Devastated by Adamari López? Toni Costa ‘reappears’ and his face looks worringly sad (PHOTOS)

Users said Adamari López looked sad on her birthday. Now they say the same about Toni Costa who ‘reappeared‘ and left some ph...

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  • Users said Adamari López looked sad on her birthday.
  • Now they say the same about Toni Costa who ‘reappeared‘ and left some photographs and a message.
  • Adamari López and Toni Costa will split?

The rumors of separation between Adamari López and Toni Costa are still strong and none of the two celebrities has said anything in this regard to face the speculations that have been around for several weeks, leaving people alarmed because they haven’t been seen together and they don’t even react to each other’s posts.

When Adamari López apparently spent her 50th birthday alone with her daughter Alaïa, people realized that the Puerto Rican’s face looked sad in the videos she shared on that special day through her official YouTube account in which she talked about how her celebration was going.

Toni Costa ‘reappears’

Toni Costa

The followers of the Puerto Rican and Toni Costa wondered why they did not interact on social networks when everything was publicized and worse, the dancer was not seen anywhere lately on such special dates for Adamari López as Mother’s Day and his birthday.

Now, through your account Instagram, Toni Costa ‘reappears’ to leave a message with a series of photographs in which, not to vary, the comments of the people were directed to the supposed crisis of the couple who would undoubtedly find themselves in a separation; There were those who assured that the face of the Adamari López couple looked sad.

Adamari López in separation with Toni Costa?

Adamari López and her partner

There is no going back, and as long as the couple does not confirm if they are separating or not, people will insist on their social media posts until they see them together again, however in a recent video by Toni Costa he realizes how she goes to Veil to ski but the only one that appears in the video is her little Alaïa.

Although many assured that the one who initially traveled to that place in April, when the video was recorded, was Adamari López along with her daughter and that later Toni Costa met them, the truth is that the Spanish dancer decided to share the video but editing the parts in which the host of ‘Hoy Día’ would appear.

He’s working but does he look sad?

Toni Costa sad?

In the midst of speculation, Toni Costa used his Instagram account to leave a message that ‘raises suspicions’ and said the following: “Grateful for the work I have, to bring health, joy and dance from the hand of @zumba to people who decide to invest their time and money in coming to my classes, I will always be grateful, thank you for the love and support, THANK YOU! ”, he described.

In the first photograph, it is possible to see the face of Toni Costa very serious and apparently looking at his fans with whom he dances Zumba, but people captured in his face some sadness, attributing to the supposed separation with Adamari López, from which he did not there is nothing official or confirmed.

Are you focusing on your work amid rumors of separation with Adamari López?

Is Adamari López in separation with Toni Costa?

In the following image, Toni Costa raises his arms in a dance step while his students and fans are behind observing him very excited, but something indicates that the dancer seemed absent, because his eyes are down and the smiling attitude that he usually has, I do not know shown in the photos.

To that, people did not forgive and said: “Toni you have a sad look. God keep blessing you. Courage, you are a great being ”,“ We ​​need the videos with Ada doing the routines together, you are an excellent human being ”,“ It looks very sad ”,“ Never let your essence change. like it to go your way ”, but others began to speculate.

“Is it true that they are in separation?”, They question Toni Costa

The Spanish dancer shared photos

Although his message was aimed at thanking them for their work, Toni Costa’s partner received in the comments, several opinions from people mortified by the alleged separation with Adamari López: “Is it true that they are separated? I can’t believe it ”,“ I don’t think they have a problem, they always look very much in love, God bless them always for the happiness of you and your princess ”.

“Yes, he looks sad at his eyes but also tired”, “Something is happening, he has a sad look, he congratulated Adamari on his birthday and she did not answer him. He didn’t go to her birthday and they don’t go out together anymore. God allow it to be nothing serious, that they can continue to be that beautiful couple and unique parents…. The two of them deserve the best… ”,“ We ​​hope many that they are well with Adamaris Lopez because we are seeing a lot of indifference from her towards you ”, commented the people.

