Community meeting attendees make Trump look like a fool (VIDEOS)

Community meeting goers make a fool of Trump. Donald Trump decided to appear for a 90-minute special at city hall in Pennsylvania before ...

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  • Community meeting goers make a fool of Trump.
  • Donald Trump decided to appear for a 90-minute special at city hall in Pennsylvania before the debate with Joe Biden.
  • Attendees asked him “hot” questions and his answers left the audience stumped.

The United States is looking forward to the presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden in two weeks. But Trump decided to advance his “election move” and appear for a 90-minute special, sponsored by ABC News, in Pennsylvania.

ABC News chief host George Stephanopoulos hosted the “20/20” event – ‘The President and the People’ – from the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia.

But what the President he was expecting, apparently, or what he was prepared for. In this event there were people who are not necessarily Trump supporters, and they gave these unengaged voters the opportunity to ask questions of the president.

And they did, boy they did! They “peppered” him with “hot” topics that affect the day-to-day reality of all citizens, things like the COVID-19 pandemic, the economy and racism.

And what did the president answer? His answers made him look ridiculous and the audience … perplexed. A voter asked Trump why he had downplayed the pandemic after audio recordings of interviews with Bob Woodward were leaked that showed he said so in an attempt not to cause panic.

But although the audios exist, Trump denied it. “I didn’t downplay it. Actually, in many ways, I took advantage of it in terms of action. My action was very strong, ”Trump said.

“Yes, because what I did was: with China, I put a ban; With Europe, I put a ban and we would have lost thousands more if I hadn’t put the ban. So that was called ‘action’, not with words, but with deeds, “added the president.

When questioned about the health plan, he said it would be coming soon. “We are not going to harm pre-existing conditions and, in fact, quite the contrary,” Trump said. “We are going to make a very strong health care plan and protect people with pre-existing conditions.”

But that was not all. There was one more “pearl” waiting for the president.

Trump in ridiculous Pennsylvania: Assistants ‘riddled’ him

Laura Galva from Glenshaw, Pennsylvania, a registered nurse, questioned him about racial justice in the U.S. Invoking the names of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Jacob Blake, asked if he believes that racial injustices are happening in this nation and added that she has always voted for a Republican president.

Trump answered her question: “Well, I think they were tragic events, and I feel like we also need to keep in mind that if you look at our police, they do a phenomenal job. There will be people who drown, mistakes are made and it happens… where they have to make a quick decision, some bad things happen ”, adding the president that“ there are bad apples, but 99% are great people ”.

Ellesia Blake, a college professor from Pennsylvania, was another voter who had the opportunity to ask Trump. Her question was centered on the Obamacare situation and the current president’s intention to eliminate it and leave many who have pre-existing health conditions in limbo, like her and many Hispanics.

As she asked the question, Trump interrupted her and Blake cut short: “Please stop, let me finish my question, sir.” The woman’s phrase has since gone viral.

Twitter was soon bombarded with photos and videos of BLM protesters marching against Trump. It apparently started when Trump supporters started yelling ‘FOUR YEARS MORE.’

Trump in ridiculous Pennsylvania: Assistants “riddled” him (VIDEO)

“Songs of Four more years! of Trump supporters outside the President’s City Hall in Philadelphia #Trump #Philadelphia #TrumpTownHall, “posted a Twitter user.

VIDEO: To see the video, click on the photo below

Trump in Ridiculous Pennsylvania: Attendees Lo "riddled" (VIDEO)

Trump in ridiculous Pennsylvania: Assistants “riddled” him (VIDEO)

A series of tweets followed the protesters. “Reject Fascism and Black Lives Matter by marching on Philadelphia City Hall tonight,” read a tweet.

VIDEO: To see the video, click on the photo below

Trump in Ridiculous Pennsylvania: Attendees Lo "riddled" (VIDEO)

Trump in ridiculous Pennsylvania: Assistants ‘riddled’ him

Not only that, the event itself was called a major disaster. “It’s already a disaster under normal circumstances, but when you take it out of the Fox News bubble and put it in front of ordinary people (not members of their cult) it is a total catastrophe. #TrumpTownHall, ”read a tweet.

Trump in Ridiculous Pennsylvania: Attendees Lo "riddled"

Another said: “I’m not sure which of the @realDonaldTrump administrators thought it was a good idea for me to participate in a discussion forum without scripting or supervision… but calling it an absolute disaster would be too generous. His severe cognitive problems are on full display. #TrumpTownHall “.

One even said: “From what I saw this #TrumpTownHall was a horrible idea. That’s what happens when all you do is lie and do shit. “

And another posted, “#TrumpTownHall I don’t know how this shit started, but it became an infomercial for Trump.


Trump: (lies, lies, more lies)

Stephanopoulos: (frowning) And we’ll be back, after this break.

Trump in ridiculous Pennsylvania: Assistants ‘riddled’ him

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