Bomb cyclone claims 2 victims in Seattle, Washington

A bomb cyclone rivaling the strongest hurricanes claims victims. 2 people were found dead after the arrival of the bomb cyclone. A tree f...

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  • A bomb cyclone rivaling the strongest hurricanes claims victims.
  • 2 people were found dead after the arrival of the bomb cyclone.
  • A tree fell on top of the car they were riding in.

In Seattle, two people were reported dead from to the bomb cyclone that formed over the past few days. According to local media, a tree fell on top of their car and EMS could not save them.

In addition, in different parts of the country it was reported that more than 28,000 people were out of power and many families were left without water and with flooded homes. It was also reported that police and fire departments have received over 330 calls, which is triple the normal volume.


Photo: Twitter

According to The Sun, two people were also killed when a tree fell on a car in the Seattle, Washington area as a result of the storm. Emergency services received the alert, when the tree fell in that area and they were unable to save the victims.

In Seattle that it was announced that the bomb cyclone would hit with such force that it would appear more intense than the ‘most aggressive’ hurricanes that have been recorded in recent months. Unfortunately, hundreds of families are affected by this meteorological event and are suffering in its aftermath.

Bomb cyclone claims victims: Power outages

Cyclone bomb takes victims: They ran out of power
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Another consequence of the ‘bomb cyclone’ is that more than 170,000 people are out of power in different parts of the Washington area, according to The Sun. A similar event took place in California, as more than 160,000 homes and businesses had no electrical power due to the force of this weather phenomenon.

Families have also complained about the lack of water and posted about arrival of this bomb cyclone on social media. They reported that for a couple of days they have had a variety of issues with disruption of basic services. Filed Under: Cyclone Bomb Claims Victims

Bomb cyclone claims victims: Good news?

Cyclone bomb takes victims: Good news?
Photo: Facebook

Through Facebook, the Yosemite National Park reported that the bomb cyclone that hit California left more than six inches of rain in the Yosemite Valley and snow sensors indicated that there were only a couple of meters of snow there.

“We had a huge storm, with more than six inches of rain in the Yosemite Valley in the last 36 hours. We don’t have any direct measurements, but the sensors suggest that a few meters of snow fell in the high elevations,” they assured in the official site of the national park. Filed Under: Bomb Cyclone Claims Victims

Bomb Cyclone Claims Lives: The Yosemite Falls Revival

Cyclone Bomb Takes Victims: The Yosemite Falls Revival
Photo: Twitter

According to the Yosemite National Park website, one of the “positive things” brought about by the ‘bomb cyclone’ was the rebirth of Yosemite Falls. The enormous amount of rain that fell during the last few days, was what the falls needed to reappear; in the comments, people were celebrating the news.

“The snow level for much of the storm was high, causing rivers and streams to rise substantially (8.5 feet on the Merced River at the Pohono Bridge, 1.5 feet under the flood stage). Tioga and Glacier Point Roads remain temporarily closed until further notice.” The Facebook page reported. Filed Under: Bomb Cyclone Claims Victims

Cyclone bomb takes victims: Could it help with the drought?

Cyclone bomb takes victims: Could it help with the drought?
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In previous months, there was talk of the drought in the California area, which was causing great damage to the ecosystem of the area. According to NBC, several experts considered that the heavy rains would not have a great impact on current drought conditions; but Daniel Swain, a climate scientist at the University of California, Los Angeles, commented that it could reduce its severity.

“In general, it seems that this event was, at the state level, more beneficial than harmful despite its extreme conditions,” Daniel Swain said to the media, who questioned the possibility that the severity of the drought could have been reduced by the rain generated by the ‘bomb cyclone’. For this reason, some are expected to see the benefits that it brought. Filed Under: Bomb Cyclone Claims Victims

Bomb cyclone claims victims: In San Francisco, the situation is different

Cyclone bomb takes victims: In San Francisco, the situation is different
Photo: Twitter

According to Yahoo News, the situation in San Francisco was completely different than what was observed in Yosemite National Park. Floods in the San Francisco Bay Area closed Berkeley streets and flooded Oakland’s Bay Bridge toll plaza.

According to the media outlet, heavy rains have been recorded on Mount Tamalpais, just north of San Francisco, since Sunday morning. Roads are closed and city officials said there have been more than 330 calls for police or fire assistance, which is double what is normally recorded. Filed Under: Bomb Cyclone Claims Victims

A couple of days ago the appearance of the “Bomb cyclone” was reported in California

Cyclone bomb threatens California with flooding
Photo: Twitter

The NWS warned that “heavy rains can cause flash flooding throughout Northern CA, including the Sacramento Valley, where rainfall rates of 0.50 ″ per hour can produce 2-3 ″ of rain. The strongest rainfall rates up to 0.75 “per hour with 3-5″ or more of rain in the foothills and mountains.”

“Conditions will continue to deteriorate as the system approaches,” the meteorological research center said. “Strong winds, strong waves and heavy rains will cause major impacts.”

Consequences of the Cyclone Bomba

Cyclone bomb threatens California with flooding
Photo: Twitter

Authorities have indicated that the bomb cyclone could generate a lot of snow on the west coast, strong winds and very high and dangerous waves. In fact, meteorologists expect up to 8 feet of snow on the highest mountains in the Sierra Nevada. It could still be a good thing, at least for California.

The coastal state has been eagerly awaiting the rains following an intense dry season, prompting Governor Gavin Newsom to declare a jurisdiction-wide emergency last week. Right now, 17 large wildfires are burning in California, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington, according to data from the National Interagency Fire Center.

From fires to rains

Mass evacuation by fire and intense black smoke
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AccuWeather meteorologist Jon Porter said the storms could end the wildfire season in the region. “This rain comes about a month earlier than average and will be very welcome to fight the remaining fires, particularly in Northern California,” he added.

In California specifically, flames have devoured nearly 2 million acres this year alone. So the deep tropical humidity from the Pacific that the bomb cyclone will bring will generate an “atmospheric river” that will end up becoming a “fire hose of humidity in the sky” with rain and snow, says Porter.

Rains and floods

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Although rains will help to calm the fires, they could also generate sudden and dangerous floods, as well as landslides in areas of the coast, with the meteorological activity that will begin this Sunday and will last at least until Monday, according to experts.

“Heavy rains are starting to fall and this will cause debris flows,” the National Weather Service in Sacramento warned of the debris flow for the Dixie fire, now 97% contained. “If you live near a recent burn scar, now is the time to prepare and listen to local officials for evacuation information.”

Bomb cyclone will hit Seattle as hard as a hurricane

Cyclone bomb will hit Seattle as hard as a hurricane
Photo: Twitter

A bomb cyclone will hit northwestern city of Seattle, in a meteorological event that will feel as intense as a strong hurricane, which is why it is expected to wreak havoc in the region. Forecasters have indicated that Seattle and the surrounding area will be hit by a subzero storm.

This is why they forecast that large amounts of snow will fall beginning this Sunday and lasting for several days. The original forecasts of this bomb cyclone indicate that up to two and a half meters (equivalent to 8 feet) of snow could accumulate on the tops of the mountains or the highest peaks in the center and north of the Sierra Nevada, The Sun reported.



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