DeKalb apartment fire injures nine after jumping from windows

Fire in DeKalb left at least nine injured, five of them were taken to the hospital after jumping out of windows and balconies. The fire b...

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  • Fire in DeKalb left at least nine injured, five of them were taken to the hospital after jumping out of windows and balconies.
  • The fire broke out in an apartment complex on Columbia Drive, in the county of metro Atlanta area.
  • Dozens of people were also left homeless after the fire devastated more than a dozen homes.

Fire in DeKalb: At least nine people were injured, five of them taken to a hospital, and dozens were left homeless in an apartment fire that swept through 12 to 16 units in the Atlanta metro area early Saturday morning, county fire officials said.

Battalion chief Brett Miller told 11Alive local television that firefighters arrived at the scene in “intense fire conditions” and “immediately went into rescue mode.” Miller said a person who was asleep inside his apartment was rescued, while another man was rescued at the rear of the building using an extendable ladder.

fire in DeKalb
DeKalb Fire Department

Fire in DeKalb: “They jumped from windows”

“The units did an excellent job reaching those victims,” ​​Miller said. The battalion chief also said there were reports of people jumping from windows or balconies to escape the fire. The building appeared to be about three stories high. “Several people could be seen jumping from the second floor of the apartment building,” the DeKalb County Fire Department said on Facebook.

One resident, Johnny Hill, told 11Alive that he has lived in the complex for four and a half years. He said a neighbor came and alerted him just as he was about to take a shower, so he rushed out with his fiancée. Hill said the fire spread so fast it looked like there was an accelerator.

Fire at DeKalb: thankful to get out alive

fire in DeKalb
DeKalb Fire Department

He said he was grateful that he and everyone else made it out alive, but that the fire had caused a total loss for the residents. “It’s time to start over,” Hill said. According to Miller, the call for the fire came around 2 a.m. Saturday morning. He said the Red Cross was now helping displaced residents.

The Red Cross said it was assisting 36 people from 13 families who were displaced. The conditions of the people taken to the hospitals were not immediately known. Miller said some of them were taken to emergency rooms.

Hispanic audience who jumped onto the pitch at the Mercedes-Benz stadium in Atlanta postponed

Denis Romero Lizardo
Lawyer Douglas Rohan / Photo: MH

The case before the court of the Hispanic Denis Romero Lizardo who jumped onto the field of play at the Mercedes-Benz Atlanta stadium, during the match in which the teams of Mexico and Honduras faced each other last Saturday, and that managed to gather a large fanatic who gathered at the coliseum to enjoy their teams.

The Hispanic who to this day is waiting for the decision of the judge to whom the case was assigned to be known is Denis Romero Lizardo, 17 years old, who resides in North Carolina with his relatives and for that reason does not He was able to appear at the summons scheduled for today, Wednesday June 16, 2021.

Denis Romero Lizardo did not appear in court

Denis Romero Lizardo
Photo: MH

For today, Wednesday June 16, the minor of Honduran nationality, Denis Romero Lizardo, was summoned at 10:00 in the morning to appear before the judge and answer for the action committed last Saturday at the Mercedes stadium- Benz.

Since Romero resides in North Carolina, he was unable to appear before the judge today. However, he sent his lawyer who will be representing him in this process until he knows the final decision of the judge and knows if he will have to take charges or serve a sentence for what happened.

Denis Romero Lizardo’s lawyer speaks with Mundo Hispánico

Denis Romero Lizardo
Photo: MH

After appearing before the judge on behalf of his client, the lawyer Douglas rohan said exclusively to MundoHispánico that one of the reasons why the case was postponed is because just last night he was contacted to request his services as a legal professional to defend and represent Romero.

“It is very early in the process, we have a little discovery and research to do yet. For now, the postponed court date has been extended to July 30, which is when we are going to review with the prosecutor what options we have to try to resolve the case without causing any permanent damage to my client, ”said Rohan.

Denis Romero Lizardo’s representative prepares for the case

Denis Romero Lizardo
Lawyer Douglas Rohan / Photo: MH

As defense attorney for the case, Rohan indicated that he has his own “task to do in any case” and wants to investigate certain details related to the case of the minor Denis Romero Lizardo, review some defenses and see if they have the right person.

