Democrats release a 3.5 trillion budget plan

Democrats release a $ 3.5 trillion budget plan. This party also includes in its spending package a form of support for undocumented immig...

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  • Democrats release a $ 3.5 trillion budget plan.
  • This party also includes in its spending package a form of support for undocumented immigrants.
  • Congressman Jesús García says that the budget has to include something vital for immigrants.

Washington, Aug 9 (EFE News) .- Senate Democrats presented a budget project on Monday that could pave the way to carry out the 3.5 trillion dollar social spending plan, proposed by the president of the United States, Joe Biden, and they want to pass it without relying on the support of the Republican Party.

This project does not contemplate an increase of the debt ceiling, as some media outlets had claimed last week, and it will help congressmen to draft legislation in the fall to increase spending on health, children and elderly care, education and climate change, among others. Democrats want this spending to be funded by an increase in taxes on the richest, great inheritances and corporations.

Democrats took into account social spending

A conference room where Democrats and Republicans meet

The progressives could approve this budget initiative, which includes the social spending plan, with the seats it has in the Senate -50-, through a mechanism called reconciliation, which would not require the support of the conservatives. For their part, the Republicans, who reject the social spending package, have warned that they will not provide the 10 votes necessary to raise the debt ceiling outside the budget process, so that next fall there could be an intense struggle between the two party by the limit of indebtedness of the country.

The Treasury Department has taken “extraordinary measures”, such as the suspension of the sale of bonds, with which the public debt is financed, to avoid the effects of the debt ceiling being exceeded after it expired on August 1. the deadline for Congress to act. These measures serve to prevent defaulting on debt obligations until October or November before Biden has to sign a law raising or suspending that limit again. Democrats intend to pass the budget proposal this week if all goes as planned and a $ 1 trillion traditional infrastructure initiative passes in the Senate. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said in a letter to his caucus that the budget bill is a “starting point” for negotiations among progressives on the spending package. EFE News

Democrats budget plan include a path to citizenship in their big spending package


Washington, Jul 14 (EFE News) .- Senate Democrats have included a spending line to open a path to citizenship for millions of undocumented immigrants in the great social package of 3.5 billion dollars that they announced last night, revealed this Wednesday Democratic Senator Bob Menendez. Menéndez, of Cuban origin and the highest ranking Latino in the Senate, told MSNBC that the allocation for immigration amounts to 120,000 million dollars.

“I have not seen the final number but it would be 120,000 million dollars for issues related to immigration, that would serve to legalize millions of people, who pay their fees and it is something that could also have an impact economic“Said the senator. It did not specify if the measure would target undocumented immigrants who have been considered essential workers during the pandemic, beneficiaries of Temporary Protected Status (TPS) and those known as “dreamers” who stop their deportation with the DACA program, created by former President Barack Obama (2009-2017).

Democrats priority

A person writing notes on Democrats proposal

Those groups have been considered a priority by the Democrats, but Menendez made it clear that the process is in its initial phases and the agreement between the Democrats is only a framework to start working. However, the pact is important because “it opens the possibility of an immigration reform of some degree” within the great package of social spending of the Democrats. The goal, Menéndez said, is for those who can benefit “to come out of the shadows, come into the light, do the right thing with the government, have their criminal records checked and there is a path to legalization.”

Last night, after weeks of negotiations, Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer announced that his party had reached an agreement in principle on a $ 3.5 trillion package to fight poverty, climate change and expand “Medicare ”, A health coverage program for people over 65 years of age. Many details about that proposal have not yet emerged, but the party’s more progressive flank has made it clear that migration must be part of the package. Democrats want to carry out this social spending plan through a legislative formula known as reconciliation, which allows a bill to be passed with a simple majority of 50 votes, instead of the 60 normally required. Parallel to that spending package, US President Joe Biden wants the Senate to pass a $ 1.2 trillion bill to improve the country’s physical infrastructure, such as roads and bridges. EFE News

Congressman Jesús García: The Democrats budget plan must include a path to citizenship


Los Angeles, Jul 6 (EFE News) .- Federal Representative Jesús “Chuy” García, a Democrat from Illinois, declared Tuesday that he cannot support a budget reconciliation agreement that does not include a path to citizenship for immigrants. “A strong and equitable budget reconciliation agreement must include a path to citizenship for immigrants; our country cannot fully recover without it, and I cannot support any agreement that leaves so many people in my district behind, ”said the legislator in a statement.

He added that legislators must “seize this historic opportunity to bring compassion and dignity to our immigration system, and provide the certainty that comes with having the status legal rights that millions of immigrants and their families deserve ”. “For decades I have heard the plight of family, friends and people in my community in the Chicago region whose lives have been put on hold,” said the congressman, quoted by The Hill newspaper.

Reconciliation must include more things

Individuals writing about reconciliation data and citizenship and immigrants issues

According to García, legislators should take advantage of every available opportunity to fix the immigration system, “including the budget reconciliation process to help young beneficiaries of DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals), TPS holders ( Temporary Protected Status), agricultural workers and other essential workers ”.

“This would potentially be the first significant legislative action on this issue in 35 years,” he said. He argued that such progress is “crucial” for the thousands of essential undocumented workers in his district. “They sacrificed themselves to keep this country running during the worst of the pandemic, and they often did not have access to aid or medical assistance for fear of deportation. We owe it to them ”, he stated.

Fight for citizenship


“I have always been an advocate for immigrant communities and I will not stop fighting until every undocumented person has a path to citizenship in the country they call home,” he concluded. Some Democratic legislators have advocated that the budget’s social spending be approved in Congress through a mechanism called “reconciliation.”

This route allows the approval of some measures that are related to the budget with just a simple majority of 51 votes in the Senate, precisely those that the Democrats have, who could therefore carry it out without any support from the Republican opposition, but the conservatives are against it. bluntly. According to The Hill, Garcia’s position is notable because Democrats cannot afford to lose any votes if they want to bring a reconciliation package to President Joe Biden’s desk. The position follows calls from other Democrats who want to include immigration provisions in any reconciliation effort. But Garcia went a step further by tying his support for the effort to the inclusion of such provisions. EFE News

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