Dead 4-year-old girl found in hotel room with scary message

Dead 4-year-old girl found inside hotel room. Next to the little girl’s body was a mysterious note. In addition, her mother was fou...

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  • Dead 4-year-old girl found inside hotel room.
  • Next to the little girl’s body was a mysterious note.
  • In addition, her mother was found unconscious.

The Hispanic community was shocked today after learning that a dead 4-year-old girl had been found in a hotel room. Her corpse was found next to her mother, who remains in serious condition in a hospital. The little girl was identified as Masiela Decaro and her mother is named Jacinda, according to information published by The Sun.

There are many questions around this death that have not been answered. The situation is quite strange because when they found the little girl her mother was lying unconscious next to her. Authorities are working hard to find out exactly what happened in that room because they don’t understand why one of them is alive and the other dead.


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So far the investigation hasn’t determined what happened. The strangest thing about the incident is the note that was left next to the girl’s body and the police are already working on it. For now the mother is in serious condition in the hospital. She was found unconscious and it’s not known what happened or how she ended up there.

The incident occurred on January 10 and it’s still not known what happened. The little girl’s mother is recovering and her father has already broken his silence about what he thinks about the case. He has also launched a petition for the police to solve the case.


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The events happened as follows. The staff of the Star Island Resort in Kissimmee, Florida, received a call for a wellness check, from Jacinda’s mother. She was worried because she could not get in touch with her daughter. Hotel security decided to enter the room but they never imagined what they would find.

The family became worried when Jacinda did not show up for work. That is why her mother decided to try to contact her and when she was unable to do so, she contacted the hotel to ask them to check on her. Authorities are continuing with the investigation to find out what really happened inside that room. Filed Under: Dead Girl Hotel


Star Island Resort in Kissimmee Florida
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When the security personnel arrived, they immediately called 911 to request the presence of emergency medical services, as well as the police. In a matter of minutes the paramedics arrived and provided first aid to the little girl’s mother. She was immediately taken to a hospital.

However, nothing could be done for the girl, as she no longer had any vital signs. She was officially declared dead at the scene. The most mysterious part of the case is that next to the girl’s body there was a written note that said “I’m sorry”. It’s not known if it was written by her mother or by someone else. Filed Under: Dead Girl Hotel


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Faced with this tragic loss, the child’s father, Jorge Ezequiel, said that his daughter was very intelligent for her age and reiterated that she loved her mother, according to an interview he gave to Fox 35. The little girl would have turned five next August. The news of her tragic death has deeply upset their community.

In turn, Ezequiel added that he had no idea about what happened in the hotel room, but stressed how strong Jacinda is. He sent a powerful message to her as she recovers: “I wish her the best. I just want answers. At the end of the day, I just want to know what happened.”

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