David Ríos Hernández is wanted for the shooting death of another young man

David Ríos Hernández has an arrest warrant for the murder of Eloy Garza Ríos Hernández allegedly killed Garza because he charged him $ 10...

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  • David Ríos Hernández has an arrest warrant for the murder of Eloy Garza
  • Ríos Hernández allegedly killed Garza because he charged him $ 100 for marijuana that he never gave him
  • The South Texas Police Department needs the help of the community to arrest Ríos Hernández

David Ríos Hernández has an arrest warrant in Texas, accused of the gunshot slaying of another boy in the southeast of the city. The South Huston Police Department (SHPD) now needs the help of the Hispanic community to stop Ríos Hernández.

Ríos Hernández, 18, is a fugitive and is wanted by the SHPD for being the person allegedly responsible of having shot and killed the young Eloy Garza, in a conflict between boys after the alleged murderer held an argument with the now deceased over an alleged debt for a marijuana sale, according to the details disclosed in the warrant for the arrest of the fugitive.

David Ríos Hernández is wanted for a homicide in Texas

David Ríos Hernández
David Ríos Hernández, 18, is wanted in Houston, Texas, charged with the murder of another boy after a failed transaction to buy and sell marijuana. (PHOTO Crime Stoppers of Houston)

The case against the young David Ríos Hernández is consigned before Judge Brian E. Warren, of the Criminal Court of District 209 in Harris County. In the investigation of the homicide of Eloy Garza, the SHPD knows that in addition to Ríos Hernández there was another Hispanic youth involved and who, surprisingly, was a crucial part in solving the homicide.

The city of South Houston is a small population in the southeast of the metropolitan area and that was trapped, by the growth of the city, between Houston and Pasadena, along the I-45 highway towards the island of Galveston. South Houston alone has a population of just over 10,000, of which 89 out of 100 are Hispanic.

A shooting at the Terracita Apartments

David Ríos Hernández
Eloy Garza, 18, died of a gunshot in the city of South Houston, in alleged retaliation for a stash of marijuana for which he had already been paid $ 100 (PHOTO Garza Family)

At 12:37 p.m. on Sunday, April 11, 2021, the SHPD emergency number received calls from residents of the Terracita Apartments complex at 3402 South Shaver Street, who were in a state of alarm and panic warned the authorities of a shooting, as detailed in the case documents consulted by MundoHispánico.

Several SHPD agents arrived at Terracita Apartments and found a Hispanic boy in the central courtyard, wounded by several gunshots and asked that the young man be taken to a hospital to be treated for his injuries. However, when paramedics arrived on the scene they could no longer do anything for the boy and he was pronounced dead.

Dozens of witnesses saw the murder of Eloy Garza

David Ríos Hernández
PHOTO Taken from Twitter

The dead boy was identified by the residents of Terracita Apartments as Eloy Garza and who was a resident of that place. Because Garza’s crime was committed on a Sunday, in broad daylight, dozens of people were able to speak with SHPD agents to tell them how the events had happened.

According to the testimonies of the people who spoke with the authorities, Garza was on the second floor of the apartments, on the stairs, standing in front of apartment 63, when two other Hispanic boys approached him and faced him violently. One of those two was David Ríos Hernández.

“You owe my brother a hundred dollars!”

David Ríos Hernández
PHOTO Taken from Twitter

According to the testimonies of the witnesses, whose names will not be revealed in this story to protect their identity, the boys were armed and when facing Eloy Garza, one of them told him: “You owe 100 dollars to my brother, give me your shirt!”. The youths carried gray and black revolver type pistols.

At the moment when one of the alleged young newcomers demanded Eloy Garza’s shirt, the other hit him in the face with the handle of the revolver. The first boy had his finger on the trigger of his revolver and, without saying another word, simply fired a shot from close range. All this in front of the surprised neighbors.

Eloy Garza falls injured on the stairs

David Ríos Hernández
(Photo: Taken from Twitter)

When Eloy Garza was wounded, one of the two young men yelled “shit, you shot him!” Immediately the two boys, seeing the young man bleeding and lying in front of them, ran out of the building while the victim was dying. The two attackers escaped by jumping between apartment stairs and across buildings.

Instead of rushing out to the front of the building, the two young men escaped to the back of Terracita Apartments and jumped onto another property to make a detour to the main street, where they got into a car and escaped just as the police sirens were already heard in the distance.

Neighbors identify David Ríos Hernández

PHOTO Taken from Facebook

The SHPD agents, based on the testimonies of the residents of Terracita Apartments, asked the administration of the departments to provide them with the videos of the security cameras of the housing complex. Agents also asked nearby businesses for security camera videos.

Based on these images, the agents were able to identify the sand-colored GMC truck in which the two boys who had entered armed to confront Eloy Garza had arrived. Agents discovered that David Ríos Hernández’s parents are also residents of Terracita Apartments and he was known to many neighbors.

The surprising decision of the mother of David Ríos Hernández

PHOTO Taken from Facebook

Some neighbors testified that one of the two alleged murderers of Eloy Garza presented himself as David Ríos and, based on these testimonies, the agents were able to identify him through his account on the Facebook social network. Based on that, they issued the arrest warrant against the boy.

Then an unprecedented event occurred in the annals of crime in the greater Houston, Texas area. David Ríos Hernández’s mother arrived at the SHPD headquarters accompanied by a teenager. The name of the woman and the boy will not be revealed in this story to protect their privacy.

David Ríos Hernández avenged his brother’s debt by shooting


PHOTO Taken from Facebook

The woman ordered her son to speak. The young man said that he was the youngest son and brother of David Ríos Hernández. The boy testified, at the suggestion of his lawyer, that they went with Eloy Garza to claim a debt from him. The boy said that when they were students at South Houston High School they met Eloy Hernández.

Hernández, according to the documents, offered to sell them $ 100 worth of marijuana to the Río Hernández brothers. The brothers gave the money to Eloy Garza months ago, but he never gave them the marijuana they had agreed to. For several months they complained about his lack of words, but the deceased today always ignored them and that is why they got fed up.

Police need help to arrest David Ríos Hernández

PHOTO Taken from Facebook

The testimony of David Ríos Hernández’s brother was given to SHPD agents in front of his mother, with the defense attorney following the testimony over the cell phone loudspeaker, offering details of the case. He assured that the only thing they both wanted was to get their money back. Because of that testimony, the boy does not face charges.

David Ríos Hernández’s family does not know the boy’s whereabouts. Now the nonprofit organization Houston Crime Stoppers asks the Hispanic community of Texas that if anyone has reliable information on the whereabouts of the young man, they call 713.222.8477. All tracks will be kept anonymous.

A violent year in Houston

PHOTO Taken from Facebook

The murder of Eloy Garza, allegedly at the hands of David Ríos Hernández, falls within one of the most violent years in the history of the Houston, Texas metropolitan area. For example, according to the statistics of Houston Police Department (HPD, for its acronym in English) the city suffered 400 murders with firearms.

Arturo Acevedo, who was head of the HPD until March 31, 2021, revealed that as of Friday, November 20, the city saw 400 homicides, which represents an increase in relation to the 244 that occurred in 2019. The increase in homicides According to Acevedo, it was due to the coincidence of various factors and warned that in 2021 they could reach 500 deaths.

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