Curious: Lethal mask causes panic in bus (VIDEO and PHOTOS)

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  • Curious: Deadly mask causes panic on bus.
  • A man got on a public bus wearing a terrifying mask.
  • Actually his protection was ALIVE!

2020 has brought us an accessory that, whether we like it or not, we all already have at home. We use it when going out, in some places it is mandatory and in others not, but with this pandemic it is, at least, recommended.

And, as in everything, we have already gotten used to it and different designs, patterns, sizes and colors for all types of masks have come to light.

There are allegorical masks, of your club, ideological, even advertising or to combine with your outfit. They came to stay, at least a little while.

Of course there are also people who are more original than others. And since the mask is for protection, this man got on a bus in England wearing a mask that really kept people away from him.

The thing about keeping the safe distance, the guy has it very controlled. Let’s see who is the brave one who approaches him!

It so happens that the man got on the bus wearing… a huge snake coiled around his neck! Of course, the other passengers moved as far away from him as possible. And no one wanted to come closer to ask what’s up.

The man wore the huge snake, a python or something similar, hanging from his neck as a face mask as he boarded Swinton’s service to Manchester in Salford.

The stunned passengers watched as the man, mocking the mandatory protocols of wearing a mask in public transport, unhooked the snake from his neck and let it wrap itself around the handrail.

A passenger, who according to local media Asking not to be identified, she said she initially thought the man was wearing a ‘funky mask’ before seeing her sliding down the railings and realizing she was quite alive.

Curious: Lethal mask causes panic in bus (VIDEO and PHOTOS)

Curious: Deadly mask causes panic on bus (PHOTOS)

He said he found the incident “really funny” and that the animal did not appear to be bothering any of his passengers: “No one blinked,” he said.

But the authorities were not so amused about the living mask. They say it is not a substitute for the regular mask.

Hmmmm … could it be that they didn’t realize that it’s some kind of irony or joke?

A Stagecoach spokesperson in Manchester said: “The safety of our customers and employees is our top priority. We are appalled by these reports and take them very seriously. We expect all of our clients to comply with government rules on wearing a proper face mask on public transportation. A full internal investigation is underway, including checking the bus’s CCTV and interviewing the driver. “

It seems that what bothers them is that the man was not wearing a mask UNDER the snake.

At present, the use of a face mask on public transport is mandatory in England, except for those who are exempted for reasons of age, health or disability.

A spokesperson for Transport for Greater Manchester said: “The government guide clearly states that this does not need to be a surgical mask, and that passengers can make their own or wear something suitable, such as a scarf or kerchief. While there is a small degree of interpretation that can be applied to this, we do not believe that it extends to the use of snake skin, especially when it is still attached to the snake. “

If that’s not British phlegm, nothing is.

Curious: Lethal mask causes panic in bus (VIDEO and PHOTOS)

Curious: Deadly mask causes panic on bus (PHOTOS)

A 46-year-old woman told the Manchester Evening News: “It was wrapped around my face like a mask when getting on the bus. At first I thought he had a really funky mask, then he let it crawl up the handrails. No one was really upset on the bus, but a man behind took a video. “

“It was definitely entertaining,” he says.

Now watch the video yourself and tell us what you think. Of course it is, at least, original.

Curious: Deadly mask causes panic on bus

VIDEO: To see the video, click on the photo below.

Curious: Lethal mask causes panic in bus (VIDEO and PHOTOS)

Curious: Lethal mask causes panic on bus (VIDEO)

Thanks for reading our note of Curiosities of the dayWe are waiting for you tomorrow with another incredible story!

Curious: Deadly mask causes panic on bus

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