Criminals kill the horse rider Beni de Huitzuco (VIDEO)

In an armed attack, criminals kill the horse rider Beni de Huitzuco. The young man was out to buy food for dinner with some friends. The ...

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  • In an armed attack, criminals kill the horse rider Beni de Huitzuco.
  • The young man was out to buy food for dinner with some friends.
  • The bloody crime occurred in Guerrero, where people are already afraid to go out.

The horse rider Beni de Huitzuco was killed while out to buy food for dinner in Guerrero, a Mexican state. After the execution, a message from an alleged criminal group circulated on social media. According to Televisa News, it warns the population to respect a curfew, or they will suffer the same consequences.

Criminal groups linked to drug trafficking has unleashed a wave of murders in different parts of the country. Among the most affected states are Zacatecas, Michoacán, Guerrero, Tamaulipas, and Jalisco. The pandemic has not reduced these organizations’ criminal activities, leaving a trail of deaths and terror in their wake.

Criminal group takes control of the people 

Horseman Beni Huitzuco killed
Photo: Twitter

Due to the “war” waged by certain cartels, executions and other crimes have escalated in various areas of the country. This time, a small town saw how criminal groups can end their lives in the blink of an eye through an armed attack. Blood ran through the state of Guerrero.

The criminal group had already issued a warning that the residents of Huitzuco must respect a “curfew” that it implemented. The curfew was unofficial, but some young men paid dearly for ignoring it. Fear has taken hold of the inhabitants, and no one wants to leave their homes.

Killed with bullets?

Armed attack
Photo: Twitter

The young man known as Beni de Huitzuco was a famous horse rider in various parts of Mexico. He was one of the three young men killed in an armed attack on Sunday night in the Ruffo Figueroa neighborhood. The authorities did not release the identity of the other two murdered people. The friends decided to go out to buy some food for dinner. Their deaths caused outrage among the population that is ravaged by organized crime.

Televisa showed a video of the horse rider’s burial. Family and friends were in tears and pain. They gave their farewell to the young man, who was well known for his great talent and charisma. Filed under: Criminals kill horse rider Beni de Huitzuco

Violence forces civilians to make a hard decision to save their lives

Curfew warrior
Photo: Twitter

The threat of the criminal group is clear with this armed attack. The group does not want anyone to leave their homes after six in the evening. It also prevents parties, serenades, meetings, motorcycle rides, and even trips to the school or public parks. This message was given on social media. The group warns that it is not a game, emphasizing their message with the murder of the young men.

For this reason, the streets of the town look empty. The residents have decided to heed the warning. However, the municipal authority has not issued an official position on this due to the armed attack. For now, businesses, schools, and streets look desolate. Even bus services are canceled to avoid being victims of the criminal group. To see the video, click here. Filed under: Criminals kill horse rider Beni de Huitzuco

“Reinforcements” arrive, but something does not work and people pay dearly

Horseman Beni Huitzuco killed
Photo: Twitter

Guerrero has become a “war” zone. Despite the Guerrero Reinforcement 2021 operation was launched at the beginning of November. With the arrival of 300 Navy personnel, the violence in four municipalities increased. The criminal organization killed at least eight people in the first week of this month. Moreno Governor Evelyn Salgado Pineda and the Secretary of the Navy, José Rafael Ojeda Durán, launched the operation Guerrero Reinforcement 2021 in Acapulco, Chilpancingo, and Iguala. It was reported that 300 Navy personnel and 200 state policemen were added to this operation.

In Acapulco, a woman and a man were found dead in a compact car in the Providencia neighborhood. The authorities reported that the man was dismembered and placed on the hood, while the woman was found dead inside the car. Later, in Francisco Villa, the body of a man wrapped in a blanket was found in the tourist port. Filed under: Criminals kill horse rider Beni de Huitzuco

Criminal group kills horse rider Beni de Huitzuco: Murders do not stop, terrifying the residents

Armed attack
Photo: Twitter

That same day, two men were shot dead, one in Primero de Mayo and the other in La Sabana, in the suburban area of ​​Acapulco. In the heart of Zihuatanejo, in the Costa Grande region, a man was killed with two shots to the head. His body was discovered on Saturday. In Chilpancingo, a group of armed men broke into the “California” hotel and shot the business owner, who died shortly while being transferred by his relatives to a hospital.

The hotel where the murder occurred is in the Los Angeles neighborhood, a district with a high crime rate. It is where the Sierra Cartel has operated for year. Now, Sierra Cartel is in dispute with the Los Ardillos group over this territory. Sources indicate that in Huitzuco, a group of armed individuals chased a 20-year-old man to shoot him dead.

Horse rider Beni de Huitzuco killed: Violence spreads throughout Mexico; is there a solution?

Horseman Beni Huitzuco killed
Photo: File

Violence was unleashed not only in Guerrero but also in Culiacán and Navolato, Sinaloa. Four people were violently murdered yesterday. Two of the victims were found tied, showing signs of torture and gun shots. The bodies were inside plastic bags abandoned on a road that leads to Antorchista, south of the capital.

The Culiacán residents notified the police about the abandoned plastic bags that were tied with tape and had strange shapes. The initial report stated that no identification was found. There was also no evidence that they had been murdered in that place. One was half naked, bruised, and had his hands tied behind his back.

Horse rider Beni de Huitzuco killed: Who are the main victims of drug trafficking?

Armed attack

Photo: File

A third victim was discovered near a stream that crosses the municipal cemetery on 21 de Marzo, in the southeastern part of Culiacán. The victim, about 40 years old, had gunshot wounds.

The municipal authorities reported that this person did not carry any identification. The State Attorney General’s Office is investigating the case.

Under a bridge on the Benito Juárez highway, within La Palma, Navolato, the body of a man in military-style clothing was found. His hands and feet were tied with tape, and signs of torture and gunshots were present. The medium-built victim, 30, was wearing a tactical vest and camouflaged green clothing, but no identification was found (El Universal).

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