After dad accidentally kills his baby, mom breaks the silence

Dad accidentally kills his 3-year-old baby. He runs him over with his car while he was playing with his little sister. Family launches pe...

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  • Dad accidentally kills his 3-year-old baby.
  • He runs him over with his car while he was playing with his little sister.
  • Family launches petition after the tragedy, they ask for respect for their pain.

Dad Ianto Jenkins kills his 3-year-old baby, Guto Sior Jenkins, after accidentally running him over with his car on the family farm, according to the news site the Daily Mail, so now the family asks for respect for their tragedy as they suffered a terrible loss.





The preliminary investigation indicates that the tragic events occurred while the minor was playing with his sister in Pembrokeshire, Wales. It was Coroner Officer Hayley Rogers who said that: ‘At 7pm on August 3, the police received an emergency call reporting that a child had been involved in a collision with a piece of agricultural machinery.’


Daddy kills baby
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He then gave more details about the accident in which the 3-year-old died: “Investigations at the scene established that Ianto was playing with his sister and cousin when a truck-style vehicle and a trailer collided with him.”

The boy’s mother referred to him in the following way: (he was) ‘kind boy who was always smiling and laughing’, suffered ‘serious injuries’ and was pronounced dead on the farm, which was located in Efailwen, near Clynderwen, said the police.

Dad kills baby: “NOBODY IS TO BLAME”

Ianto Jenkins
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Although the incident happened on August 3, the acting coroner Paul Bennett postponed the investigation for up to four months and in the investigations they work hand in hand with the Health and Safety Executive, so it is expected that they will be made known shortly the details.

But the one who could not remain silent was the boy’s paternal grandmother, who in the investigations declared the following: “No one is to blame. Ianto was playing on his new bike in the backyard and my son just didn’t know it was there, ”he said to take the blame off the man.


Guto Sior
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But then she had compassion on her son with the following words: “He didn’t see it. He heard the sound of his truck hitting something and when he stopped and got out to look, Ianto was lying on the ground motionless. It is simply heartbreaking. Poor Guto, I don’t know how he’s going to live with this. He is completely devastated. ”

But also Chloe Picton, Ianto’s mother regretted the event and remembered her little one: ‘Ianto was my blue-eyed boy, he was the inspiration for life, he was a kind boy who was always smiling and laughing. Her best friend was her older sister Seren, who were always joined at the hips ”. Filed Under: Dad Kills Baby


Daddy kills baby
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And then he confessed that: “Ianto loved going to kindergarten and was excited to start his first day of school at Ysgol Beca in Efailwen in September. He loved being on the farm and riding the tractor with his dad. Ianto and I had a very strong bond ”.

And he added about Ianto Jenkins: ‘He was’ mama’s boy’ and he was always by my side everywhere we went, now that he has been taken away from me. No parent should lose a child and I would like people to respect our wishes, giving us space in this difficult and heartbreaking time. ” Filed Under: Dad Kills Baby

Dad kills baby: “THINKING OF YOU”

Ianto Jenkins
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However, the pain did not remain only in the family close to little Ianto Jenkins, but spread among the community and friends. ‘Thinking of you and your family. I can’t even imagine what you’re going through. Stay strong, ”said a family friend. Another said: “Absolutely heartbroken, taken too soon. You will be missed Ianto, RIP ”.

But more people joined in the pain: “The deepest condolences to you and the family. I can’t imagine such a nightmare, but I can make sure that all your family, your friends, the people of Efailwen and all of Wales are thinking of you and family in this dark hour of your life. Take comfort in the sweet memories you have and try to stay strong. ”


Daddy kills baby
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In 2019, a similar story emerged when a nine-year-old boy died instantly, allegedly by accident, shot by his father while they were hunting in the woods of Orangeburg County, near the city of Springfield, in South Carolina.

According to reports from authorities and the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, Colton Williams was fatally shot by the weapon carried by his father. Colton’s relatives told investigators that the boy was hunting rabbits with his father and a family friend when the gun accidentally went off.


Ianto Jenkins
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Forest authorities detailed to ABC News channel 4 that the accident occurred between 8 and 8:30 a.m. on Thanksgiving Thursday morning. As of Saturday, neither the Orangeburg County Sheriff’s Office nor the Williston Police Department had officially reported the identity of Colton’s father and whether the man was arrested while investigations into the incident are underway.

Williams was a fourth grader at Kelly Edwards Elementary School in Williston. Williston School District 29 wrote on its Facebook page that counselors will be at school on Monday and will be available throughout the week and longer if necessary to serve family members should they require psychological help. Filed Under: Dad Kills Baby


hit by a car
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CBS Channel 12 reported that Colton’s relatives said the boy was enrolled in the national Organ Donation program. Also, according to his grandfather, “he took piano lessons, won the marksmanship award at Camp Woodie, loved all sports, and was a huge fan of the Clemson Tiger college football team.”

He also played for the Williston Blue Devils youth recreational league and was selected to play on the all-star team. The child’s funeral service will be held at Folk’s Funeral Home in Williston; and a tribute to his memory will be held on Sunday at First Baptist Church in Springfield. The public is invited to attend.


Ianto Jenkins
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There was a similar case recently in Georgia when a Hispanic man killed his friend whom he mistook for a deer while hunting south of the Atlanta metropolitan area. Héctor Romero-Hernández, 32, faces criminal charges for misuse of a firearm, in addition to two violations of the hunting license as the hunting season in the region had ended.

The accident occurred in early October in Glynn County, in a wooded area at 578 Myers Hill Road in Brunswick. The victim was identified by authorities as 17-year-old Bobby Lee Lane.


Once in the forest, each one took his or her own way and it was then that Romero-Hernández mortally wounded his partner because, according to what he told the police, he heard cracking sounds and fired at a branch that he believed to be the horns of a deer, but it turned out. be the other young man.

The police report indicates that when responding to a shooting alert they arrived at a gas station near the scene, where they found those involved. The victim was immediately transported to a local hospital, where he later died.

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