what he did for Pope Francis.

Sophie Cruz jumped the security fence to meet Pope Francis

The journalist met a Hispanic girl

“What you did seemed so beautiful to me, how you jumped over the fence and approached the Pope, how did you come up with that? what a barbara ”, began Chiqui Delgado’s boyfriend, who commented that the Hispanic girl is the daughter of undocumented immigrants and was born in Los Angeles, California.

“Well, I was on my dad’s neck and then when I looked at the Pope from afar and said ‘Daddy, Daddy, you have to go look at the Pope, then he said’ I will help you, I will help you to give the letter, then it helped me to get off ”, assured Sophie Cruz, recounting her experience.

Pope Francis’ guards wanted to ‘stop’ Sophie Cruz

Sophie Cruz

The Hispanic girl managed to bypass the security fence that separated the crowd from the passage of Pope Francis, but the Hispanic girl managed to ‘sneak in’ to give him a letter: “They were standing but I told him I wanted to deliver my letter to the Pope”, achieving its mission because even one of the guards carried it loaded.

Sophie Cruz assured that she admires Jorge Ramos who at all times was delighted with the Hispanic girl: “I admire him because he always defends migrants,” says the girl before being interrupted by the journalist: “And you defend us , I want to be like you when I grow up, “he commented.

The Hispanic girl who awakened Jorge Ramos’s paternal instinct

Sophie Cruz 'conquered' the journalist

“She is a rebel, because if she had followed the saying that she can’t, she would have stayed there, but you said ‘yes, you can’ and pray to her, you jumped in …” Jorge Ramos congratulated the girl who at all times was sweet , tender and very excited for the company of Chiqui Delgado’s boyfriend.

But Sophie Cruz would close her visit to the program at that time with a flourish, reciting a beautiful poem to the news anchor: “Don’t give up, you still have time to reach and start again, to accept your shadows, to bury your fears. , release the ballast, take flight again, don’t give up, that’s what life is, continue the journey, chase your dreams, unlock time, run the debris and uncover the sky, because you are not alone, because I love you ”, the girl finished.

Sophie Cruz, the Hispanic girl who moved Jorge Ramos

With his paternal instinct?

Jorge Ramos has been in a relationship with his girlfriend, the model Chiqui Delgado for several years and they have always kept their appearances and their private lives away from scrutiny except in some events or social media posts, so it was strange that this year, the beautiful presenter will not congratulate him publicly.

At 63, is it that Jorge Ramos wants to have a Hispanic girl like Sophie Cruz with his girlfriend? At least his paternal instinct showed it in that interview, in the face of a wave of criticism from people who call him ‘taking advantage’ of the stories of undocumented immigrants to criticize the government. HERE YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO OF JORGE RAMOS AND THE HISPANIC GIRL

Jorge Ramos’s girlfriend, is she in crisis with the journalist?

Problems with Jorge Ramos Chiqui Delgado shares revealing photo with Borja Voces
Photo Instagram Chiqui Delgado

What will be happening? After several weeks ago it has been rumored that the relationship between Jorge Ramos and his girlfriend Chiqui Delgado is not going through the best of times, now the Venezuelan host and model shares a revealing photo with fellow host Borja Voces.

Through his official Instagram account, where he is close to reaching 5 million followers, Chiqui Delgado uploaded an image that gives a lot to talk about both for the way he poses with his partner and for the message they wrote both of them. Filed Under: Hispanic Girl Sophie Cruz Moves Jorge Ramos

“I love them both,” said María Antonieta Collins about Chiqui Delgado and Borja Voces

Problems with Jorge Ramos Chiqui Delgado shares revealing photo with Borja Voces
Photo Instagram Borja Voces

“Stay with whoever looks at you like Borja Voces, thanks for the laughs, mate,” wrote Jorge Ramos’ girlfriend, causing all kinds of reactions among his followers, such as Chef Yisus, who had no qualms about saying that in this image there are ” Pure love”.

But what no one counted on was the response of the Spanish conductor Borja Voces, who was sincere and said the following: “That’s right, my Chiqui Delgado, I’ll stay with you”, along with emojis of a red heart, a face sending a kiss and hands making prayer. Has Jorge Ramos noticed? Filed Under: Hispanic Girl Sophie Cruz Moves Jorge Ramos

Will the Hispanic girl make Jorge Ramos and Chiqui Delgado have one of their own?

Problems with Jorge Ramos Chiqui Delgado shares revealing photo with Borja Voces
Photo: Mezcalent

On March 16, the renowned journalist Jorge Ramos celebrated 63 years of life, and of course, the congratulations were immediate, but if something caught the attention of users, it is that Chiqui Delgado did not do it publicly as in others occasions.

And now, in which he shares a revealing photo with Borja Voces, the comments were not long in being present, such as the host and model Aleyda Ortiz, who said that both formed a “tremendous duo”, while the journalist María Antonieta Collins confessed that she loved them both. Filed Under: Hispanic Girl Sophie Cruz Moves Jorge Ramos

Jorge Ramos’ girlfriend and the journalist have been together for several years

Problems with Jorge Ramos Chiqui Delgado shares revealing photo with Borja Voces
Photo Instagram Chiqui Delgado

There was no shortage of defending the journalist Jorge Ramos, although in a very particular way, after seeing the image that Chiqui Delgado had uploaded to his social networks: “Chiqui, you are not a boy’s wife, you like mature men”, “What a couple !!! I love”.

But they continued: “How good to see you together !!! Kisses “,” Melted for you “,” Pretty, both very beautiful “,” I would do the same if I have her in front “,” They look beautiful “,” My love, delicious thing “,” Oh God, and who wouldn’t look like that? ”, you can read in some comments. Filed Under: Hispanic Girl Sophie Cruz Moves Jorge Ramos Some images in this note come from this and this videos

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