CURIOUS: Rats on display in Atlanta restaurant

A taquero who washes the cloth with which he cleans dishes and tables in a puddle gets burned. A video of rats in a Hibachi restaurant in...

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  • A taquero who washes the cloth with which he cleans dishes and tables in a puddle gets burned.
  • A video of rats in a Hibachi restaurant in Atlanta is also posted.
  • The disgusting event happened in Álvaro Obregón in Mexico.

Two new disgusting events were denounced by users on social networks, one of them happened in Mexico when a taquero washed a cloth in a puddle on the street, while the other took place in the United States, when a user caught some rats in the dining room of the buffet of a Hibachi restaurant.

Outraged users have revealed a practice that they have considered “disgusting”, a young Mexican taquero was caught while he washed a cloth with which he then cleaned dishes and tables, in a puddle that was on the sidewalk where he sells his food, according to Cultura colectiva news and Newscast.


Wash cloth in puddle
Facebook photo

Through the Facebook page of our reporter Mario Guevara from MundoHispánico, a video was replicated in a Hibachi restaurant. Guevara wrote the following: “One of my followers on Facebook sent me this video and reported that she went to eat at the Hibachi restaurant on Buford Hwy. She came across rats in the middle of the dining room.”

And he added about Hibachi: “The truth is that it does not surprise me, because in DeKalb County the authorities are very negligent. That here in Gwinnett, the business would be closed, I assure you. On the other hand, it is nothing new that Asian restaurants and buffets have this level of uncleanliness and not to mention the labor exploitation of their workers who are usually Hispanic and if they do not try to look in the kitchen and they will be convinced. On the other hand, the Chinese do not support our community. How many Chinese have you seen in a Mexican restaurant? But look at the Latinos, we fill their businesses. Well, personally, I haven’t been going to those places for years ”.


Facebook photo

Immediately people began to comment on the fact of the rat in a Hibachi restaurant in Atlanta: “How disgusting I once went to a zaxbys that is near Plaza las Américas and Abian many large cockroaches died on the floor, there was never seen something like this here, it was very disgusting, I never go back to that place it’s too dirty ”.

Someone else reported on the page: “A man almost got a rat on his plate near our table. This happened on Saturday afternoon and the administration of the place did not do anything about it nor did they apologize or return the money for the food or anything. To see the video click here.

Rats in restaurant: COMPLAINT ON NETWORKS

Photo Twitter

The disgusting event happened in the mayor’s office of Álvaro Obregón in Mexico City, and it quickly circulated on social networks, as a complaint, to prevent people from going to that place that obviously does not comply with health standards.

But the audiovisual material also served to question the hygiene measures that these types of businesses have, which do not have the necessary facilities to keep their space clean, in addition to the lack of care of the employees or owners, in this case the taquero.

Rats in restaurant: REQUEST REVIEW

Photo Twitter

That is why users issued a warning not to go to that post that is located in the Desierto de los Leones road in the town of Tepepan and also for health personnel to come to make a review.

In the video you can see a taco wearing a green shirt, cap and jeans, who is at a taco stand in a corner, at one point wiping the table with a cloth, while passersby approach. To see the video click here.

Rats in restaurant: CRITICIZE DIRT

Photo Twitter

Suddenly the Twitter users on the Telediario account gave their opinion on the event and one wrote the following about the taquero: “That’s why I don’t usually eat on the street: I’ve gone to the Red Cross,” so he launched a kind of alert.

Another person criticized that even with all the tests people do not even notice that: “And I assure you that it has a good number of people swallowing there”, “Mend … disgusting !!!! Trash of being human ”, expressed another of the users in the social network.

Rats in a restaurant: PEOPLE DO NOT CARE

Photo Twitter

And it is that the taquero cleaned one of the tables and then assumes that nobody sees him, turns around and throws the cloth on a dirty puddle, wets it, lifts it and squeezes it, while two people are already behind him.

However, this was not an impediment so that the man did not care and returned to the position to do other work. Internet users ask authorities to make an inspection so that they comply with health regulations.


Image taken from Tik Tok @ josealvarez16

In another disgusting fact, it must be remembered that in March, through Tik Tok, a citizen denounced the appearance of baby rats among the vegetable displays in a supermarket, apparently in central Mexico, it was published in the news portals of Hoy Estado and Plano Informativo.

The video went viral and caused repulsion among Internet users who expressed their discomfort at this carelessness of the managers of the store. In the material, at least 4 baby rats are seen in the foreground in pink, without their eyes still opening, among ginger, broccoli and avocados. Filed under: Rats in restaurant To see the video click here


Photo File

According to these information portals, it was the Tik Tok user @ joealvarez16 who uploaded the video of the baby rats in the supermarket, while the fruits and vegetables were on a display. Even in the video you can see customers choosing their food while he records the disgusting moment and at the end he zooms in on an advertisement for the company and the price of vegetables.

On the Hoy Estado page, people reacted: “How horrible! I like to buy there, but reverend ASCO, I don’t know if the vegetables and fruits are covered before closing, they will be there in the whole store and in how many supermarkets and markets it will not be the same ”. Filed Under: Rats in Restaurant


Rats in restaurant
AP Photo

Until that moment, no authority from the store made any statement about the Tik Tok video in which they denounced the appearance of baby rats in the supermarket. The Tik Tok video in which the appearance of baby rats among the vegetables in a supermarket was reported, recalled a similar event that was exhibited in December last year.

They were workers at a Chipotle restaurant in Manhattan, New York, who exposed the appearance of a horde of rats and claimed that four employees were bitten, according to information provided by the New York Post news portal. Filed Under: Wash rag in puddle


Rats in restaurant
Photo File

Then he added: “We are all scared, it is quite common for some of my co-workers to start screaming out of nowhere and we do not know what is happening. It’s pure chaos every time a rat appears ”. This complaint occurred at the height of the coronavirus pandemic and at a time when restrictions were tightened by the increases in Covid-19 cases.

One of the first reactions of the owners occurred when they closed the place because the rats destroyed the wiring of the place. The rat-infested Chipotle Mexican restaurant is located on Broadway near West 169th Street in Washington Heights. Filed Under: Rats in Restaurant


Rats in restaurant
Photo GettyImages

From before, the employees had fought a real fight against the rodents that do not leave the place and every day they become a headache. The workers tried everything to end the plague, even attacking the rats with brooms and crushing them with boxes.

However, these methods did not manage to end the horde, but the employees were satisfied and launched an accusation, to see if the administration would heed their complaints to keep the place clean and provide good service. Filed Under: Rats in Restaurant

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