Couple names their daughter a provider just to get free internet

A Swiss internet provider has generated a lot of controversy not only in Switzerland, but worldwide, thanks to an advertising campaign th...

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A Swiss internet provider has generated a lot of controversy not only in Switzerland, but worldwide, thanks to an advertising campaign that has been very successful.

In recent months, the Swiss-based internet provider Twifi launched a campaign inviting new parents of newborns to name their children with a company-inspired name.

To the surprise of many, the offer was taken very seriously by a Swiss couple who decided to name their first daughter Twifia, after the internet provider.

But what are the benefits of this risky action? Free Internet for 18 years!

  • Couple names newborn daughter Twifia, in honor of Swiss internet company ‘Twifi’
  • Twifia and her family will benefit from 18 years of free internet as part of a contest launched by the company in recent months
  • The offer remains open for other new parents to call their child ‘Twifi’ or ‘Twifus’ and thus win free internet service for 18 years

How far would a person go to get free internet? It is a question that, apparently, already has an answer.

In past days, a Swiss couple announced that they had named their daughter Twifa, in honor of the Swiss internet provider Twifi.

What are the reasons that led this couple to name their daughter Twifa?

It turns out that a few months ago, the Internet provider Twifi launched an advertising campaign in which it invited people to name their newborn children with a name similar to that of the company.

Photo: Twifi website

Twifi, the Swiss internet provider who gave 18 years of internet to a couple

Twifi’s offer was extremely attractive: 18 years of free internet.

This means that the family will have a free internet provider until their daughter, Twifa, comes of age.

According to the couple, the girl’s father came across an ad from the internet provider while browsing his social networks.

It was on Facebook that he came across the announcement of the emerging company Twifi.

Upon realizing that the internet provider would offer the service free for 18 years To all the families who decided to name their children after Twifi, he began to question whether it would be a good decision.

In the announcement, the internet provider detailed the requirements to be taken into account.

The bases of the offer were very simple: if the parents had a daughter, they should name her Twifa; if it was a boy, the name must be Twifus.

According to the ad, the requirement was “Only upload a photo of your child’s birth certificate. After a verification process, Twifi will provide the family with 18 years of free internet. “

Photo: Shutterstock

A Swiss couple decide to name their daughter after Twifi, a Swiss internet provider

Although everything seems to indicate that they do not regret their decision, the couple have decided to remain anonymous as long as possible.

And although they have complied with the bases set by the internet provider, they made the decision that although they would name their daughter Twifa, this would be the girl’s middle name.

The couple has been reluctant to appear in front of the cameras or reveal their identity, but they do want to make it clear to society that their decision, although it causes them some pain, is not something they should justify.

“We want to remain anonymous because we don’t want to justify ourselves. Because the accusation of having sold our daughter’s name affects us enormously. We are also somewhat sorry. “

In addition, within anonymity, they have issued a statement in which they indicate what their plans are for the future thanks to the award obtained.

The couple, aged 30 and 35, respectively, have decided to put in a savings account the money that they will not spend month after month in service of Internet.

His long-term hope is that the girl, when she comes of age, will have enough money to buy a car.

In a statement, the newborn’s father stated that “The more I think about it, the more unique the name has become for me, and that’s when all this showed a charm.”

For her part, Twifia’s mother declared that she was not fully convinced of her decision, although she finally agreed to name her daughter after the internet provider.

She said that “For me, the name Twifia also represents, in this context, a connection. For an eternal connection. There are many worse names, and the more we say Twifia, the more charming the name sounds. “

Twifia, the girl who will receive free internet for 18 years

Swiss internet provider Twifi has left the door open for other couples to consider going the same route as Twifia’s parents.

Although they have declared becoming increasingly comfortable with the name ‘Twifia’, the girl’s parents are still not entirely comfortable with having entered the minor’s middle name on her birth certificate.

For his part, Twifi founder and CEO Philippe Fotsch assured the couple that the offer will continue even if the company ceases to exist.

Fotsch was emphatic in stating that he himself will be an internet provider and will pay for the service if, for some reason, his company goes out of business, as the couple’s feat is something to be honored; “It is a matter of honor,” he concluded.

Photo: Shutterstock

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