Did a Telemundo host insult the first lady Jill Biden?

Hoy Día’s host, Arantxa Loizaga, did not respond to the hug that the first lady tried to give her Discreetly, the Latina host rejec...

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  • Hoy Día’s host, Arantxa Loizaga, did not respond to the hug that the first lady tried to give her
  • Discreetly, the Latina host rejected the first lady
  • Arantxa Loizaga did not let Jill Biden, First Lady of the United States, give her a hug

Telemundo proudly boasted the fact that it was one of the few media to whom the first lady, Jill Biden, offered an exclusive interview. But the Hispanic television network ended up ‘looking bad’, after Hoy Día’s host, Arantxa Loizaga, was rude to the president’s wife.

On Thursday morning, the morning Telemundo show, Hoy Día, presented the interview that Jill Biden granted them, but even before it aired, the disapproving comments had already begun to circulate on social media due to the host’s attitude towards the first lady.

Jill Biden snub: Driver rejects First Lady’s hug

Does Telemundo host snub first lady Jill Biden?
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The person in charge of presenting the interview with Jill Biden to the public of Hoy Día was the host Arantxa Loizaga, who made a pleasant and somewhat informal talk to one of the most important women in the United States, but at the beginning of the interview there was a detail that it did not go unnoticed by the public.

With a big smile, the first lady approaches with open arms to give the Latin presenter a hug, who keeps her arms down and only puts her hands up, but does not respond to the hug. After the rejection of the hug, the first lady continues with the talk, ignoring the small ‘snub’. And it is worth mentioning that the Telemundo host only followed the social distance rules that are currently followed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Jill Biden snub: Keep up the fun chat

Does Telemundo host snub first lady Jill Biden?
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After the presumed ‘snub’ of the presenter, the first lady did not remove the smile from her face and politely answered the first question from Arantxa Loizaga, who thanked her for receiving her in what is her home since last January 20, at the that Jill Biden told him: “Welcome to the White House, the house of the people.”

When questioned if she already felt at home after the first 100 days of arrival, with a big smile Dr. Jill Biden replied: “We feel at home, we brought the children, we brought the dogs, we brought the grandchildren, our grandchildren were here last night, we did feel at home ”.

Jill Biden snub: ‘It’s different being the first lady’

Does Telemundo host snub first lady Jill Biden?
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The White House was already a familiar place for Jill Biden, because when her husband Joe Biden was vice president with Barack Obama, they had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the space which today has become their home, and spoke about how it feels to Biden family in their new home, located at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

“Yes it is very different, I did not think that there would be so much difference in being the second lady and being the first lady, but it is very different, because of course we did not live here before, it was not our home, but now I can garden and walk around the gardens, ”he told Hoy Día in an interview.

Joe Biden snub: Praise the beauty of the White House

Does Telemundo host snub first lady Jill Biden?
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The first lady continued to narrate what it was like to live in the White House, highlighting the qualities of the compound that houses the president of the United States and his family: “It feels like you know, it has a huge pool, the gardens, even the trees are beautiful, like you can see. Outside there is a space for dogs and there is beauty wherever you look ”.

In the talk, Jill Biden highlighted the qualities of her new home as she walked alongside Arantxa Loizaga in the wide hallway of one of the White House rooms. Jill was relaxed and open, wearing a white dress with floral prints.

Jill Biden snub: Talk about her pets Major and Champs

Does Telemundo host snub first lady Jill Biden?
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About his dogs Major and Champs, the first has had some difficulty adjusting to his new home, the first lady of the United States, said: “Yes, he is much better, it was too much for him, we rescued him, and he is like me. Baby I feel like I have to give her special attention

“Champs is 13 years old and he is like the older brother, but the little boy, well, he’s a German shepherd and he’s not so small, but in my heart he’s a puppy, I feed them, I walk them, they are part of the family,” he said. Jill Biden for the cameras of the Latino program. WATCH VIDEO HERE

‘I am very proud of everything he has done’

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Regarding the family, she commented that her husband, President Joe Biden, is very well giving hope to the country: “It’s fine, serving 100 days in office, it is a great achievement and I am very proud of everything he has done, really has changed the country and I think it is giving hope to people, ”said Jill Biden.

At 69, Jill Biden is the first wife of a United States president who will continue her professional career after becoming first lady, something she also did when her husband Joe Biden was vice president of the United States. Jill Biden snub.

‘Women have different roles’

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On how she combined her professional career with that of a family mother, Dr. Jill Biden expressed: “Well I think I am like any other woman, balancing career and family, and doing what one likes, whatever it is, I feel like women can handle all of that. ” Jill Biden snub

“We take care of our family, we make the dental appointments, I don’t know, I’m used to it, I don’t know how much your viewers know me, but we have three children, one died of cancer, we have six grandchildren, from 27 to one year old, I am a mother, grandmother and teacher, women have very different roles and that is what we do ”, she said.

‘If possible’

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Weeks ago, the first lady, Jill Biden, assured in Spanish that “Yes, we can” approve Immigration Reform. Biden’s wife, Jill Biden, said the president is seeking an immigration law “guided by justice and humanity” that treats children and families “with dignity and opens paths to citizenship.”

Repeating several times in Spanish the slogan “Yes, we can”, the first lady encouraged immigration reform amid the celebrations for the birth of peasant leader César Chávez, in Delano, California, the cradle of peasant struggle in the United States, she said. Eph. Jill Biden snub

First Lady claims to be ‘on the side’ of immigrants

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“We are with you,” he told a group of Californian farmers and leaders. “César Chávez understood that, regardless of the obstacles, when people unite in a cause, anything is possible. Yes we can, ”he said. He ensured that the Democratic Administration is on the side of essential workers.

They have remained on the front line in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic and are a key part of the country’s economic recovery, Efe said. “In the last year of the pandemic we have faced so many unprecedented changes and challenges.” Jill Biden snub

Jill Biden honors Latino

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“We have also been inspired by the sacrifice in mutual service that Chávez believed could transform our country,” he said. Remarks by Biden’s wife, Jill Biden in Spanish, came during a visit to Forty Acres, the home of the farmworker movement that gave rise to the United Farm Workers of America (UFW), in Delano.

Jill Biden said that she visited the site to remember and continue with the spirit of the peasant leader, who today would be celebrating his 94th birthday. On this day both the White House and the state of California made a Proclamation for César Chávez Day, says Efe. . Jill Biden snub

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