Cuomo: New York restaurants may open interior spaces starting September 30

New York restaurants will be able to reopen their interior spaces as of September 30 To be able to do so, establishments must comply with...

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  • New York restaurants will be able to reopen their interior spaces as of September 30
  • To be able to do so, establishments must comply with a maximum of 25 percent occupancy
  • He clarified that they will not be able to offer their services after midnight and bar service is not allowed

Restaurants in New York will be able to reopen their interior spaces as of September 30, but they must comply with some rules.

This Wednesday, Andrew Cuomo, governor of New York, reported that restaurants can reopen their doors to offer meals in the interior spaces of the establishment.

This measure will be implemented as of September 30 and restaurants must comply with the maximum of 25 percent occupancy.

“On September 30th, indoor dining in New York can resume at 25% capacity. There will be strict restrictions, ”Cuomo wrote in his twitter account.

Cuomo: New York restaurants may open interior spaces from September 30

Photo: Twitter Cuomo

New York restaurants must meet rules to open interior spaces

Among the measures that food establishments will have to comply with are: all people must wear masks, establishments must take the temperature of people at the door, tables will have to be six feet away between them and a member of the group Visitor must offer their contact information as a security measure in case an outbreak occurs in the restaurant.

They will also not be able to offer their services after midnight and bar service is not allowed.

Since the start of the pandemic, the city’s 25,000 or so restaurants had not been allowed to open their doors to receive customers. This has put at risk not only businesses, but the employment of some 300,000 people, he reported. NY Post.

“I understand the economic benefit and I understand the economic pressure that they have been subjected to,” the governor said at a press conference.

However, doubts remain latent about strict compliance with the rules to prevent a re-outbreak of coronavirus in the state. That is why 400 inspectors will ensure compliance with the city code. In addition, of the people who will be able to expose their doubts to the government when they consider necessary.

“I believe in New Yorkers. Trust is reciprocal. They trusted me, I trust them, ”Cuomo said.

“If there is an increase in the infection rate, we can always press the emergency pause button,” he added.

New York: Trump plans to steal funds from city revealed

This Wednesday the President Donald Trump signed a five-page memorandum to begin the process of de-funding New York and three other cities.

As revealed by the New York Post, President Trump’s order targets New York, Washington, Seattle and Portland, where authorities allowed “lawless” protests and slashed police budgets amid increased violence.

“My administration will not allow federal tax dollars to fund cities that allow themselves to deteriorate and become lawless zones,” Trump said in the memo that, according to the Post, twice mentions New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, by his name.

The amounts of money affected by Trump’s order could be huge.

New York City alone receives about $ 7 billion a year in federal aid.

The memorandum instructs the White House budget director, Russ Vought, to issue guidance within 30 days starting Wednesday “to agency heads on restricting eligibility or disfavouring, to the maximum extent permitted by law, anarchist jurisdictions in the receipt of federal grants ”.

The revelation comes as police confirmed that shootings and murders increased again during the month of August in New York.

The shootings and murders in the streets of New York have again experienced an alarming increase in the month of August, according to the statistics of the Police of the city, according to which during the past month there were 242 incidents with firearms. fire, in which 53 people died.

Trump funds New York

PHOTO Twitter

Compared to August 2019, when 36 people were killed in 91 shootings, gun violence increased 166 percent and murders 47 percent.

So far this year there have been 1,014 shootings in New York, an increase of 87 percent over the same period last year in which 541 took place.

This increase contrasts with the slight rise in the total number of crimes that occurred in the city during August, which was 9,093, that is, 0.7 percent more than those registered in the same month of 2019.

Authorities, police and civil organizations have made cross accusations about the alleged responsibility for this increase that began last June.

The New York Police assures that the cut in the budgets of the security body, the closure of a unit accused of police brutality and the prohibition of making certain keys to immobilize the suspects for being considered dangerous have contributed to the capacity of the police to act. agents.

Trump funds New York

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The city’s security body has also complained about the temporary suspension of the judicial system, the release of prisoners to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in prisons, and the loss of respect for officers amid national protests against police brutality have contributed to the growth of violence.

The authorities, for their part, although they coincide with some elements of the diagnosis, put the emphasis on the economic crisis unleashed by the pandemic and even some political leaders have accused the Police of slowing down their actions to ensure that the peak of violence does not decrease, an extreme that the police leaders have categorically denied.

This Wednesday, fifty organizations that work in conflictive areas to try to reduce the rates of violence, asked the authorities for more resources to face this situation and accused President Donald Trump of trying to make a political use of violence in his campaign politics.

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