Curiousity: Chef dies after falling into a boiling pot of soup

Chef dies after falling into boiling pot of soup. The man lost his life after suffering burn injuries in more than 70% of his body. The c...

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  • Chef dies after falling into boiling pot of soup.
  • The man lost his life after suffering burn injuries in more than 70% of his body.
  • The chef was 25 years old and was the father of 3 children.

Boiling pot chef dies. Something quite curious happened a few days ago, when the death of a young chef was announced, who died because he suffered severe burns in 70% of his body, when he was preparing a chicken broth at a party in Iraq where he had been hired.

The chef named Issa Ismail was of Iraqi origin and was only 25 years old, when he lost his life because he fell into a boiling pot of soup, which he himself was preparing at a party where his services were required, in his native country Iraq, according to TV Azteca.

Chef died from falling into a pot

Chef dies after falling into a boiling pot

The events took place in the “Hazel” event hall, located in the Zakho district, Dohuk governorate, Iraq. The young man suffered several burns on various parts of his body, which would later cause his death despite having been taken to the hospital.

It was the father of the late young chef Muhammad Ismail, who explained how his son died in this strange event that occurred at a party. He mentions that his son slipped and fell into a large boiling point, causing severe burns, and five days later he could not bear the injuries and died.

Boiling pot chef dies: He had great experience

Chef dies after falling into a boiling pot

Issa Ismail had 8 years of experience as a chef, preparing food for different parties where required, mentioned the relatives of the 25-year-old, who lost his life in a rather strange way, generating great commotion in his native Iraq.

“The deceased… cooked food at weddings, mourning tables, and various ceremonies, and for two years has been working in two-party halls for 25,000 [comensales] per day, “were the words of one of the relatives who was quite affected by the situation, according to the New York Post.

Boiling pot chef die: A large pot

Chef dies after falling into a boiling pot

It is worth mentioning that the pot where the chef died, which was large, is part of a tradition in the Middle East, where at weddings or some festivity, there are a large number of guests, therefore the cooks have to prepare the food in a container. curiously large.

In fact, something similar happened in Paraguay in 2019, when a chef named Cristián Fernando Rojas also died from the burns he suffered when he was working in a restaurant located in the city of Encarnación, Itapúa department, according to TV Azteca.

Boiling pot chef dies: He was a family man

Chef dies after falling into a boiling pot

According to versions of different media, Issa Ismail was a father of a family, he had three children, two girls and a six-month-old baby, so going to different events to prepare food, he did it to be able to support his family , who now mourn his departure and eternal rest.

After this accident, relatives of the deceased said that it is important to reinforce security measures inside a kitchen, to try to avoid a similar tragedy. Since labor negligence is very common in these types of places where there is little supervision.

Boiling pot chef dies: 34 wives man dies

world's largest family
Getty Images

Another strange event happened when a man believed to be the patriarch of the world’s largest family, with 39 wives and 94 children, according to the news agency Reuters, died in northeast India. Ziona Chana, 76, the head of a local Christian sect that allows polygamy, died on Sunday, authorities in the state of Mizoram, in the northeast of the country, revealed through Twitter.

Chana lived with her family in a vast pastel-colored four-story building with about 100 rooms in Baktawng, a remote town that became a tourist attraction, Zoramthanga, the congregation’s chief minister, said Monday. According to Reuters, the sect, called Chana, was founded by Chana’s grandfather in 1942 and has hundreds of families as members.

World’s largest family: first wife at 17

world's largest family

Chana married his first wife when he was 17 years old and claimed that he once married 10 wives in a single year. While illegal, polygamy is practiced in some communities in India. The wives shared a bedroom near their private room, and locals had told Reuters that he liked having seven or eight of them by his side at all times.

Despite the large size of her family, Chana told Reuters in a 2011 interview that she wanted to grow her even bigger. “I am ready to expand my family and willing to go anywhere to get married,” he said. “I have so many people to take care of and take care of, and I consider myself a lucky man.”

Woman gives birth to 10 babies in South Africa

Photo Twitter

After several months of waiting, Gosiame Sithole finally gives birth to 10 babies, who are currently fighting for their lives in a hospital in Pretoria, South Africa, according to information published by the British news portal. Daily Mail.

It was the babies’ aunt who gave the information to the media and explained that the mother gave birth naturally to 5 of her children, while the other five had them with caesarean section, so she recovers from it in the same hospital. Filed Under: Boiling pot chef dies.


Ten babies are born
Photo Twitter

In an interview the woman gave to the TimesLIVE website, she said the following verbatim: “(The babies) are still in incubators fighting for their lives. They reached 29 weeks; the mother is still weak… This is a sensitive issue. ‘

This story has powerfully attracted the attention of society as well as medical personnel because it is unusual for a woman to give birth to so many babies, however the expectation for the recovery of the little ones remains. Filed Under: Boiling pot chef dies.

Ten Babies Are Born: CONFUSION

Ten babies are born
Photo Twitter

The woman’s husband informed the media that she gave birth to seven boys and three girls last Monday night. So far the birth of the children is a kind of unknown, since there is no record of them in any hospital.

In addition, no photographs of them have been shown for religious and cultural reasons, which is why the father asks for patience so that they are shown as soon as the conditions are met, however, no doctor has appeared to verify the birth. Filed Under: Boiling pot chef dies.


Ten babies are born
Photo Twitter

Despite the fact that Tebogo Tsotetsi, the father of the ten babies, is unemployed, he had to travel to Cape Town to accept a donation of 50,000 euros ($ 61,000) that should be used for the care of the children.

While doing that, he launched a call to all people who want to see the first images of babies, as he said that they will be able to do so “at the right time”, because the little ones are under medical observation. Filed Under: Boiling pot chef dies.

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