CURIOUS: Utah hiker is shocked when a cougar threatens him (VIDEO)

Tremendous scare was taken by a hiker from Utah when a cougar begins to follow him and dawns him The animal tried to defend its young whe...

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  • Tremendous scare was taken by a hiker from Utah when a cougar begins to follow him and dawns him
  • The animal tried to defend its young when it saw a potential danger in the presence of the human
  • The video is on social networks and people applaud and criticize the man who did not stop recording

Tremendous scare was taken away by a hiker from Utah when a cougar starts following him and dawn, but in the end the animal flees, according to a video that began to circulate on social networks and replicated the news portal of The vanguard.

According to the first images, everything seems to indicate that the animal tried to defend its young when it saw a potential danger in the presence of the human.

At some point in the recording, the cat begins to make some aggressive movements, such as clawing.

To see the video click here.

Image taken from Instagram @ chicapicosa2

However, the hiker never stopped recording and continued his march, until the feline left the place and did not become older, but at some point it seemed that everything ended in tragedy.

According to the postcard, the man identified as Kyle Burgess, was walking for a moment through a forest area of ​​Slate Canyon, when he had the dangerous approach.

In an instant he spotted a calf and immediately his mother let go of the Utah hiker in an attempt to defend the little one.

It was then that the man decided to go the other way, but the puma was slowly approaching him in an intimidating way.

With fear, the man did not stop his march or the recording and today he is all relevant in social networks for his mettle. On the next page we will leave you some of the most interesting comments about what people think of this event that caused astonishment among Internet users.

A lot of people started giving their opinion of what they would have done instead of the Utah hiker at the appearance of the cougar on the trail.

Someone jokingly commented the following: “Omg I throw a stone at him to scare him, my friend lacks a neighborhood.”

Another person commented: “He tells her to go with your babies, the we must have been nosy … I hope he hasn’t come back to harm her.”

“My God how scary! I would have already (excrement emoji) scared ”,“ wow that’s scary. It’s good that nothing happened ”,“ he is just taking care of his home ”,“ suddenly he left, he must have seen the angel of Jehovah that is camping around us ”, more Internet users said.

Another person defended the cougar that scared the hiker from Utha and said: “The cougar is at home that they are going to find where they are, the good thing that nothing happened and the animal left.”

“Thank God that he left”, “My God, thank you”, “Well the puma is at home, the nosy is the hiker”, “how scary”, “that guy needs to see more bax”, “invasion to the privacy of animals ”,“ what a great scare ”, other followers of the Chamonic2 account wrote to him.

Image taken from Instagram @ chamonic2

Then other people started defending the cougar who intimidated the Utah hiker, as they considered him an intruder.

“The Puma is in its territory, probably taking care of its cubs, the puma had a thousand opportunities to attack it, but it did not want to, it only scared it so that it will retreat … Moral, let’s stop getting into territories that are of nature !!!”

Someone else commented: “Good, hahaha and the animals are fed up that every time they step on their land they do their shit … They pollute, cause fires, hunt, and so on.”

“I was admiring the trees, but how scary”, “if you are a hiker you should be prepared for such incidents”, “they are fed up with humans”, “they were born again”, “good God, how scary, I I would have froze with fear, this puma would have killed me ”, expressed several people when they saw the impressive video.

Other people were totally amazed and said: “Omg I watched the whole video”, “I die 24 times, how scary”, “incredible”.

Everything indicates that the man Kyle Burgess who visited a forest area of ​​Slate Canyon came out of the situation unscathed, but he was scared by passing near the cougar with its young.

Image taken from Instagram @chicapicosa

This video of the cougar threatening Utah hiker Kyle Burgess who visited a forest area in Slate Canyon recalled the appearance of a bear in a forest area in Monterey, where a young woman used her cell phone to take a selfie.

A bear was captured, apparently in Chipinque Park, in the northern state of Nuevo León, bordering the United States, about three walkers and one of them takes a selfie with the animal, according to information provided by Agencia Reforma.

In a video that circulated this weekend on social networks, it is seen that the bear approaches one of the walkers, touches her and tries to bite.

The three women freeze, while the bear remains close to them for almost a minute.

In another video it is observed when the bear approaches a girl and she takes a selfie, while he tries to grab her.

In the video you can see that two women are at the mercy of the bear, who were surprised while walking along a path.

In the background you can see a cyclist and while another man tries to drive the animal away with some words and “scolding”.

“No, no, no, eit, shhh, bear,” managed to say the person who apparently recorded the video that quickly became famous on social networks.

To see the video click here.

Hiker Utah cougar

Image taken from Twitter @QuePasaEnSN

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