Curious: Taco Food Truck goes from misery to outright success in just one day!

Taco Food Truck goes from misery to outright success in just one day! The owner of the taqueria ‘El Torito’ was desperate bec...

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  • Taco Food Truck goes from misery to outright success in just one day!
  • The owner of the taqueria ‘El Torito’ was desperate because he was only making $ 6 a day.
  • But her daughter had an idea, and look what happened!

Elías Aviles was desperate. His taco business was slowly dying in Atascocita, Texas. The red food truck that used to be surrounded by friendly customers seemed destined to die.

Avilés has worked in the restaurant industry his entire life.

At one point, the family owned a restaurant in a “real” location, but when the economy crashed in 2008, they were forced to downsize.

So far from giving up, they reinvented themselves and opened their Mexican taco food truck about six years ago. Everything seemed to improve. They were not the same profits they had in their previous restaurant, but the taqueria ‘El Torito’ was kept alive in the open air.

And then the coronavirus pandemic arrived and brought new problems for Avilés and his family. Profits plummeted. It is that the pandemic has hit Elías and his tacos hard. People no longer approached smiling as before, sales had dropped alarmingly.

In normal times, earning up to $ 60 per day was normal. But now he had barely scratched the $ 6. And that was not only the end of Elías’s domestic economy, also of an era, of his dreams, of his investment and of life as he knew it.

Elías Avilés, without his taqueria, would not know what to do. Fortunately, Elías has a beautiful daughter, Giselle. When Elías told his daughter about the disaster of the $ 6 fundraiser, she knew she had to help. Whatever. And she began to think. She couldn’t lower her arms and watch her father lose everything.

So, after a while, he said. “Dad, let’s try something, total, it won’t hurt.” And he went to the networks, to Twitter to be more exact. And there he published what was happening.

“Hello Twitter! I wouldn’t normally do this, but my dad’s taco business is in trouble. He only raised $ 6 today! If you could retweet this, I would really appreciate it. ” And he uploaded a photo of the little red truck and the address where his father always attended to his people.

Curious: Taquería El Torito unexpectedly rises from ruin (VIDEO)

Curious: Taquería El Torito unexpectedly rises from ruin (VIDEO)

That was Saturday night.

And he was hoping that there would be an answer, that someone had the empathy to be encouraged to share, that others who know how difficult it is to survive with a family business in times of pandemic, would eat a taco.

Within hours, her modest Twitter post began racking up comments and shares, eventually reaching more than a thousand retweets that Sunday night.

One person even offered to buy the truck to feed a hospital.

Now, it has reached more than 8,000 retweets.

On Sunday the unexpected happened.

When Elías went to open his taqueria, he found a huge line of people waiting since 6am to try his delicacies. And it was already 8 am!

“There were so many people, and [mi papá] I was a bit surprised because I didn’t think there would be such a quick change, ”Giselle said.

“It feels amazing because I was just trying to help him,” Giselle said. “The simple fact of being able to do something that will give you business at this time, will make it known.”

So many people were touched by Giselle’s message that the small taqueria had to close intermittently to stock up on raw materials and continue serving its tacos to the public.

And, instead of closing at 8 pm, as always. This time he had to close an hour before because he could no longer serve anything. Out of stock!

Imagine… from selling just $ 6 a day to outright success!

Elías Avilés runs his food truck business with the help of his nieces and nephews. And now everyone smiles again a little overwhelmed by what has happened but with a happy soul again and a renewed desire to get ahead no matter what happens.

Giselle has made her personal Twitter account private and created Facebook accounts and Instagram full of images of the food that is offered to continue encouraging and helping the growth of the taqueria.

You can watch the video below of what happened the day after Giselle’s call for help.

Curious: Taquería El Torito unexpectedly rises from ruin (VIDEO)

VIDEO: You can see the video by clicking on the photo below

Curious: Taquería El Torito unexpectedly rises from ruin (VIDEO)

Photo: ABC13 video capture

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Curious: Taquería El Torito unexpectedly rises from ruin (VIDEO)

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