Dad argues with wife and puts daughter in the clothes dryer

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Dad argues with wife and puts daughter in the clothes dryer
  • Man accused of putting daughter in clothes dryer.
  • Michael Higgins is in police custody.
  • He is charged with criminal threats and reckless conduct.

Michael Higgins of New Hampshire put his daughter at risk by putting her in a clothes dryer and turning it on while she was inside, according to information published by the news site Huffpost.


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The man is originally from Manchester, UK, and was arrested because of the crimes of criminal threats, reckless behavior and endangering the well-being of a child, according to information provided by the Manchester Police Department.


Daughter in tumble dryer
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Apparently everything was derived from a discussion between him and his wife, for which the security elements responded to the call for help and last Sunday they completed the apprehension of the suspect, who is currently in police custody.

The officers said that although the girl was inside the machine and was at risk of being harmed, when she left they did not look at her life-threatening injuries, for which she only underwent a medical examination to rule out that.

Daughter in the dryer: “IT IS VERY DISTURBING”

Michael Higgins
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The news shocked not only society, but the authorities themselves, so much so that according to a Manchester police spokesman, who told local station WHDH-TV, said the following: “It is very disturbing.”

“This child is only 4 months old and they put him in a dryer, it doesn’t matter if it’s a few seconds. The point is that this child is very young and can be hurt very easily. This is very scary for the child, traumatic. And traumatic for the mother who also witnessed all this, “he said about the case of Michael Higgins.

Daughter in dryer: WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO DAD?

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It was last Monday that Michael Higgins resigned from his arraignment and a judge ordered that during these days that the legal process is being followed, he is in jail without the right to bail and textually gave his reasons for doing so.

In a verbatim way, he said the following: “(Release him) It would represent a danger to the community and the alleged victims depending on the nature of the alleged assault,” according to, about the case that has shocked people.

Daughter in dryer: NO APPEARANCE DATE

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In addition, the judge was given the opportunity to elaborate on Michael Higgins and told the audience the following, that he has a history of domestic violence and an “apparent conviction for violating a restraining order in Massachusetts.”

According to NBC Boston, the police did not give information on when the man could appear, which is a fact that the girl is with her mother and will receive help to cope with the psychological impact that the experience could cause.

Daughter in dryer: KILLS WIFE AND DAUGHTER

Daughter in tumble dryer
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In a similar act of violence, but which ended in tragedy, it was reported the first week of this month that a man killed his wife, who nine months ago won $ 2 million in the lottery, and their daughter, just 1 year old. and then take his own life.

The Sun newspaper reported on Sunday, August 8, that Tiffani Hill, 31, and her daughter Leanne, 1, were shot and killed by her husband John Donato, 42, in a terrible homicide and suicide for just nine months. after she won $ 2 million with a scratch-off lottery ticket.


Micheal Higgins
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Tiffani Hill, her husband John Donato and the couple’s little daughter, Leanne, were found dead at their residence in Calera, Oklahoma, on Friday, July 30, The Sun said in its report published Sunday.

Police reported that John Donato shot both of them before shooting himself. Tiffani Hill and Donato died instantly at the site, while the baby was airlifted in an air ambulance to a hospital in Dallas, but they were unable to save her, the KXII newspaper reported on Aug. 2. Filed Under: Tumble Dry Daughter


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Tiffani Hill won $ 2 million from the California lottery in November of last year with a scratch-off ticket. After her victory, she married John Donato, with whom she had three other children, and the whole family moved to Oklahoma, The Sun reported.

The other three children were also in the home at the time of the shocking homicide and suicide, but they were not injured, authorities said after the tragic event. Filed Under: Tumble Dry Daughter


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A lawyer for the family, Theresa McGehee, told KXII that the lottery money had been a specific point of contention for the couple. “Could that have sparked that discussion? We will never have a way of knowing. But I do know that there were times when it caused conflicts between them, ”he mentioned.

According to The Sun newspaper, family members of victim Tiffani Hill also shared that she wanted to escape the relationship after John Donato had become abusive. Filed Under: Tumble Dry Daughter


Daughter in tumble dryer
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The KTEN newspaper published on the night of August 6 that Jamie Kern, Tiffani Hill’s sister, said: “She was a beautiful person with a kind heart. He loved his children very much. He hardly lost sight of them. His main objective in this world was to try to make a difference ”.

Now the family hopes above all that the sad story of Tiffani Hill will influence others who experience domestic abuse to seek help immediately. According to attorney McGehee, Tiffani Hill was in the process of making plans to escape the marriage when the murder and suicide occurred. Filed Under: Tumble Dry Daughter


Michael Higgins
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“Tiffani was trying to make arrangements with her family. I wonder if this would have had a different result if she had approached the crisis center, ”said attorney McGehee of the case of the woman and her daughter.

He added: “There are resources that people don’t look for. She hopes that someone listens to her and thinks that this could be me next time, this could be me and my son ”. A GoFundMe page with a goal of $ 10,000 was created to help the family cover the costs of the cremation of the victims and to bring the three surviving children to their aunt’s home. Filed Under: Tumble Dry Daughter

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