Colombian woman who had been missing for weeks is found dead (PHOTO)

Colombian woman Mary Estella Gómez Mullet is found dead. She was missing since February 18 of this year. Her husband is the prime suspect...

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  • Colombian woman Mary Estella Gómez Mullet is found dead.
  • She was missing since February 18 of this year.
  • Her husband is the prime suspect, he has already been arrested.

The search ends and also her dreams, after authorities broke the news that Mary Estella Gómez Mullet, a Colombian who went missing in the United States, was found dead, she was in the courtyard of her husband Roberto Colón’s home, according to information published on Infobae.

Another story about one of the many missing women in the United States that ends in tragedy, now the Gómez Mullet family has experienced it, when the police found the woman’s body in one of her husband’s properties.


Missing Columbian woman dead
Twitter photo

The family commented that Mary Estella Gómez Mullet, 45, had married the 66-year-old man, in order to regularize his immigration status and remain in the United States without problems in order to move there.

The man she married was identified as Roberto Colón, and according to information published by the EFE news agency, he was arrested on March 7 in Miami, Florida, identified as the alleged perpetrator of the crime.

Missing Colombian Death: THE SEARCH

Missing Columbian woman dead
Twitter photo

It was from February 18 that family and friends began to publish on social networks that they did not know the whereabouts of the Colombian Mary Estella Gómez Mullet, so they tried to join forces for her prompt location.

However, the days passed and nothing was known about her, but the authorities were already trying to find her with the clues that her family and friends gave. It was not easy, since it was the first time the woman had disappeared for so long.


Colombian dead disappeared
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Until March 6, Boynton Beach-Florida Police officers found the woman’s body in one of the husband’s locations, so they immediately released the unfortunate events through a statement.

Verbatim Police Chief Michael G. Gregory said in a statement: “Our sincere condolences go out to Mary’s family and loved ones. We remain dedicated to this ongoing investigation and bringing justice to his family. ” Filed Under: Missing Colombian Dead


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Mary Estella Gómez Mullet is a bacteriologist by profession and was 45 years old. She is originally from Corozal, Sucre, she also had two children and two years ago she had moved to the United States, in order to give her family a better quality of life.

The relationship between her and Roberto Colón was the most incredible, they both managed to reach an agreement to win the two, so they devised a plan so that she could have her papers in order and remain in the country without being disturbed.

Colombian dead disappeared: THE THEFT ACUSE

Investigations indicate that his mother lived in Hialeah, he told her that she suffered from dementia and needed someone to take care of her, so she offered to work there, in exchange for getting married and he providing her citizenship.

But things did not work out well, since the man pointed to her as the author of a robbery on her property, a reason that led the Colombian to leave work, since the conditions were not given for her to continue there.


Missing Columbian woman dead
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Through a call for help, Boyton Becah officers managed to find a portfolio with various objects, including a crucifix that belonged to the victim, so the line of investigation pointed to another area.

Then the investigating agents met with Roberto Colón, since he had been the last to see her, so he had no choice but to admit that he had an argument with her and that he hit the wall, and when he returned from the medical appointment she was gone, but her vehicle was. Filed Under: Missing Colombian Dead

Missing Colombian Woman Dead: MORE EVIDENCE

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In his police statement, the man pointed out her unceremoniously. “She stole a lot of money from an old woman and abused her. I’m fine here with my dog ​​at my house. I don’t need that problem. In addition, I have already spoken with the authorities three times ”.

But everything he said did not work, since they found that the cell phone messages were deleted and there was nothing in the history, not to mention that in the garage of his house there were traces of blood, and he said that they were from his dog.


Missing Columbian woman dead
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This case is added to one of the most recent, that of Erica Hernández, a Latina who disappeared in Texas for weeks and who a few days ago found her vehicle and her body inside it, the investigations are still ongoing.

Authorities in Pearland, Texas, confirmed on Wednesday that the body found in a truck that was submerged in a lake in that town is that of a Latino mother from Houston who was missing for more than three weeks. Filed Under: Missing Colombian Dead

Missing Colombian woman dead: VEHICLE FOUND

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Erica Hernandez, 40, was last seen in the early morning of April 17 when she left the home of a friend, whom she was visiting in a Houston neighborhood. After weeks of searching, they found their unit at the bottom of a pond.

In a security video, the Hispanic woman, a mother of three, is seen leaving the residence and getting into her truck and leaving. This was the last time the family has a record of the Latina alive, the EFE news agency reported.


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Hernández sent a text message around 3:04 am local time, stating that he was “five minutes away from getting home.” This Tuesday, the 2020 GMC Acadia truck the Hispanic was driving was discovered in a small lake in the city of Pearland.

According to KHOU television, authorities found evidence suggesting that the vehicle hit a sidewalk and ended up in the water. Hernandez may have been there since the night the mother was reported missing, police said. Filed Under: Missing Colombian Dead

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