Devastating wildfires rage across Northern California

Largest wildfires to date are advancing into Northern California. Around 51,000 consumers suffered power outages to prevent new fires. Do...

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  • Largest wildfires to date are advancing into Northern California.
  • Around 51,000 consumers suffered power outages to prevent new fires.
  • Dozens of houses were burned to the ground after the fires passed.

The Northern California wildfires that have already burned through two mountain communities continued to rage across the Sierra Nevada on Wednesday, as the nation’s largest electricity company began cutting power to 51,000 customers to prevent new fires.

Two weeks after the Dixie Fire destroyed most of the city of Greenville from the Gold Rush era, the Caldor Fire in the northern Sierra Nevada burned through about 50 homes in and around Grizzly Flats, a city of about 1,200 people, said the firemen at a community meeting.

California wildfires move north

Photo: AP

The governor Gavin newsom proclaimed a state of emergency for El Dorado County due to the fire, where authorities were considering closing the entire El Dorado National Forest, following the fire that tripled in size between Monday and Tuesday afternoon to nearly 50 square miles (129 square kilometers).

“We know this fire has done things that no one could have predicted, but that’s what the state’s fire suppression has been like this year,” Jeff Marsolais, chief supervisor of the El Dorado National Forest, said in a briefing.

Thousands without power in California

Photo: AP

To the north, the Dixie Fire, the largest of about 100 active wildfires in more than a dozen western states, was moving toward Susanville, with a population of about 18,000.

Meanwhile, Pacific Gas & Electric announced that it had begun cutting power to some 51,000 customers in small portions of 18 northern counties to prevent winds from knocking down or fouling power lines and causing new flames.

Houses were burned to ashes

Photo: AP

The utility said the precautionary outages were concentrated in the Sierra Nevada foothills, the north coast, the north valley and the mountains of the north bay and could last until Wednesday afternoon.

Very few houses were left standing on Grizzly Flats, where the streets were littered with downed poles and power lines. The houses were reduced to smoking ashes and twisted metal with only chimneys towering over the ruins. A post office and a primary school were also destroyed. Two seriously or seriously injured people were flown to hospitals from the Grizzly Flats area, fire officials said.

California drought alert triggered

Photo: AP

Take your precautions! If you live in southern California, pay attention to the following alert published by the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, better known as MWD, who announced a severe drought, which will continue to affect the state. For this reason, the inhabitants of the region are asked to save their vital resources.

This statement arose after there was a shortage of water, due to problems in the Colorado River; For this reason, experts have given the alert, so that the inhabitants of the area, regional agencies and consumers in the area, voluntarily reduce their water consumption and prevent the problem from becoming stronger.

California drought alert: Alert issued

California drought alert: Alert issued
Photo: Twitter

According to the Efe agency, the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (MWD) issued a water supply alert on Tuesday asking the region to conserve vital resources and prepare for continued drought. For this reason, the cooperation of the inhabitants of the area has been requested, so that the problem does not advance to alarming levels.

That is why it is vital to take into account the statements released by the Metropolitan Water District. The situation is getting worse every moment, since this drought is one of the strongest in the country and above all, one of the strongest alerts for the inhabitants of California, who will be the most affected.

California Drought Alert: Colorado River Water Shortage Alert Activated

California Drought Alert: Colorado River Water Shortage Alert Activated
Photo: Twitter

The statement came a day after water shortages were first reported in the Colorado River, one of the main water suppliers to the southwest of the country. So the authorities have been alarmed and above all, the inhabitants of the area, who have positioned themselves on social networks, upon hearing the news.

The alert that was issued due to the shortage of water, has caused the people of different communities in California to worry about the situation of the Colorado River, since it is a substantial source in certain areas of the country and could risk risks, production plants and different media that use water in their functions. Filed Under: California Wildfires.

Drought alert: Consumption must be reduced

California Drought Alert: Reducing Consumption Rejects
Photo: Twitter

The alert requires regional agencies and consumers to voluntarily reduce their water consumption, to mitigate the need for more severe restrictions, according to the Efe agency. For this reason, different measures have been created so that the main producers can prevent themselves.

It not only affects manufacturers, plantations and agencies, but also the people who live in the area, who will be affected by the lack of water in their homes; For such measures, it has been mentioned that if conditions do not improve and people fail to avoid using water in excessive quantities, there will be more severe measures.

America’s Largest Water Distributor

California Drought Alert: America's Largest Water Distributor
Photo: Twitter

As mentioned by the efe agency, the MWD supplies water for approximately 19 million people in six southern California counties, including Los Angeles, and is one of the largest water distributors in the United States. So this drought is one of the most alarming in history.

The figures that have been offered so far have only generated an increase in concern in the areas that will be affected by this drought; For this reason, it is that the population is warned to learn to take care of water, since at this time it will be useful for them to conserve their vital resources.

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