Democrats present new proposal for coronavirus aid checks

House Democrats Present New $ 2.2 Trillion Proposal for Coronavirus Assistance This proposal includes a second round of direct payments o...

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  • House Democrats Present New $ 2.2 Trillion Proposal for Coronavirus Assistance
  • This proposal includes a second round of direct payments of $ 1,200 per person
  • Likewise, the measure would reactivate a pandemic unemployment benefit of $ 600 per week

House Democrats unveiled a new $ 2.2 trillion reduced relief proposal Monday in an attempt to fuel stalled talks with Republicans about a second COVID-19 relief check.

Initially, the Heroes bill amounted to $ 3.4 trillion, however, there have been no signs of progress in negotiations between the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, and the Secretary of the Treasury, Steven Mnuchin.

Second aid check: Democrats present new proposal

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This stimulus package proposal includes:

  • Second round of direct payments of $ 1,200 ($ 2,400 for married couples filing together) and $ 500 per dependent
  • $ 120 billion for the catering industry
  • Financial aid for airlines
  • $ 436 billion in financial aid for state and local governments
  • $ 225 billion to fund colleges and universities
  • $ 75 billion for COVID-19 testing and infection tracking
  • $ 15 billion for the US Postal Service
  • Food assistance benefit

The latest Democratic measure would also reactivate a benefit of pandemic unemployment $ 600 a week and would provide another round of grants to businesses under the Paycheck Protection Program, according to The Associated Press.

Direct payments will be made in a similar manner to the CARES Act, although with certain differences.

All dependents will be eligible for the $ 500 amount, including full-time students under the age of 24 and independent adults, according to Newsweek.

The law also allows payments to be made to those who have a Taxpayer Identification Number, rather than a Social Security Number. Payments will also be exempt from “reduction or offset in respect of past due child support.”

Second aid check: Democrats present new proposal

Photo: Twitter.

The proposal represents a cut from the Heroes Bill that the House passed in May, but it remains well above what Senate Republicans are willing to accept.

Republicans have endorsed staying in the $ 650 billion to $ 1 trillion range.

Pelosi said Monday that she remains in contact with Mnuchin, with whom she negotiated several previous aid packages.

The two spoke briefly on Sunday and Monday night and are scheduled to speak again Tuesday morning, according to Pelosi’s spokesman Drew Hammill.

“We are down $ 1 trillion and they need to go up because we have to squash this virus,” Pelosi said Monday on MSNBC.

“It takes money to squash the virus. Money is needed to make schools safe. You need money to put money in people’s pockets, ”said Pelosi.

Conversations over the summer broke into acrimony and nicknames, and this month’s conversations have produced no visible progress.

Even if rival parties could agree on an “upper line” figure from which to negotiate the details, dozens of even more difficult issues remain to be resolved.

For example, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Kentucky, insists that liability protection against potential lawsuits brought against businesses, schools and universities that reopen during the pandemic be part of the legislation.

Pelosi, for her part, opposes the idea and did not include it in Monday’s legislation.

Democrats say the purpose of the new bill is to show good faith and spark a more meaningful round of talks.

Likewise, House Democrats hope the latest proposal will bring White House negotiators back to the table, according to The New York Post.

But it also comes after party moderates and “front-line” lawmakers in swing districts protested that Democratic leaders were being too inflexible.

Pelosi’s office has said it is considering putting the new measure to a vote if this week’s talks with the Trump administration prove unsuccessful.

“We Democrats are keeping our promise to commit to this updated bill, which is necessary to address the immediate health and economic crisis facing working families in America at this time,” Pelosi said in a letter to her colleagues.

Pelosi said the update will provide the necessary resources “to protect lives, lifestyles and the life of our democracy in the coming months,” according to FOX News.

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“We have been able to make critical additions and reduce the cost of the bill by shortening the time covered for now,” he stressed.

“It’s been more than four months since House Democrats sent the Republican Senate $ 3.4 billion in desperately needed science and data-based coronavirus aid, and Leader McConnell hit the pause button,” he said. Pelosi.

“In our negotiations with the White House since then, the Democrats offered to cut a trillion dollars if the Republicans won a trillion dollars. Then we offered to cut a further $ 200 billion, even as the health and economic crisis has worsened and needs have only grown, ”said Pelosi.

Also, the speaker of the House of Representatives said that Mnuchin “has to come back with a lot more money to do the job. So I am hopeful. I’m optimistic”.

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