Holiday Help: Tips on Creating a Budget (and Sticking to It)

The holidays can be stressful on your wallet. These tips for creating a budget ensure your family finances don't take a serious hit this year.

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The holidays are fast approaching, and it’s the perfect time for peace on earth and goodwill towards men—which doesn’t mean you’re off the hook from creating a budget. You definitely don’t want to lose your reins on your wallet, because in this time of giving it is very easy to over extend yourself. According to this year’s projections by Gallup, “Gallup’s latest measure of Americans’ Christmas spending plans finds U.S. adults projecting they will spend an average of $720 on gifts this year, up slightly from their $704 estimate in November 2013, pointing to an OK holiday season for retailers.” With that in mind, as you wrap gifts and tie pretty bows, don’t forget to hunker down on your numbers and keep these tips for creating a budget in mind.

1. Plan it

A woman making a budget

The secret to the success of anything lies in its planning, and creating a budget during the holidays is no different. A well-planned holiday budget keeps you and your family in check, so that everyone is poised from the get-go to not overdo it.

2. Think Outside the (Gift) Box

With so much to do, meals to cooks, gifts to wrap, we tend to forget some of the less obvious ways to stay aware of our budget. Sometimes it’s good to remember some of the little ways in which we can take control.

3. Don’t Worry, Be Appy


Yeah, we know. The holidays can get hectic. But lucky for us, we live in the age of technology and can benefit from the myriad apps out there to make our lives that much easier. Creating a good holiday budget is a piece of cake with the help of the virtual elves.

4. Get Crafty

Who says you have to even spend money to gift a great gift? Tap into your inner artiste and make something from the heart. It’s the thought that counts is a cliché because it’s true.

5. Get Creative

A woman unwrapping a holiday gift

Again, we dare you to step out of the box and redefine what it means to gift someone a gift. Try to consider the possibility that some of the best gifts you could give are totally FREE.

6. Party Smart

Some of most costs seem to get incurred on throwing holiday parties—but not if you’re smart about it. Budget your party costs to keep your gift budget nice and happy.

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