Coronavirus vaccine tests resume at AstraZeneca pharmaceuticals

Coronavirus vaccine tests resume at AstraZeneca pharmaceuticals Around 18 thousand people in the world have received the vaccine as parti...

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  • Coronavirus vaccine tests resume at AstraZeneca pharmaceuticals
  • Around 18 thousand people in the world have received the vaccine as participants
  • AstraZeneca recruited about 30,000 people to conduct a larger study on the vaccine

Coronavirus vaccine tests resume at AstraZeneca pharmaceutical company, as reported AP News.

According to the report, the University of Oxford said this Saturday that they would resume testing the vaccine they are developing with the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca, after having it put on pause because a patient in the UK reported that it produced a side effect.

In a statement, the university said that in large tests like this one “some participants are foreseeable to suffer disorders and each case needs to be carefully evaluated to ensure safety.”

He also indicated that around 18 thousand people in the world have received the vaccine as participants in the test.

Although details about the patient’s illness were not disclosed for confidentiality reasons, an AstraZeneca spokesperson said the woman exhibited severe neurological symptoms that forced testing to be paused.

The University insisted that it is “committed to the safety of our participants and the highest standards of conduct and will continue to closely monitor security.”

Pauses in drug testing are common.

Last July, the test was stopped after the participant exhibited neurological symptoms that turned out to be a case of multiple sclerosis, which was not related to the vaccine.

Also, in late August, AstraZeneca began recruiting about 30,000 people to conduct its broader study of the vaccine. It is testing it with thousands of people in Britain and conducting smaller studies in Brazil and South Africa.

Dr. Soumya Swaminathan, chief scientist at the World Health Organization (WHO) said the pause in the Oxford and AstraZeneca trial did not worry her too much and that “a wake-up call” to the global community about the inevitable ups and downs of Medical Investigation.

Swaminathan further said that there is no need to be “too discouraged” by the news of the rehearsal pause, adding that “these things happen.”

The United States has invested more than $ 10 billion in six efforts to bring a coronavirus vaccine to market. On May 21, the United States announced that it would invest 1.2 billion dollars in the AstraZeneca effort in exchange for at least 300 million doses if the candidate was safe and effective enough.

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According to CNBC NewsAstraZeneca said it received confirmation from the UK Medicines Health Regulatory Authority that it was safe to resume clinical trials.

The company declined to release medical information about the trial lull, but indicated earlier this week that a potentially unexplained illness was being investigated.

Similarly, the company said that “the standard review process caused a voluntary pause” in all global trials on September 6, so that independent committees and internal regulators could review the safety data.

While trials can now resume in the UK, the status of trials elsewhere remains unclear.

“The Company will continue to work with health authorities around the world and will be guided on when other clinical trials can resume to provide the vaccine in a comprehensive, equitable and non-profit manner during this pandemic,” AstraZeneca said in a statement.

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Oxford University, which developed the vaccine in partnership with AstraZeneca, said Saturday that some 18,000 people have received the vaccine in trials so far.

“In large trials like this one, some participants are expected to feel unwell and each case must be carefully evaluated to ensure a careful assessment of safety,” Oxford said in a statement.

Regarding the COVID-19 vaccine, Telemundo reported that two other vaccines are in the final stages of testing in the United States: one produced by Moderna Inc. and the other by Pfizer and the German laboratory BioNTech.

Those two vaccines work differently than AstraZeneca’s, and the studies have already recruited two-thirds of the volunteers needed.

During the third and final stages of the trials, researchers look for any hints of possible side effects that may have gone unnoticed in previous patient research.

Due to their large size, studies are considered the most important phase of research to record less common side effects and establish safety margins.

The tests also allow for efficacy to be assessed by tracking who gets sick and who doesn’t among patients who received the vaccine or a placebo.

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