Coronavirus Pandemic Creates Desk Shortage in US

Shortage of desks. The coronavirus pandemic has made another item disappear from the shelves of large stores Lack of desks follows shorta...

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  • Shortage of desks. The coronavirus pandemic has made another item disappear from the shelves of large stores
  • Lack of desks follows shortages of toilet paper, disinfectant wipes, canned beans and coins
  • They reveal one of the reasons why they are scarce

Shortage of desks. First was the toilet paper. Then the disinfectant wipes. Canned beans. The coins. The computers. Now it is desktops that are in short supply due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Millions of children who start the school semester with online classes have their parents struggling to get them desks. It’s less of a problem compared to kids who don’t even have internet or computers at home, but it’s cumbersome for parents lucky enough to have room and money for desks.

At the same time, some people are realizing that they will be working from home for a long time and require new furniture. To find desks, people are visiting stores near and far, and even making them.

Elizabeth Rossmiller, a teacher working from home for the first time, needed something better than her current setup: a laundry basket upside down on a nightstand.

The desk I wanted at Amazon was out of stock. There was nothing available for less than $ 200 at Target or Walmart. Her husband found a sample model in a store 45 minutes from their home in Gresham, Oregon.

He was smaller and more battered than she expected, but he is “better than a laundry basket.”

The Ikea and Target chains are restocking office supplies due to high demand. Amazon and Walmart did not respond to requests for comment, but John Furner, who is in charge of Walmart stores in the United States, admitted in an interview with ABC News on September 11 that there is a decline in supplies of children’s desks and children’s desks. laptops.

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A display of lKEA products. Photo. Getty

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On the internet, the sale of desks and accessories such as chairs and lamps was 283% higher in August compared to a year ago, according to Rakuten Intelligence, which monitors consumer behavior. Sites selling used products drew more interest: On Facebook Marketplace, interest in desktops has doubled compared to the previous month, but prices aren’t exactly low.

Shaynah Dungan, who needs a desk by the time she starts classes at a beauty school in January, said desks similar to the one she wants from Ikea were priced excessively high on Amazon and on OfferUp, an app where people sell things.

Megan Fry, who will start a new job from home as a customer service agent in Indianapolis in October, said she chose to make her own at home after visiting Walmart, Ikea and other stores where she couldn’t find desks for less than 150 dollars. She made her own desk, using a legless table on book shelves, at a cost of $ 42 each.

“It’s not cute and inviting like a desk and I wish I had drawers,” said Fry. “But I’m glad it’s clean and has a large surface for my laptop and monitor.”

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Coin shortage: Federal Reserve warns closing of deals disrupts flow

The masks they were the first to disappear. Then the toilet paper was no longer seen on the supermarket shelves. And while the inhabitants of the United States are surviving with the few cents they have due to the economic disaster left by the coronavirus pandemic, the last thing that is now in short supply in the country are, precisely, pennies! CNN.

Since August a shortage of coins has been reported in the United States.

“What has happened is that with the partial closure that the economy is experiencing, the flow of currencies in the economy has stopped,” said Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell during a virtual audience with the Committee on Financial Services of the House of Representatives on Wednesday. This is because the supply chain through which coins usually circulate has been disrupted during the pandemic, Powell said.

Banks and businesses have closed their doors or changed the way they operate and that is why the public has less access to currencies.

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“The stores have been closed, so the system has more or less paralyzed,” he said.

During Wednesday’s hearing, Rep. John Rose of Tennessee told Powell that banks in his district were notified by the Federal Reserve that they would receive a small portion of their weekly coin order. The banks informed him that they would probably be out of coins by the end of this week.

“In these times when pennies are the difference between profit and loss, there seems to be great concern about this,” Rose said.

To mitigate the shortage of coins, the Federal Reserve banks began the “strategic distribution of coin inventories” this week to distribute in the most equitable way to banks and so-called ‘credit unions’. Those “fair distribution” measures include imposing limits based on the historical volume of orders and how many coins the United States currently produces.

The Federal Reserve believes the shortage is temporary, according to Powell. “As the economy reopens, we will start to see the flow of currencies,” he said.

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