Costco to limit toilet paper sales due to high demand and shortage

Costco will again limit the sale of toilet paper in its stores. They claim that there is a lot of demand and a delay in the delivery of o...

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  • Costco will again limit the sale of toilet paper in its stores.
  • They claim that there is a lot of demand and a delay in the delivery of orders.
  • They explain that it is a different situation from the one the year that the pandemic began

As happened in March 2020 with the start of the pandemic, Costco will now limit again the amount of toilet paper that customers can buy in their stores due to increased demand and delayed shipments caused by the shortage of trucks, as was reported on the The New York Post’s website.





But this time, the measure will not only be applied to that product, but also to many others that include bottled water, cleaning supplies, and other “key items” that people commonly use at home and the company has had problems to deliver them to customers.


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Richard Galanti, financial director of the company has reported on this decision that affects thousands of families in the United States, although it is pointed out that this occasion is very different from what was experienced at the beginning of the pandemic due to the massive storage that originated.

“A year ago there was a shortage of merchandise. Now, (the suppliers) have a lot of merchandise, but there are two or three week delays in delivery because there is a limit on short-term changes in the transport and delivery needs of the suppliers, so it really is in all scopes, ”he said.

Costco Will Limit Toilet Paper: They DON’T SAY QUANTITIES

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He added: “So planning is crucial… we are imposing some limitations on key items such as tissues, roll towels, Kirkland Signature water, high demand SKUs related to cleaning related to the increase in related demand. with Delta ”.

Despite the explanation he gave, he did not dare to say the amount that each customer will be allowed to buy, either by rolls or by packages, so that data was not very clear and many buyers ask that question and it seems that they will only know it when they go to buy.

Costco to limit toilet paper: PREPARE ORDER

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In the midst of record maritime traffic, the company is preparing to place an unprecedented order for the merchandise that comes from Asia, to be able to meet all its commitments and that is why it has chartered three ocean vessels to have them next year .

Faced with all these difficulties, the company had already issued a warning to its customers that they would face some delays in the delivery of their orders. However, they do not consider this to become a chaotic situation like the one at the beginning of the pandemic.

Costco to Limit Toilet Paper: MAKE A PROFIT

Costco will limit toilet paper
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Even with all these circumstances, the company announced Thursday that it has made solid profits, with revenue every three months that increased 17 percent year-over-year to $ 62.68 billion, exceeding analysts’ expectations in the aftermath of the pandemic.

Costco posted earnings of $ 3.76 per share for the quarter, up 23.7 percent from last year, even as the company issued warnings about rising costs that lower profit margins on generated sales.

Costco to limit toilet paper: CRISIS

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Just in September it was announced that the toilet paper crisis in the US was shaking again thanks to COVID and the delta variant that is spreading faster than the SARS that hit globally in 2020 and caused panic purchases in various products in stores, being the toilet paper the most exhausted, now, it is happening again according to the Daily Mail

Despite the fact that vaccination in the US is more than advanced, since more than 80 percent of the population has at least one dose of the COVID vaccine, the delta variant continues to spread left and right, now the youngest are more likely to suffer the health consequences.


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The main self-service stores in the US report 14 percent less than the normal assortment of certain products, toilet paper being the most purchased, in what seem like flashes of fear that have appeared among the US population after the increase in COVID cases .

Although in 2020, the percentage of lack of toilet paper was higher, a similar problem is beginning to appear on the shelves in 2021, in the midst of the delta variant that is infecting more people at a faster rate, despite the vaccines already applied. Filed Under: Costco Will Limit Toilet Paper


Costco will limit toilet paper
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Daily Mail reports that stores like Procter & Gamble are running out of toilet paper on physical shelves, while online orders have also risen sharply, so company officials have had to limit and ration product quantities.

In recent days, certain Costco store customers took to their Twitter accounts to report that products such as toilet paper, bottled water and other cleaning supplies were out of stock and asked companies to restock them as soon as possible. Filed Under: Costco Will Limit Toilet Paper


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Also according to The Wall Street Journal, toilet paper sales were increasing during August by more than 8 percent compared to a year earlier; According to IRI, the evidence that people ‘go back to normal’ is that products such as cosmetics, wines and spirits, mints and cakes were on the bestseller list.

However, it is also indicated by sales that people continue to be aware of the pandemic, since the most sold along with toilet paper are anti-allergy objects and cough medicines are more than 50 percent higher than what was registered to Demand During 2020 Filed Under: Costco To Limit Toilet Paper


Costco will limit toilet paper
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Despite the increase in sales in certain products, self-service stores are in a better quantity of offer to their customers than last year, however they are struggling to achieve enough diversity in sizes and presentations of toilet paper than their consumers were accustomed before the pandemic.

Arthur Ackles, Massachusetts vice president of the Roche Bros. chain of stores reported that he was notified about the toilet paper limitation at P&G, ensuring that customers had many questions about certain products that had been out of stock for days, which could trigger purchases of panic across the country. Filed Under: Costco Will Limit Toilet Paper



Like toilet paper, cleaning products increased their demand in the face of COVID with everything and vaccination in the US; a clear example is Lysol, which was acquired and reported sales in excess of $ 328 million since last year at the peak of the pandemic

Smaller home products companies have benefited from sales growth; as an example is the German company Freudenberg Household Products, which increased its demand by 55 percent in the last two years; P&G increased sales by 27.4 percent, while Clorox did so by 13.4 percent. Filed Under: Costco Will Limit Toilet Paper

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