Couple carrying weapons arrested near White House

Secret Service arrests couple for carrying guns near White House At the time, President Joe Biden was on his first presidential visit to ...

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  • Secret Service arrests couple for carrying guns near White House
  • At the time, President Joe Biden was on his first presidential visit to Campo David.
  • The detainees were not identified at the moment by the government authorities

While President Joe Biden was on his first presidential visit to David Field, a couple went arrested by Secret Service agents, as they carried firearms in the vicinity of the White House, reported the news portal of abc Y The Hill.

According to official sources, “during the course of the meeting and the subsequent arrests, the people did not represent any danger immediate for any Secret Service protector. “

These acts they happened last Saturday around 5:30 p.m. near 15th Street NW and Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, DC

Image taken from Twitter @ABCPolitics

She was said to have approached officers and reported possession of a weapon and was immediately arrested, a spokesperson said.

Apparently the woman wanted or was trying to deliver a letter to the president of the United States, Joe Biden, she was identified as Sylvia Hall, 66 years old.

The woman was charged with carrying a pistol without a license, possession of an unregistered firearm, and possession of unregistered ammunition.

Both she and another man were in a vehicle and approached a checkpoint and the woman said she had an appointment with the president.

However, both were found weapons in the car and in another that was Hall’s property, and that was near the White House.

Although it was said that he had a letter, so far the content of it and what would happen to the people detained with weapons in the vicinity of the White House have not been said.

White House Arms Pair

This is not the first time something similar has happened for Joe Biden, since prior to his inauguration, the FBI urged US police chiefs to be on high alert for possible violence and threats before on Capitol Hill, according to to information published by the amsnbc news portal and The New York Times.

In turn, the United States government issued a terrible intelligence bulletin to express its concern about this threat.

It was also revealed that Defense Department officials confirmed that the Secretary of the Army, Ryan McCarthy, decided to prepare the members of the National Guard who will be deployed to protect the Capitol while Joe Biden is sworn in as president.

All this was activated after the assault on the legislative headquarters a few days ago by supporters related to Donald Trump, who has repeatedly refused to accept his defeat in the elections.

Image taken from Twitter @MundoHsipanico Filed under: White House arms couple

White House Arms Pair

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