Curious: They find a small one-eyed “alien” (VIDEO)

Curious: They find a little “alien” with one eye. ‘One Eyed Baby Turtle’ revolutionized the networks after an ext...

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  • Curious: They find a little “alien” with one eye.
  • ‘One Eyed Baby Turtle’ revolutionized the networks after an extraordinary video was known.
  • What is this little being? Look!

It’s over, it’s over … but we still have two and a half months left in 2020 and curious and extraordinary things keep popping up everywhere. In this case, a small one-eyed “alien”.

‘One Eyed Baby Turtle’ is the name of a video shared via YouTube that shows something incredible. A tiny creature with only one eye. It seems fragile and surely very young. In the video you can see how a person holds the rare little creature in his hand and how he stares at the camera with his one eye.

What is this? A cyclops? An alien? Actually, it is about a little turtle that fired the imagination of Internet users with the wildest theories. Some users indicated that it is some type of mutant turtle, others that it was an alien and, still others, that it is a baby turtle of a very rare Baby Cyclops Turtle species.

Little one-eyed ‘alien’ found – Theory 1. The mutant turtle

In the animal kingdom there are genetic mutations that do not have to come from outer space, terrestrial nature alone is enough to make our jaw drop to the ground.

This is the case of this 2-headed turtle that appeared on the networks back in September 2019 (do you see that strange things also happened before 2020?).

Photo Twitter @alpacateas

Or the case of this wretched 6-legged creature that you appreciated posted in May 2018 by @ JillSpace72. “Siamese tortoises with two heads, two front legs each and one back per little turtle. #spacefarmszoo “

Photo Twitter @ JillSpace72

But no, this is not the case with our little “alien”. These mutations that you see above are due to a fusion of embryos before birth. In reality they are two animals that were united by an error in the development of the embryos.

Small one-eyed ‘alien’ found – Theory 2. The ‘alien’

Well, the creature is so rare that someone in the comments of the video said it looked like an alien. And yes, it is not common to find these types of images, so it is easy to let your imagination fly.

Reviewing is free and free.

And, perhaps, the one-eyed little face, subconsciously, has made the commentator relate the photo of the video with ‘Pleaky’, one of the extraterrestrial characters from the animated film “Lilo & Stich.”

‘Pleaky’ worked on the animation for “The Galactic Federation”, and acted as an expert on planet Earth, when in reality he did not know anything about our planet.

Pleakley is a Plorgonian. Her real name is “Wendy”, which on her planet means “Brave Warrior2 and thus, at first glance… she has a resemblance to our little friend today.

Little one-eyed ‘alien’ found – Theory 3. Cyclops turtle

Not that this little one-eyed turtle belongs to a subspecies of turtles like that. That is, it is not that their parents were like that too.

What happened to this little girl is a congenital malformation (from before birth) called cyclopia. It is a very strange mutation, affects 1 in every 16,000 births, characterized by the presence of a single ocular orbit.

And it doesn’t just happen to turtles! It occurs throughout the animal kingdom, including humans, in fact, 1 in 200 babies who do not reach term, has it.

They find a small 'alien' with one eye (VIDEO)

Human fetus born with cyclopia, 1926. Wikimedia Commons

Now that we have found the answer to the origin of our little “alien”, do not miss the video that has become all the rage. It is very strange, shocking … and cute at the same time!

VIDEO: To see the video, click on the photo below

They find a small 'alien' with one eye (VIDEO)

They find a small ‘alien’ with one eye (VIDEO)

What did you think of the video? Does it scare you or does it make you tender? Do you still believe that it is an out of this world creature or is it our unfathomable nature that sometimes makes “mistakes” like this?

After all, the creature was born and caused quite a debate and reflection. She’s still adorably curious, don’t you think?

Thanks for reading our note of Curiosities of the dayWe are waiting for you tomorrow with another incredible story!

They find a small ‘alien’ with one eye (VIDEO)

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