Democrats promote second round of $1,200 relief checks

Democrats promoted a second check for $ 1,200 after Republicans did not include it in their proposal “Economic impact payments must...

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  • Democrats promoted a second check for $ 1,200 after Republicans did not include it in their proposal
  • “Economic impact payments must be made because you have to pay rent,” said a Democratic representative.
  • “Direct payments to people are crucial to avoid the collapse of the economy in our country,” said Michigan representative Rashida Tlaib

This Tuesday, Democrats in the House of Representatives promoted a second economic aid while rejecting the plan proposed by the Republicans in the Senate for not having contemplated a second direct payment of 1,200 dollars.

“Economic impact payments have to be made because you have to pay rent,” said Texas Democrat Al Green.

Green’s intervention occurred in a hearing with the Secretary of the Treasury, Steven Mnuchin, and the director of the Federal Reserve, Jerome Powell, according to The opinion.

Second financial aid is promoted by Democrats

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“If we don’t, we will put people at risk of eviction at a time when we are having a pandemic that is still claiming lives in this country,” Green added.

For her part, Michigan Democratic Rep. Rashida Tlaib of Michigan urged Mnuchin to be clearer about a second check.

“I think you should be very clear with the senators. Direct payments to people are crucial to avoid the collapse of the economy in our country, “said Tlaib.

In the midst of numerous disagreements between both parties, the probability that this second financial aid will be approved is uncertain.

Mnuchin, for his part, assured that both he and President Donald Trump believe in the need to reach an agreement between both parties in favor of this new economic impact payment.

“The President and I remain committed to providing assistance to American workers and businesses. I believe that a focused package is still necessary and the Administration is ready to reach a bipartisan agreement, ”said Mnuchin.

Although the Secretary of the Treasury Department spoke of a “focused” proposal, he did not elaborate on it.

Larry Kudlow, the White House economic adviser, and Mark Meadows, Trump’s chief of staff, also agree on the idea of ​​a “focused” proposal.

“Certainly (the president) is willing to accept the $ 1.5 trillion figure,” Meadows said in an interview with Fox News about the Republican offer that was originally $ 1.1 trillion, but this has not been enough for the Democrats accept.

Senate Democrats hope that the Republican proposition is closer to the economic stimulus package they proposed, which is around $ 3 trillion.

Although both sides agree on the approval of a second round of checks for Americans, they are still trying to grapple with the details of how, how much and to whom such aid would be delivered. Some specialists say that they will not be able to reach an agreement before the elections.

In addition, House Democrats on Wednesday proposed a bill to curb presidential abuses, a speech to voters weeks before Election Day as they try to overthrow the president. Donald trump, capture the Senate from Republicans and keep their majority in the House, according to The Associated Press.

The legislation, a broad package of new and revised bills, would limit the president’s clemency power, strengthen laws to prohibit presidents from receiving gifts or payments from foreign governments, better protect independent watchdogs and whistleblowers from layoffs or retaliation and would require better reporting of foreign interference in electoral campaigns.

Each of the bill’s provisions is a response to actions by Trump or his administration that Democrats see as abuses of presidential power.

It is based on a package of electoral and ethical reforms that the House passed shortly after Democrats regained a majority in 2019.

The comprehensive reform package is “designed to address the president’s staggering litany of abuses and ensure that no one commits them again,” said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who announced the legislation Wednesday along with the heads of seven House committees.

Pelosi called the move “forward-looking” and said it would “restore checks and balances not only during this period but for any future president.”

“The United States has a choice,” added Pelosi, referring to the legislation, but also to the upcoming elections: “repair and strengthen our democracy or look the other way and allow (Trump’s) actions.”

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