Curious: Satanic ritual? Chilling mutilated horse murders

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  • Curious: Satanic ritual? Chilling mutilated horse murders.
  • They cut off ears, removed eyes, cut off genitals, opened the sides, and drained the blood.
  • The police are puzzled and the community is afraid.

France is shocked. Up to 30 chilling incidents have been reported in fields across the country. Horses and ponies appear with their ears cut off, eyes removed, genitalia cut off, lacerations on the side cuts and blood drained.

But it is not a case of slaughter of horses for consumption or animal or human. The horses are left like this, dead and mutilated in such a way that everyone suspects that there is something very dark behind these deaths.

And there is a certain symbolism in the mutilations of the poor animals that give clues about what may be happening.

For example, in most of the attacks, an ear has been cut off, usually the right, imitating, in some way, what bullfighters do in the squares when a bullfight has gone well and they are given the ears as a trophy.

But not much is clear yet. The places where these killings occur are scattered throughout the country, yes, many of the crimes have happened during the summer.

A police spokeswoman in Paris said: “We don’t understand the motivation. Is it a satanic rite, an insurance fraud, a macabre trophy hunt, or an online challenge? We do not know. It is very traumatizing ”.

There is also another detail. Whoever is doing this knows about horses. Anyone can see that catching a loose horse in a field can be a difficult task, to say the least, laborious.

So these equine killers know how to lure horses and reassure them. Not to mention how to handle them!

Anyone know how to cut, where and who. They look for meek and confident horses, those who trust people and allow themselves to be put on a harness … to their misfortune.

Curious: mutilated and murdered horses ... satanic ritual?  (PHOTOS)

Photo: Twitter @RobRobbEdwards

Curious: mutilated and murdered horses… satanic ritual? (PHOTOS)

Some of the chilling acts could have been ritual mutilations of an unknown cult, while other theories exist about a horrendous challenge on social media or that they are copycat crimes.

The testimonials are tremendous. A man says he has been very scared since he faced two attackers in his animal shelter. He managed to get them to leave, but not before being wounded in the arm during a fight with one of them, who had a knife, while the other cut the flanks of two ponies, who are traumatized but recovering.

The president of the French Equestrian Federation has offered to help the police investigate the cases.

“We are all scared,” said Veronique Dupin, an official for a riding club who wants to remain anonymous for obvious security reasons.

Police have made several arrests as part of an investigation into the more than 30 murders and mutilations of horses.

Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin said more officers would be put on night patrols in the affected areas.

What is known, in detail, so far is that a man in his 50s has been arrested in relation to this macabre case, they could arrest him by spreading a robot portrait publicly.

Curious: mutilated and murdered horses ... satanic ritual?  (PHOTOS)

Photo: Gendarmerie de l’Yonne

But, on the other hand, there is concern that in addition to dead horses, other injured animals have been reported in recent weeks in a rampant and bloody attack against these animals, which began in 2020 and seems to have exploded in the summer heat. .

Curious: mutilated and murdered horses… satanic ritual? (PHOTOS)

The police have advised those who own or care for horses to monitor pastures and report suspicious behavior.

Remy Marehcal, a farrier who shoes horses in the northern town of Preux-au-Bois, revealed that he discovered a pony that had one eye gouged out in July and two injured horses in August.

He said: “At first, I thought it was accidental. I said to myself, in a small town like this, it can’t be possible ”.

Curious: mutilated and murdered horses ... satanic ritual?  (PHOTOS)

Veronique de la Brelie shows firefighters where she found her mare Cimona, injured and lying in a ditch. Photo: Getty.

And then … what is this all about? Could it be that there are people doing satanic rituals, as one of the theories about horse slaughter says? Is it a madman or group of madmen motivated by the bloodlust of innocent victims? Is it a crazy and cruel challenge launched on the dark networks of the Internet?

What do you think is happening here? Terrible!

Thanks for reading our note from Curiosities of the dayWe are waiting for you tomorrow with another incredible story!

* The topics that we present in Curiosities, many times do not have a sustainable basis and have been extended as questions of faith. Mundo Hispánico does not ensure that the fact has been proven or real.
Curious: mutilated and murdered horses… satanic ritual? (PHOTOS)

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