Indifference on the part of Adamari López to her partner?

Is the dancer separated from his wife?

Adamari López received a congratulation from Toni Costa on Mother’s Day but she did not react to the words written on her Instagram by the Spanish dancer, although they were more directed at Alaïa: “Alaïa my daughter, one day you will know what mother’s love is, you will feel the way of looking of a mother, you will be a great mother …. since you are special and lucky because you have the best example of a mother in the world. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!!!”.

It is worth mentioning that Toni Costa did not react before that to the celebration that her partner was chosen as part of the 50 most beautiful women of the magazine ‘People in Spanish’ … Is something wrong? Another sample of ‘indifference’ by Adamari López was on her birthday, because although her partner dedicated an emotional video to her, she also did not comment, much less gave a ‘like’.

Is the couple considering a separation?

Toni Costa 'reappears' sad

What is alarming is that neither of them responds to what is happening, but it is evident that things between them are not in the best way since on special dates they do not share their reactions when in weeks ago the two interacted a lot to the satisfaction of the people.

One person was encouraged to comment in the comments that Adamari López’s overweight was one of the causes for the alleged ‘separation’: “I don’t know why I think that this overweight Adamari passed the bill to them. For Adamari this has always been an issue and she has never let her live calmly, I think she had surgery and I imagine the fear that something could happen to her health. Thank God she’s fine, but you have to help her understand that there are more important things than that. Unfortunately television is very superficial and there are very ill-intentioned people who are always bothered by the happiness of others. If you are no longer together you know but you are missed and Alaia is at the age that most needs stability, so if you have to make a decision, do it maturely. They are loved”.

Didn’t they even make it to the wedding?

Message from Adamari López's partner

“Hello Toni, you and Ada parted ways. I don’t see you together anymore than sadness than seeing how such a beautiful couple who would have talked about marriage are no longer together and I wonder how the girl would take it to see that her parents are no longer they are together nor do you share things together as before ”,“ If they are separated, why not say it, they would not be the first or the last, those things happen! ”, the people questioned the Spanish dancer.

Another person chose to take sides and blame Adamari López for the alleged ‘separation’ and commented to Toni Costa: “Someday you will find another person who will give you many children who are the ones you want that day, it will come, do not get depressed, go ahead. good “,” Well something will have happened, very sad for Alaia she is going to suffer. ”

The dancer no longer has recent photos with Adamari López

Adamari López in separation and leaves her partner?

Analyzing Toni Costa’s Instagram, ignoring the birthday and Mother’s Day congratulations to Adamari López, the couple have not had a photograph together on the dancer’s account for 14 weeks when they held a session for the magazine ¡Hola! in which at that moment they denied the breakup and even said that they were resuming wedding plans just when a photo of them supposedly ‘married’ leaked.

In the photo you can see the Puerto Rican wearing an elegant shiny long dress, kissing her sentimental partner, while wearing a black suit, in the background there are several bouquets of flowers that adorn the place where they are. “They are already married? Apparently this past weekend, Adamari López, Toni Costa, long live love !, beautiful couple”, this phrase accompanied the publication they shared on social networks, which was undoubtedly news unexpected.

Weeks before they had denied rumors of breakup

Toni Costa 'alarms' the people

Previously, the couple had appeared for Hola magazine in an interview where they confirmed the love they both have, they even talked about the rumors of their separation and Toni Costa said that the pandemic had made them suspend their wedding. “I think that sometimes many people comment on our life without even knowing or knowing us. You never get used to people commenting when they have no idea what’s going on between us. In recent days it had been commented, perhaps because they did not see us together in some activity, that we had a crisis as a couple. ”, Said the Puerto Rican.

He also added: “Nothing could be further from reality, at least this time because other things were happening. It is difficult for me to answer and I am not one of those who gives rise to continue with comments. We have our life, our reality. We know our good times and our bad times and many times they have nothing to do with what people say in the press. What I do know is that I, in the face of comments like this, do not comment. Toni finds it hard to keep quiet ”. Some images in this note come from this Y this videos

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