Cyber ​​Monday: 12 tips to find the best deals

Are you looking for the best discounts on gifts to buy for Christmas? Take advantage of the Cyber ​​Monday offers! The day is the Monday ...

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Are you looking for the best discounts on gifts to buy for Christmas? Take advantage of the Cyber ​​Monday offers! The day is the Monday after Thanksgiving weekend, and it has become one of the public’s favorite shopping day. On this day, e-commerce stores offer items from various categories at a special price and for a limited time. Discover the best tips to find the best deals!

1. Check the price history

One of the first tips that experts give to have a better shopping experience on Cyber ​​Monday is to perform an analysis of current prices and compare them with the fluctuations they have had in recent months. Thus, the user will be able to access the promotions that best suit their interests and discover if there is a significant discount on the items they wish to buy.

2. Activate a price alert

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A smart way to shop is by taking advantage of all the options available to detect the latest discounts in your favorite stores in a timely manner. Apps, like SlickDeals, will allow you to select all the stores you are interested in. Through these apps, you will receive notifications when the most attractive discounts appear.

3. Subscribe to the newsletters before Cyber ​​Monday

Purchases on e-commerce platforms offer certain benefits: immediate access to your favorite items, visual representation of all promotions, and a fast checkout process. In addition, they give you important discounts in exchange for a subscription to their services’ newsletter. By subscribing to a website or its newsletters, you will have the benefit of receiving discount coupons, exclusive promotions, and relevant information regarding Cyber ​​Monday.

4. Use a credit card with reward programs

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Shopping during Cyber ​​Monday promises exclusive discounts that you will not want to miss, especially if you access your purchases using participating credit cards. Electronic businesses usually form agreements with certain banks to provide users with better payment programs. They also generate points or rewards that users can exchange with their preferred products.

5. Follow the stores’ social media accounts

Currently, social media plays a determining factor in the popularity of brands, as people access relevant information in real time that can help them make better purchasing decisions. During the holiday season and on days like Cyber ​​Monday, stores share current promotions with their followers on social media, which you can take advantage of as soon as they are posted.

6. Download apps to compare prices

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Just as there are apps that alert you when an online store offers new promotions, there are also applications that guide you through the purchase process through an analysis of market prices. With these apps, you can verify that the prices the stores offer are on par with those that you can find in other stores. In this way, you can access your products, making the most of your money.

7. Get up early for Cyber ​​Monday!

According to technology experts, the best time to shop on an e-commerce platform during Cyber ​​Monday is very early in the morning or very late at night. This is because user traffic increases considerably in the afternoons or in the early hours of the night when people have the time to make their purchases.

8. Activate incognito mode

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Browsing in incognito mode during Cyber ​​Monday promises important benefits. For example, the best offers and special discounts on your favorite products stand out. When browsing in this mode, your browser will help you receive neutral offers. That is, it will prevent cookies from guiding your purchase process, and stores know exactly what you’re looking for the most in a given period.

9. If it’s too good to be true, maybe it’s a lie

One of the main maxims applicable during discount season, especially on Cyber ​​Monday, is that “if it’s too good to be true, maybe it’s a lie,” especially when making payments virtually. Carefully review the purchase conditions and the shipping method, and ensure that your payment is processed correctly. Protecting your data will be an essential step for your shopping experience to be positive on Cyber ​​Monday.

10. Purchase with a credit card

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Regarding payment methods, the experts’ suggestion is to carry out all kinds of transactions with a participating credit card in the establishment. Thus, if you have to make a clarification, your bank will answer for you. Buying with a credit card also gives you access to payment plans and rewards programs that will give you access to bonuses that can be exchanged for the products of your choice.

11. Fill your virtual cart … and empty it!

If you don’t want to browse in incognito mode, your next best option will be to access e-commerce stores early and fill your cart with all the products you want to purchase. Once full, empty it! This will make the stores register exactly the type of products you are looking for and will offer you the best prices when the day of applying the Cyber ​​Monday promotions arrives.

12. Register on the sites where you want to buy

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All e-commerce platforms have the registration option to be able to make purchases safely and quickly, but registering with them will bring other important benefits. Registering for the first time on a store’s website will mean a discount on your first purchases, which is sometimes cumulative with other promotions. Do not hesitate to take advantage of this tip!

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