Conservatives are more likely to believe falsehoods, study finds

Conservatives believe more falsehoods were the discoveries of a study. ICE contracts in New York are wanted to end. A conflict broke out ...

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  • Conservatives believe more falsehoods were the discoveries of a study.
  • ICE contracts in New York are wanted to end.
  • A conflict broke out on the border when girls were improperly returned to Mexico

Los Angeles, Jun 2 (EFE News) .- Conservatives in the United States are less able than liberals to distinguish truths from falsehoods in politics, mainly due to a excess of misinformation on the part of the right wing, according to a study published in the specialized journal Science Advances. A group of researchers from Ohio State University (OSU) concluded that while both sides of the political spectrum tend to believe claims that promote their views, conservatives are more accepting of lies and reject truths.

The analysis, which took place over six months, found that this happens “because there is much more misinformation supporting conservative positions,” according to the study’s lead author, Kelly Garrett, an OSU professor of communication. The group led by Garrett reached these conclusions after analyzing the results of an online survey of 1,204 American adults between January and June 2019.

There are differences between conservatives and liberals in terms of the findings

Conservatives are more likely to believe falsehoods, study finds

Every two weeks, the researchers identified viral political news stories, 10 true and 10 false, and asked participants to rate 20 phrases based on those stories. Respondents tagged each headline or phrase as true or false and indicated how confident they were of their decision. By the end of this program, participants had evaluated 240 different statements on a wide range of topics that represented “many different points of view,” according to the research team.

One of the phrases analyzed was the following: “Investigators with the Office of the Inspector General of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) have identified poor conditions in several Texas migrant facilities, including extreme overcrowding and serious health risks”. The results showed that 54% of Democrats correctly said the statement was “definitely true,” compared to just 18% of Republicans.


Conservatives and what is not true

The research group also presented this statement, among others: “While she was Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton colluded with Russia, selling 20% ​​of the United States uranium supply to that country in exchange for donations to the Clinton Foundation.” On this occasion, only 2% of the liberals considered this statement “definitely true”, a percentage that rises to 41% in the case of the conservatives.

One of the main problems identified in the study was, according to Garrett, that these widely shared truths and falsehoods “have different implications for liberals and conservatives.” “We saw that viral political falsehoods tended to benefit conservatives, while truths tended to favor liberals. That makes it much more difficult for conservatives to avoid misperceptions, ”Garrett said.

Although the information environment was the main reason conservatives were susceptible to misinformation, “it may not be the only reason,” according to this researcher. The results showed that even when the environment was taken into account, conservatives were slightly more likely to have misperceptions than liberals. EFE News

Bill seeks to cancel New York’s contracts with ICE

Conservatives are more likely to believe falsehoods, study finds

New York, May 17 (EFE News) .- State Senator Julia Salazar and Assemblywoman Karines Reyes presented a bill on Monday that seeks to make New York follow in the footsteps of other states and end present and future contracts with the Service Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to incarcerate immigrants facing deportation.

Versions similar to Salazar and Reyes’ “Dignity, Not Detention Act” have already been passed in California, Washington, Maryland, New Mexico, Illinois and Virginia, according to a statement from a coalition of pro-immigrant and legal groups that supports the initiative. And in neighboring New Jersey the Legislature is considering a similar bill.

There has been immigration detention by ICE

ICE must stop practices that threaten the dignity of the undocumented

“The time has come for New York to join the chorus of states that have opposed the inhumane and dangerous practice of immigration detention,” the groups said in the joint statement. “ICE’s harmful practices of separating families and targeting immigrant communities have always been unacceptable and must abolish immediately, ”Salazar said.

He affirmed that the bill is a “necessary” step to bring “real justice” to families who have been victims of the “abusive tactics” used by ICE. “The idea that immigrants are not in this jail makes me very happy. I could easily have waited for an immigration decision at my home instead of jail, where I got seriously ill with covid-19, “said Rogelio, who was in the Orange County jail, upstate New York.



