CURIOUS: Young man with rare bone disease defies life predictions (VIDEO)

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  • 23-year-old man defies all life predictions by suffering from a rare disease
  • Christopher Álvarez has tanataphoric dwarfism
  • This disease affects the development of bones, the organs do grow, but not the rib cage

Christopher Álvarez, 23-year-old, challenges all forecasts of life by suffering from a rare bone disease known as tannataphoric dwarfism, according to a post made by the Instagram account of First impact.

His story has served as inspiration For many people who suffer from a disease, it is an example to follow in the struggle to live.

“No matter how difficult the situation is, there is always a light, there is always solution“Said the young man for a television interview.

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Image taken from Instagram @primerimpacto

The boy remains prostrate in a chair, together with his family who do not stop supporting him or caring for him, since he can do nothing by himself.

This disease consists in that it affects the development of the bones, it is very unique, since the organs do grow, but not the rib cage.

Its history has gone around the world, since by statistics and physical conditions, it is known that people who suffer from this disease are born when they die or do not even reach 10 years of age.

However, Christopher Álvarez, this 23-year-old young man who faces this strange disease, has left testimony of what can happen with the love and drive of a family.

“I have no bones, I have no lungs, I am on a machine, I am small, 27 inches, and despite all that, my parents treat me like you treat you,” said the boy. And it is that his parents have dedicated time, life and space to be able to take care of their son, which has led him to have a good life by his side.

María González, mother of the young Christopher Álvarez, who suffers from a rare disease known as tanataphoric dwarfism, spoke exclusively for the people.

“My husband works during the day, so I can take care of him and take him to his appointments at the hospital, he arrives and stays with him so I can go to work at night2, he said in 2008.

But surviving this disease was not enough for this young man, as he graduated from college with honors and only last year was accepted to do his master’s degree at Columbia University.

About this fact he said: “The day I received that letter, I almost had a heart attack,” said the boy who is also an influencer on social networks, where he calls himself @theywantca.

He currently has more than 300,000 followers and publishes photographs with celebrities he admires and for whom he has great respect.

The young man sent a message to his followers: “I want people not to be afraid, to admire what I do with the stories I write.”

Christopher Álvarez is of Colombian origin and says that this year was extremely complicated and that he has felt sad about the coronavirus pandemic.

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Image taken from Instagram @primerimpacto

Also, Christopher Álvarez, the young man with the rare disease of tannataphoric dwarfism, has words of encouragement for the people who follow him.

“But I think a lot, a lot, how is it going to be tomorrow? Hope cannot be lost, the smile cannot be lost ”, he said.

Sometimes the boy cannot breathe and needs the help of a device, his mother says that it seems that he will not be able to do it, but he does.

The efforts of the family motivate the young man who has not only defied medical prognoses, but also his own achievements, since he is a university student.

This story has become famous in social networks for the strength that the young man has shown in the face of the adverse circumstances that he has passed, not only physical but of all kinds.

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