‘Compromising’ photos of Cynthia Klitbo’s past in a sexy bikini are leaked (PHOTOS)

Photographs of actress Cynthia Klitbo resurface in which she appears in a sexy bikini The postcards were taken in 1998 when he was a danc...

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  • Photographs of actress Cynthia Klitbo resurface in which she appears in a sexy bikini
  • The postcards were taken in 1998 when he was a dancer and showgirl for the singer Jaime Moreno
  • The actress showed off a great body in her first public appearances and from there rose to fame

Photographs of actress Cynthia Klitbo resurface in which she appears with a sexy bikini from 1998 when she was a dancer and showgirl for singer Jaime Moreno.

These images appear on the page of the Mezcalent photo agencies, in which there is a variety of that facet of the artist in her first public appearances.

The most relevant thing about this material is that it left more than one with the square eye, since it boasted a great figure with that daring outfit.

Image taken from Mezcalent

In other postcards, the actress showed her spindly body in a swimsuit, while the singer made his presentation, even in one of them they are hugged.

Cynthia Klitbo is currently 53 years old and is one of the most recognized actresses for her appearances in Televisa soap operas.

The artist has had relevant roles in such successful novels as ‘Cadenas de Amargura’, ‘El Privilegio de Amar’, ‘Teresa’, ‘La Dueña’, ‘Dare to Dream’, among others well known by the Mexican public.

Recently the news portal The Tribune published an interview with her in which she revealed that she would be willing to have a love after four failed marriages.

But this time we will introduce you to the unique figure that actress Cynthia Klitbo had, with some photos from the past that have left several astonished, since she wears a bikini.

In them she shows a spectacular figure of envy, which only reveals why she was one of the favorites of the Mexican public on the small screen with some very famous novels in Mexico.

After Cyunthia Klitbo appeared in a sexy bikini through the Mezcalent photo agency, her sensuality was revealed.

The postcards are black and white and you can see how she poses very daring on stage, while being loved by the singer.

The bikini she uses is black and white and you can see her flat abdomen, as well as her slim legs and her very jovial faces.

These images are from the year 1998 and have caused a stir among her followers, since they had not seen her in that facet of conqueror for a long time.

In these photos Cynthia Klitbo in a bikini appears with long hair, however, for a large part of her career she wore short hair, which generated a controversy as to which cut she looks better.

One of his most famous exhibitions, also for participating in several small screen novels in Mexico was the actor Francisco Gatorno.

She is even one of the actresses who has had to deal with the crisis that caused the coronavirus pandemic, due to lack of work, but had said that she was not yet bankrupt, according to information from the El Universal news portal .

Image taken from Mezcalent

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Recently the actress Cynthia Klitbo was in the eye of the hurricane, as she revealed which actress has been the worst of all and who lacks talent: Vanessa Guzmán, who did not remain silent and sent a forceful message on Instagram. For their part, both Violeta Isfel and Julissa supported the statements of Cynthia Klitbo, who also attacked Sergio Goyri and Cecilia Suárez.

Through the official Instagram account of La Doña del Chisme, you can see a video, which so far has more than 6 thousand views, where the Mexican actress surprised everyone with her revelations.

“There is only one person with whom I do not understand how he is working again, who was with me, Vanessa Guzmán, she is the most despicable being I have ever worked with, I have never seen a person like that. We couldn’t direct him, well, it was worth it for me, but the same production couldn’t speak to him, he didn’t want to live together and he had done three jobs and he felt like a star ”.

Image taken from Instagram @ladonadelchisme

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The Mexican actress recalled that Vanessa Guzmán one day wanted to treat her badly, “but the squeak came out of the stick.”

“Of course, I am not shy about saying it because he is a bad person and besides that he has little talent for so much pride,” said Cynthia Klitbo, who looks sexy in those photos of the past, who still had another surprise prepared, because when I asked him how it was Working with actor Sergio Goyri, the actress said the following:

“Difficult. It was difficult. He is a bit macho and it is difficult to work with him, suddenly he is a bit rude. I say it like that, no way, he didn’t treat me well, I don’t have to lie either “.

Already calmer, Cynthia Klitbo recalled that with the producer Mapat, with whom she worked on the soap opera The shadow of the past, it was the first time they gave her a credit as the first actress, in addition to that when she was young they said that she was the only young first actress , something with which I did not agree, because I believed that Salma Hayek and Azela Robinson deserve that title, as well as Cecilia Suárez, who is not “a saint of her devotion, because she is very proud, but she seems to me a great actress”.

And after Cynthia Klitbo assured that Vanessa Guzmán was the most despicable being she had ever worked with, the actress did not remain silent and sent a forceful message through her official Instagram account.

Cynthia Klitbo sexy bikini Jaime Moreno

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