She is asked to reveal herself! Jenni Rivera’s mother talks about the ‘cook’ who has an identical voice to the singer (VIDEO)



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  • The video of the cook with Jenni Rivera’s voice that went viral, left everyone shocked
  • Jenni Rivera’s mother, Mrs. Rosa Rivera, asked the woman to reveal herself
  • The fans are confused because they swear that their Diva is still alive

As a result of a cook on Facebook who has a voice identical to that of Jenni Rivera and who went viral for her recipes but never showed her face, making people wonder whether it was the singer who died in 2012, now the Diva’s mother, Mrs. Rosa Rivera, has asked the woman “not to cling” onto her daughter’s fame.

Accompanied by Jacqie Rivera, Mrs. Rosa Rivera said that as a result of a ceviche recipe that went viral in which a cook with an identical voice to her daughter explained the steps to follow, many people now ask her whether Jenni Rivera is not dead and tired of the subject she released a message.

Jenni Rivera died in a plane crash in 2012

Cook voice Jenni Rivera (IG)
Cook voice Jenni Rivera (IG)

In the Instagram account of ‘Chamonic’, you can see the video in which Jenni Rivera’s mother, Mrs. Rosa and her granddaughter Jacqie Rivera appear from the kitchen, who had previously denied the version that her mother was alive , for the viral video of the cook’s ceviche recipe.

Now, together they decided to talk about the issue of the cook with an identical voice to Jenni Rivera and Mrs. Rosa assured that the fact that the woman does not show her face and is only heard while preparing dishes, confuses people and assures that it would be treated Of the singer.

Jenni Rivera’s mother spoke of the mysterious cook with an identical voice to the singer

Mommy denies the cook (IG)
Jenni Rivera’s mother denies the cook (IG)

Jenni Rivera’s mother said: “I know that she (the cook) is making money (with the videos) but people are going to continue to believe to us that she is alive, it is like Pedro Infante who ‘did not die’, like Elvis who say they did not die then that’s what happens with Jenni “, he commented.

But then, Jacqie Rivera’s grandmother said that the woman cook with the identical voice to the Diva de la Banda, has to show her face: “I would like her to show her face and say ‘no, I’m not Jenni’ so that the fans are not deceived, because it is deceit, it is deceit… ”, although it was interrupted by the daughter of Jenni Rivera.

Jacqie Rivera defended the cook with a voice identical to the singer

Jenni Rivera's mom (IG)
Jenni Rivera’s mom (IG)

At the request of your Grandma Jacqie Rivera responded: “I don’t think she does it on purpose, I mean, she can’t change her voice but she has told me that she will soon to get out how it looks, but at the same time it’s like… I understand it because when my mother was still alive, everyone said that ‘it will come out in 7 years’ but that is something that the fans want… ”, he assured.

And Mrs. Rosa Rivera continued: “Then clarified that, we are even going to say that you live with her now … with the lady, then she is not white white like your mother and shorter than your mother … you do not know how she would give everything that I have to have my daughter here in front of me but I know not… ”, he clarified.

Mrs. Rosa Rivera assured that she is aware that Jenni Rivera is dead due to DNA tests

Mrs. Rosa Rivera denies cook voice Jenni Rivera (IG)
Mrs. Rosa Rivera denies cook voice Jenni Rivera (IG)

Given the different theories that Jenni Rivera is alive and that the remains found at the scene of the fatal accident belong to another person, the singer’s mother was very emphatic and clear in talking about the falsity of these versions: DNA to all and I would not want them to put that question as they have said that we did not see it … we did not see it because she did not want them to see it, “he said.

But there was a family member who did open the coffin to see the remains of Jenni Rivera: “She wanted the coffin closed, the only thing that was opened was to put some letters from your brothers there, it was for what it was opened, but those who did see it was Gustavo, he did see Everything and I went to the analysis of the fingerprints, to the taking of the DNA and for Chiquis as well and it turned out that it was her (Jenni) ”, he said.