“Those are my tasks and my obligation to investigate. I have not had enough time to do that yet, they are courtesy of the court to extend the court date for me, “Rohan stressed to MundoHispánico, the lawyer and representative of Romero Lizardo.

Does being a minor favor you in court?

Denis Romero Lizardo
Photo: MH

According to the lawyer, in the state of Georgia when a citizen is 17 years of age or older, the alleged defendant of any infraction is treated as an adult in crimes. “But if he’s 16 or under, that’s when it comes to juvenile court.”

“We have to confirm those details to see more than anything if we are in the right court,” added Rohan. Likewise, he indicated that they will confirm these data in the birth certificate of his client and proceed to proceed with it in the corresponding court.

Lawyer represented his client

Denis Romero Lizardo

Douglas Rohan stressed that although his client did not appear at his appointment today before the judge in the Atlanta Municipal Court, by sending his representative he makes it clear to the judge and the prosecutor that he is taking the case seriously and that the itself is not considered a joke.

“As of my court appearance today, there is no arrest warrant for someone who could not appear in court today,” Rohan said. He also indicated that the court takes into account the record of the accused and if it is clean it knows that “sometimes some mistakes are made.”

Honduran who entered the field gets into tremendous trouble

PHOTO: Mario Guevara

In his chronicle this week, Mario Guevara wrote that in the United States there is a young güerito and colocho who, overnight, became famous after interrupting the game that his Honduran team played against Mexico in the majestic stadium Mercedes Benz of Atlanta (Georgia) before more than 70 thousand spectators and this without counting the possibly millions who watched the game on television.

Denis Romero Lizardo, just 17 years old, is a clear example of how a simple reaction to the emotion of having someone you admire nearby can even lead you to violate the law and consequently to jail, because he dared to do something that not just anyone would do and everything to take his portrait and greet the soccer player he has admired since he was a child.

Denis Romero Lizardo jumped the fence and entered the field

PHOTO: Mario Guevara

The game was almost over. In fact, just the fourth referee was walking to announce the minutes he would give as overtime, when suddenly, Denis Romero Lizardo felt a tremendous impulse to do something that, until now, not even himself explains: “go say hello to Maynor ”, Said a voice within him, and he very obediently jumped into the stadium with the flag of his country on his back.

Miraculously, no security guard saw him in time, so he walked to the inside of the court, not caring that the game was not over yet. It was until he had already advanced many meters that they detected him and began to follow him, but even though they were running, he was already ahead of them.

With cell phone in hand and a tremendous smile on his face

PHOTO: Mario Guevara

Denis Romero Lizardo’s joy was notorious. The cameras of all the photographers and videographers who were behind the goals could capture it with our lenses. He carried the cell phone in one of his hands, ready to capture that moment next to his favorite star: the captain of the H, Maynor Figueroa.

He was only a few feet away from achieving his big dream. He was so close that even Maynor saw him and extended his hands to embrace him, since he did not need to be a fortune teller to know what his intentions were. Unfortunately, Denis never even touched the athlete, as he was knocked down just before reaching him.

He ended up on the ground surrounded by many men

PHOTO: Mario Guevara

From leagues you could tell that it was a little boy. His little boyish face gave him away, but until that moment only his relatives who had come to the stadium with him and those who saw him on TV recognized him. Nobody else. Maybe that’s why they fell among so many. Men twice the age and size he was on top of him as type football players.

The force with which the security personnel tried to pounce on him was also notorious to the point that several players tried to avoid it, but to no avail. When he least felt it he was already on the ground completely still. “He’s coming with us, please let him go,” Maynor asked them, but they ignored him. Surely they did not understand him, because he told them in Spanish.

He was directed to the city jail

PHOTO: Mario Guevara

Poor Denis Romero Lizardo was forcibly removed from the stadium and handed over to the Georgia State Patrol (GSP) police officers, who transferred him to the Atlanta detention center, where they booked him on the charge of disorderly conduct and breaking into a major local sporting event. He had to spend the entire holy night in a cold cell because he did not carry any identity document.

It was not until his father appeared in the early hours of the morning with his birth certificate certifying that he was a minor that they let him leave without even paying a bond, although of course, they gave him a summons to appear before a state judge in a couple of month. Denis’s father was so upset with him for his action that he even scolded him in front of everyone.

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