He assured that during that time he witnessed how security agents mixed the population that had the virus with others who were sent to quarantine. “This is what led to so many detainees contracting the virus,” he recalled. For his part, Reyes stressed that as state legislators they are obliged to “protect our communities from the destructive reach of ICE, and until the federal government does not repeal it, we must do everything in our power to subvert the agency’s abusive authority. ”.

Both the New York State House and Senate are controlled by Democrats, a party to which both Salazar and Reyes belong. “An economy based on the confinement of people for profit is immoral and should be illegal,” said Tania Mattos, in charge of Northeast Policy and Monitoring for Freedom for Immigration. Each year, the United States spends more than $ 2 billion to detain immigrants in more than 250 detention centers, according to the Queer Detainee Empowerment Project (QDEP). EFE News

The American girls that Immigration expelled to Mexico return to their country

Keishla Rodríguez's sister, Rodríguez girls
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San Ysidro (California), May 29 (EFE News) .- A Honduran woman with two girls with a US passport returned to California this Saturday, 69 days after the Border Patrol expelled them to Mexico considering that they were not eligible to enter the country despite being citizens. “It is not legal that they do not allow my daughters to enter their country,” said the undocumented Honduran Gladys Alvarenga, mother of Naydelyn and Vianela, 12 and 10 years old, respectively, and American by birth. The woman’s other son, David, 5 years old and from Honduras, was traveling with them.

On March 21, the girls’ family tried to cross the border from Mexico with the United States in California, but immigration agents, according to Alvarenga explained to Efe, did not allow her to enter because she is undocumented, despite entering with minor children and that two of them are American. The United States Government is expelling thousands of immigrant families and asylum seekers who cross the border with the argument of the risk of contagion by covid-19.

American girls are not heard by authorities

Conservatives are more prone to a data type

Naydelyn, the eldest of the girls, explained that she showed her US passport to the officer and, even, Vianela explained that she wants to enter the armed forces when she is the required age. But, the mother said, the border agent ignored the girls and their request so that the American minors could stay in the country with the father of one of them, a legal resident who lives in Atlanta (Georgia), but the uniformed man rejected that possibility. claiming that the little ones should stay with their mother.

“Still the Mexican immigration officer who received us told the United States agent ‘Hey, you can’t send them here, they are Americans,’ but the border agent just closed the door,” said the 35-year-old woman. year old. The girls’ mother then called a local office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), which sent a representative to pick up the family to take them to a hotel and days later to a shelter.

They analyze a possible lawsuit as a justice plan

Immigration and human rights, prison closure
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Mrs. Alvarenga, who lived for years as an undocumented person in the United States and had to return to her country with her girls to take care of her mother and maternal grandmother, who are ill with cancer, told Efe that they will analyze whether they sue the US Government for having put girls at risk by expelling them from their own country. “Just 15 days before that incident, in Mexico an aunt of my daughters was kidnapped, you can imagine how (the girls) felt when they were thrown out of their country at midnight,” said the woman. Mother and children stayed for several weeks in the El Puente shelter in Tijuana (Mexico) and obtained the support of the legal organization Al Otro Lado, which helps migrants between Tijuana, San Diego and Los Angeles. This Saturday morning, a volunteer from Al Otro Lado, Jenn Budd, accompanied the family to the entrance of the San Ysidro gatehouse.

Budd, a former intelligence agent for the San Diego (California) Border Patrol who now helps migrant rights organizations, reassured Mrs. Alvarenga, the girls’ mother, before speaking to the uniformed officers. The inspectors at the checkpoint “cannot prevent their passage,” said the ex-agent. “If they do that, I will give them a scandal; we even receive unaccompanied foreign children, why aren’t we going to receive American girls with their mother, ”he said. Finally this time they were able to enter, along with at least eight other families, and will remain for a time in Chula Vista, California. “For now the priority is going to be that my children study, because none of them speak English,” said the mother of the family. EFE News

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