Curious: Covid, suffocating heat and new extreme danger! (VIDEO)

Curious: Covid, suffocating heat and … new extreme danger! Aside from the sweltering heat wave, the city of Calabasas, California, ...

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  • Curious: Covid, suffocating heat and … new extreme danger!
  • Aside from the sweltering heat wave, the city of Calabasas, California, issued an alert for a new danger.
  • Chilling creatures threaten people and pets. Watch out!

This 2020 never ends. As much as we put a good wave on it, we do not leave one to get into another.

As the COVID was not enough, it seems, and the overwhelming heat, with its respective fires in California, is not enough, now there is an alert that they issued for the city of Calabasas … which is terrifying indeed!

In a tweet from the city, residents are warned of a new and potentially deadly danger to themselves and their pets. And it’s no joke!

Many, knowing it, will not have set foot on the street and will have been more locked up than ever. Others have seen their most intimate phobias and fears awaken. And there will also be those who think that we are in a scary movie.

But the alert is REAL, as much as its protagonists.

“If you’re out there this Labor Day weekend, don’t miss these girls!” The tweet reads. Summer heat means rattlesnakes. Kristine Clark took these pictures near Anza Park. Stay alert and have your pets watched at all times! “

Than?? Rattlesnakes walking around? So thats it. And you will see them in the video at the end of the note.

If you are afraid of snakes, and also if you are not so afraid of them, you should be careful because these girls have decided to go out to enjoy the sun and heat, and because of the images that this woman captured, they are in a “doggy” mood.

Among the poisonous snakes that are native to the United States is the rattlesnake, which has slit-shaped pupils, a triangular head (due to venom pockets), and a slit located between the eyes and nostrils, say CDC.

Curious: New extreme danger. How to prevent poisonous snake bites

Within a generality of precautions that the CDC gives for employers and their employees who work outdoors, we are going to take a few that apply to everyone, whether they are working or walking out there.

  • Avoid putting your feet or hands in places that you cannot visually inspect.
  • If you come across a snake, DO NOT handle it (most bites occur when people try to catch or kill poisonous snakes).
  • You must stay away from the snake and notify others where it is and what it is like.
  • DO NOT ignore small or young poisonous snake bites. They are born with poison as powerful as that of adults.
  • Remember that snakes are most active during warm weather and at night.

Make noise, as snakes tend to avoid it (although they do not have outer ears, they do have an inner ear that can sense vibrations from sounds, eg from footsteps and voices).

Curious: New extreme danger. What to do if a snake has already bitten you

  • Stay away from the snake so that it can’t bite you again (about half to two-thirds the length of the snake).
  • Keep calm! Call 9-1-1 or ask someone else to call 9-1-1. Snakebites should always be treated as emergencies!
  • Look at the bite site for 2 puncture wounds (fang wounds). The “absence” of visible fang markings is NOT evidence that there is no venomous snake bite. Some have very small fangs (the coral snake) and puncture wounds may not be seen with the naked eye.
  • Ask someone to identify and take a photo of the snake if possible. You must not approach or try to catch or kill her! The emergency room staff does NOT want you to bring the snake to them!
  • Restrict your movements, or those of the bitten person, and keep the bite site below the level of the heart. Movement and elevation of the wound above the level of the heart will increase the heart rate and the speed with which the venom moves through the body.
  • If possible, wash the wound with soap and water as soon as possible.
  • Cover the wound with a clean, dry bandage.

Curious: New extreme danger. What you should NOT do if a snake bites you

  • Don’t wait to seek medical attention; look for it immediately if you have a bite.
  • Don’t try to capture or kill the snake.
  • Do not apply ice to the bite site.
  • Do not apply any tourniquet.
  • Do not immerse the bite wound in water or other liquids.
  • Do not cut the bite wound or try to suck the venom out.
  • Do not drink drinks with alcohol or caffeine.

Now that you’re a bit more informed, you can watch Calabasas’s alert video about rattlesnakes on the loose. Surely, after seeing it, you no longer feel like going out!

VIDEO: Curious: New extreme danger adds to the heat and the pandemic

To see the chilling video, click on the photo below.

Curious: New extreme danger adds to heat and pandemic (VIDEO)

Curious: New extreme danger adds to heat and pandemic (VIDEO)

Thanks for reading our note from Curiosities of the day, we are waiting for you tomorrow with another incredible story!

Curious: New extreme danger adds to heat and pandemic (VIDEO)

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