Death of Edna Schmidt, Univisión and Telemundo journalist, confirmed

The death of journalist Edna Schmidt has been confirmed. So far the causes of her death are unknown. Colleagues and celebrities mourn her...

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  • The death of journalist Edna Schmidt has been confirmed.
  • So far the causes of her death are unknown.
  • Colleagues and celebrities mourn her passing.

Edna Schmidt dies. The world of entertainment is in mourning after the death of Puerto Rican journalist, Edna Schmidt. Through social networks, the death of this renowned reporter who was participating in both Univisión and Telemundo has been confirmed.

The Instagram account of the morning show Despierta América, confirmed the terrible loss of the 51-year-old Puerto Rican, who is recognized for her participation in Univision when she was the host of the segment “Noticias al minuto”. So far the causes of her death have not been revealed.

Journalist Edna Schmidt dies

Journalist Edna Schmidt dies

Throughout her career she was involved in several controversial situations, Schmidt was a well-known reporter who some years ago denounced that she received bad treatment for several years while she was working and when she was fired by the Univision network.

Edna Schmidt began her career as a journalist in her native country, Puerto Rico, when she was still very young, then she decided to move to the United States, to continue her profession, and she did it in a great way working for the two most popular networks for Hispanics in the country.

Edna Schmidt dies: they mourn her passing

Puerto Rican Edna Schmidt dies

Through the social network account of the Despierta América program, where they confirmed the sensitive death of the Puerto Rican with a publication where they mourn her death. Several Internet users were present, among them several reporters to offer their condolences for the terrible loss.

What a pity … good companion … how sorry I am! RIP “,” I loved the way she spoke that my father God has her in glory “,” she just doesn’t have much that came out and I remember that she had such a sad depression “,” What a sadness, a good journalist, that I’m sorry for my condolences to all her family ”Were some of the comments.

Edna Schmidt dies: María Elena Salinas mourns the death of Edna Schimdt

Edna Schmidt loses his life

One of the celebrities who apparently has suffered the most from this terrible loss is the journalist María Elena Salinas, who was a great friend of Schmidt, and who on her Instagram profile shared an image where she appears with the deceased giving the last goodbye to her friend.

“She looks like a princess, and today she is an Angel. A kind and tormented soul, stop suffering so many losses. Have a good trip, my dear friend, you leave beautiful memories with those of us who loved you well ”, were the words of the reporter who has been hurt by the death of the Puerto Rican.

Edna Schmidt dies: He had a problem with alcohol

Edna Schmidt dies

One of the most painful moments in her entire career was in 2011 when she was fired by the Univision network where she was also a correspondent and regular collaborator of the program “Here and now”, after finding her in the parking lot drinking alcoholic beverages, in addition that she was quite drunk, so she had to go to several treatments.

Everything seemed to indicate that the good news would be coming to his life when he returned to television, but now with Telemundo in the city of Chicago. But his stay there would only last two years, since in the end he would end up denouncing the chain for alleged discrimination, according to La Opinion.

Edna Schmidt dies: She had depression

mourn death of Edna Schmidt

In April 2021, the now deceased Edna Schmidt had reappeared after a long time, in an interview with reporter Neida Sandoval. There the Puerto Rican confessed that she was depressed, for allegedly having been betrayed by the Univision network when she was fired.

The interview was conducted through Neida’s YouTube channel, while de Schmidt was in Puerto Rico, after having been away from the media and social networks: “I feel nostalgic, this year has been very hard, I lost to my mommy, and it hasn’t been easy, but like you, we are oaks, “said Edna.

Edna Schmidt dies: she spoke of her dismissal

journalist dies

The Puerto Rican continued to tell about how she was fired in 2011: “That they were already willing to throw me out, bring new people, lower salaries, no experience like you and I have, who have sweated the fat drop to get where we got, and that’s pretty strong. ”

“I remember you in San Antonio and now these children in Texas throwing a newborn baby into the Rio Grande, I can no longer see news because I cry every day,” added Edna, showing her sadness for what had happened in her life, and especially in his career.

Betrayed by her peers

In this photo Edna Schmidt appears with her colleague, the also former Univision journalist María Elena Salinas. (PHOTO: Getty Images)

“So many things, hypocrisy, the stab, because it is true that I had that little problem that I had, but what hurt me the most was that in those people, who thought I could trust, they stabbed me in the back like you don’t. you imagine and that hurts… But I always say, Daddy God takes care of these people because what is done here is paid ”, were Edna’s words.

She also mentioned that her classmates stabbed her in the back: “Yes, and I want to forget it because I am not a spiteful person… There are two words that do not exist in my vocabulary: one is resentment, that does not exist in my heart, and the other I am no longer in such a hurry, in this industry I am always running, for me it is over, I am no longer in a hurry ”. Filed Under: Edna Schmidt Dies.

The death of her fiancé

her fiancé died

It is worth mentioning that Edna Schmidt suffered several losses while she was alive, one of the most painful occurred in the best moment of her career, when she was engaged and about to get married, but this was not possible since her fiancé lost his life, according to La Opinion.

This tragedy caused her to be in depression and she looked for a way to get out of her pain through alcohol, who herself mentioned that she even drank three bottles of wine every night, and that she even drove drunk at night when commuting to work. Filed Under: Edna Schmidt Dies.

Users upset for publishing the reason for their dismissal from Univision

The social network account of People en Español magazine also reacted to the death of the Puerto Rican journalist, with a publication where they mourned her death: “We regret the death of the presenter Edna Schmidt #EPD Edna was living on a farm in Puerto Rico and claimed to be at peace after being away from the cameras for seven years. In 2013 she was fired from Telemundo for alleged problems with alcohol. “
“What a bad headline, it was unnecessary to say that they had fired her from Telemundo”, “Was it necessary to put it because she was fired a thousand years ago?”, “So that they stain her career bringing the reason why she was fired ”, were some comments where they were upset by the news. Filed Under: Edna Schmidt Dies.

“So young I was my God”


I do not understand why to stain her memory by making the comment that she was fired for abusing alcohol always looking for news ”,“ Rest in peace, beautiful woman and news anchor… I remember the interview they did, God keep her in his glory ”, were more messages .

“Since I didn’t even reach it, it was not necessary to say why she was fired. Rest in peace”, “Wow, what a shame and what a sadness that Strength for the Family rests in Peace ”,“ What sadness .. may he rest in Peace ”,“ My God was so young ”, the comments continued on social networks. Filed Under: Edna Schmidt Dies.



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