CURIOUSITY: Customer with a $32 bar tab leaves a tip for $16 thousand!

Customer with a $32 bar tab leaves a tip for 16 thousand dollars. He asks the waiter not to spend it all in one place. By means of a note...

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  • Customer with a $32 bar tab leaves a tip for 16 thousand dollars.
  • He asks the waiter not to spend it all in one place.
  • By means of a note, he explains the reasons for his decision.

A surprising story took place in a bar in New Hampshire, when a customer who only had a bar tab for $37.93, decided to leave a ‘juicy’ tip of 16 thousand dollars, according to the news portal of New York Post.

The grandiose 16 thousand dollar tip event happened earlier this month at the Stumble Inn Bar and Grill in Londonderry on June 12 and shocked everyone after seeing the enormous amount that was left for such a little consumption.


Tip in bar
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The client only ordered a few drinks, some hot dogs and French fries, products that did not exceed 102 38 dollars, however, without knowing it yet, the staff of the place, was surprised by the action and more by the forceful message that explains everything for the tip. of 16 thousand dollars.

In turn, the owner of the place, owner of the bar, Mike Zarella, detailed what happened and in a verbatim way repeated what the client said to the waiter: “‘Don’t spend it all in one place,”‘ referring to the amount of money it would leave you.


But the wait staff took the bill and saw the assigned tip and barely reacted, turned to face the customer and only managed to say the following: “That’s what made her turn around and look, and she said: ‘ My God, are you serious? ”Zarella said.

Upon learning of the tip of 16 thousand dollars, the owner of the bar wanted to verify that this was not a mistake, and went to ask the customer, but was surprised that it was true, that he had the full conviction to leave that tip to the waiter. Filed Under: Tip at Bar


Tip in bar
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But why did the customer want to leave that tip? It was then that the diner explained the reason for his decision, through a note that he gave to the owner that read verbatim: “He only said they deserve it, that they work very hard.”

And as in almost all businesses, in this one it was no exception, all the staff of the place shared the tip so that it was equally, leaving all satisfied and grateful to the generous customer who visited them. Filed Under: Tip at Bar

Tip in bar: GIFT

New Hampshire
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In a similar event, in mid-December 2020, it was reported that a generous customer did not order food, but did leave a $ 5,600 tip at an Ohio restaurant. The coronavirus pandemic has hit the wallets of many Americans.

It has also shaken more than one business, such as those restaurants that have been forced to close their doors in order to comply with local sanitation regulations. But all is not lost, because there are still people willing to help.

Tip in bar: GOODNESS

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This is how the employees of this Ohio restaurant were surprised by the tip that a customer left them. A man, identified only as Billy, entered the Souk Mediterranean Kitchen & Bar. His waitress, Katie, prepared to serve him, but he only asked for a bill for a penny.

Later, he signed a tip of $ 5,600 and asked to distribute it among the employees of the place. The restaurant’s Chef, Moussa Salloukh, was the one who told the story through Facebook and began using the following quote: “Be the reason why someone believes in the goodness of people.”


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And he went on to narrate the moving situation: “This really happened. Last night one of our clients left a tip of $ 5,600 for me to give to all of our staff, whether they are working that shift or not. It means that each of our 28 staff members received a $ 200 ″ tip.

“What an incredible gesture of kindness to my employees,” he added. Salloukh continued explaining the particulars of this year overshadowed by the pandemic and its differences with previous years, which were better years than 2020. Filed under: Tipping at the bar

Tip at the bar: “THANK YOU”

16 thousand dollars
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“This is not just any December. Typically this is a month when our employees work harder and customers tip generously. December is a month for them to earn money to buy family gifts, save a little, and take care of outstanding bills or repairs. With Covid’s restrictions and guidelines, that was not going to happen to them this year. So this sincere generosity was much needed and greatly appreciated. ”

“The words ‘Thank you’ seem inappropriate for this gift… but thank you Billy, for your generous spirit and for making a difference in the lives of the people who matter so much to me this holiday season,” concluded Chef Moussa Salloukh.

Tipping at the bar: IT WAS NOT A MISTAKE

New Hampshire
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In a similar case, a customer tipped $ 3,000 at a Cleveland location affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. It was no mistake! One person actually took his pen and added $ 3,000 to the bill on the ‘tip’ line.

The coronavirus pandemic has hit the wallets of many Americans, hitting everything from small to large businesses. That is the case of the Nighttown restaurant, located in Cleveland, which will voluntarily close due to economic difficulties due to Covid-19.


16 thousand dollars
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However, a client arrived to leave them a ray of hope. Last Sunday, the man entered the establishment and ordered a beer. Then he asked for the bill. They would be, according to the fiscal document, a total of 7.02 dollars.

The man took the pen and left a juicy tip, approached the site’s owner, Brendan Ring, wishing him well and asking him to share what he had ‘left behind’ with four employees working alongside him at the time. He went away. Filed Under: Tip at Bar


16 thousand dollars
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It was after the customer left the store that Ring realized how much the tip had been. His surprise and gratitude was such that he decided to tell the story in a Facebook post that caused a lot of stir on the networks.

“So just before we closed in Nighttown today, a customer came in and ordered a beer, asked for the check and handed me his credit card receipt, wished me well as we sat down at our voluntary closing and told me that share the tip among those who waited. staff of which there were four work brunches today ”, he began counting. Filed Under: Tip at Bar

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