The Single Mingle: 10 Reasons Why Divorced Men are Great Candidates for New Love

You may think dating a divorced man automatically comes with baggage and bitterness but here are 10 reasons to take a glass half full approach.

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Hey, all the single ladies! Ever thought about dating a divorced man? There’s nothing like cold weather and holiday parties to really make you miss having a cuddle buddy and automatic plus one. If you’ve been single long enough to have kissed more than your share of frogs, you know a good man is hard to find. There’s one subgroup of single men that you may want to move to the top of your eligible list. While you may think divorced men automatically come with baggage and are likely to be more bitter, there are a number of reasons to take a glass half full approach.

First of all, finding Mr. Right is a numbers game and although divorce rates are declining, they’re still high. Second, the Pew Research Center just released an analysis of Census data that shows, “Most currently divorced or widowed men are open to the idea of remarriage, but women in the same circumstances are less likely to be open to the idea. Among previously married men, 65% either want to remarry or are not sure; 30% say that they don’t want to remarry. Among women who are currently divorced or widowed, only 43% say they may want to remarry, while 54% say they are not interested.” That puts the odds squarely in your favor ladies. If you need more convincing, here are 10 more reasons to consider dating a divorced man.

1. They aren’t commitment-phobic

A man and a woman walking through a city

They’ve proven that they can commit and they’re willing to take the plunge. That’s one huge hurdle you won’t have to scale.

2. He’s grown from his mistakes

Yes, they’ve obviously made a mistake or two in their previous relationship, but instead of calling it baggage, consider it experience. They know what not to do and, more importantly, what to do to make a relationship work.

3. He’s learned to communicate

A woman and a man having coffee

Marriage and divorce both require good communication. If he has kids with his ex, that takes it to a whole other level. This is one of the best reasons to consider dating a divorced man. A man who can communicate and listen effectively to his partner is worth his weight in gold.

4. He really knows what it’s like to live with a woman

He really knows what it’s like to live with a woman on a daily basis. The good and the bad. He probably puts the toilet seat down without thinking about it. He won’t be horrified that you don’t wake up in full makeup. He’s learned to live with PMS for three whole days in a row (instead of escaping to his place until the storm is over).

5. He believes in love

A woman and a man on a romantic date

If you’re dating a divorced man, he’s proven that he’s open to love. He’s experienced the ups and downs of making a lifelong commitment to one other person. Even if the first one didn’t work out, he was optimistic enough to take the plunge and he’s ready to keep trying.

6. He knows what he wants

A divorced man doesn’t idealize marriage or have a fantasy of how it will be. He knows from experience what it’s like and he’s figured out what he wants from a relationship in the future. It’s so much simpler dating a man has found his way in the world.

7. He might already have kids


If you love kids but don’t have them, you could be getting an insta-family. If you have kids, he’ll be much more comfortable around them if he’s a dad too.

8. He has realistic expectations

He knows that happily ever after doesn’t magically happen. A divorced man knows that it takes work to make a relationship grow. And he doesn’t expect every day to feel like your honeymoon.

9. He’s more understanding of your needs


Marriage takes a lot of compromise and divorce does too. Even if it didn’t work out the first time, he’s had plenty of practice with compromising and understanding another person’s needs.

10. His career path is well underway

Most divorced men have been pursuing their career paths for years and are more established and financially stable than recent college grads or perennial bachelors. They’ve already mapped their career goals out with a family in mind.

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