Jenni Rivera’s mother cleared up all doubts that the singer is alive

Rosa Rivera denies the cook with her daughter's voice (IG)
Rosa Rivera denies cook with the voice of Jenni Rivera (IG)

Faced with the theories that the Diva de la Banda lives, Mrs. Rosa asked the fans not to believe everything they read: “I ask you not to be reading, not to have any illusions, because Jenni is not here, she died there with our heavenly father and lives in our hearts and in those of her fans who love her so much, “said the Diva’s mother.

Given what was said, the comments were immediate: “The # 1 concern of Los Riveras … is that the lady is generating money AND THEY ARE NOT! They want to contact her to prevent her from continuing oh to ask them for money in exchange for allowing her to continue as a state of “unknown” “,” Doña Rosa also remove her last name “Rivera” because she is no longer married to Don Pedro. And why not take it off? Because it grabs more attention and probably money leaving the great last name “.

Before the ‘request’ for the cook with an identical voice to that of the singer, people commented

Mrs. Rosa, mother of the singer (IG)
Mrs. Rosa Rivera, Mom Jenni Rivera (IG)

The comments for Jenni Rivera’s mother stated: “What hurts the most is the money that the youtuber makes, and they would like to grab those dollars”, “They always go to the money, I don’t think the YouTuber is deceiving people. People want to believe it’s Jenni “,” That Jacqie wasn’t eating that the other day ???? What the YouTuber did “,” How poor of heart are those people only in money they think they are not going to be poor living, “they criticized.

On previous occasions, more videos of this type have emerged in which the voice of a person is heard speaking in a very similar way to La Diva de la Banda, but now, at the end of this publication, one of his daughters, Jacqie Rivera. HERE YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO

The cook with a voice identical to that of Jenni Rivera prepares ceviche

Another video appears that would confirm that she is alive
Facebook photo

And all because on the page of Facebook called Señor Berlin, this video is available, lasting a few minutes, which has provoked reactions of all kinds, in which Jenni Rivera? share a recipe to prepare a delicious ceviche.

“Do you remember the page where you upload food recipes but you never show your face and your voice is identical to Jenni Rivera’s? Well, a little while ago he uploaded a video preparing ceviche and at the end of the video he says ‘Try it mija’ and Jacqie Rivera, Jenny Rivera’s daughter, comes out “(TO SEE THE VIDEO CLICK HERE).

“Try it mija”

Another video appears that would confirm that Jenni Rivera is alive
Facebook photo

First of all, Jenni Rivera? It says that you have to cut the shrimp in the way you prefer, whether it is large or small. Afterwards, they are put in a container and enough lemon juice is added, and then put in the refrigerator for 3 to 4 minutes.

This is followed by a splash of clamato, ketchup, soy sauce, maggie sauce, salt, and pepper, as well as a splash of sesame. Before continuing, the woman clarifies that it is not a shrimp salad, but rather a ceviche.

‘I’m sorry to disappoint you,’ says Jenni Rivera’s daughter

Jacqie cook identical voice singer

Jenni Rivera’s family continues to be in the eye of the hurricane; this time it was the turn of another of the daughters of the “Diva de la banda”. Jacqie Rivera was involved in the controversy after appearing in a video where Jenni allegedly prepares a ceviche and at the end she gives it to her daughter to try.

After the criticism she received in networks from fans, who fueled the controversy that Jenni Rivera was alive because the woman in the cooking videos has a tone of voice equal to the missing singer, Jacqie came out to deny the rumors.

The controversial video of the cook with an identical voice to the singer

Jacqie ate with the cook with a mysterious voice

“I’m here to clarify this, firstly I would like to apologize to my mother’s fans, it was not my intention to confuse or get them out of the loop, I know that many of you are in shock, because you believe this video but it is not reality and I It hurts to say this, but it is reality ”, clarified Jacqie Rivera in her Tik Tok account.

“My mother is not alive, as I wish that was the reality to be here enjoying with my children but the reality is not, the lady from I cook is my friend, she sounds like my mother’s voice, but she is not my Mom, she made me a very delicious shrimp ceviche, I loved it, I sent her the video, and that’s it, so sorry ”. HERE YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO OF JACQIE

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