Colombia: Police protest leaves at least seven dead in violent night

Colombia: Police protest leaves at least seven dead in violent night Protesters fought against police abuse 57 civilians and 93 members o...

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  • Colombia: Police protest leaves at least seven dead in violent night
  • Protesters fought against police abuse
  • 57 civilians and 93 members of the police were injured

A police protest leaves at least seven dead in a violent night that occurred in Colombia on Thursday, according to EFE Agency.

According to the report, the protesters were confronting the Mobile Anti-Riot Squad (ESMAD) of the police against police abuse. These protests, held in Bogotá and other cities in Colombia, were triggered by the police brutality that killed lawyer Javier Ordóñez during his arrest, according to information provided by the authorities.

“Seven individuals were killed: five in Bogotá and two in Soacha,” said the deputy director of the Police, General Gustavo Moreno, in a press conference with the Minister of Defense, Carlos Holmes Trujillo in which they took stock of the night of vandalism in the Colombian capital.

Riots took place in the city of Bogotá stronger, as well as in Soacha, a town located south of the capital of Colombia.

seven dead police protests


The Mercury It also reported that riots broke out in the cities of Cali, Medellín, Ibagué, Mosquera and Madrid.

“55 people were injured and admitted to hospitals for blunt force injuries. 51 of them in Bogotá and the rest in Soacha ”, added Moreno.

Part of the military of the police force were injured in these acts of vandalism where several buses and police facilities were set on fire. A total of ninety-three policemen, of which eighty-seven are residents of Bogotá.

The protests originated in front of the Imnediata Action Command (CAI) of the Villa Luz police, a neighborhood located to the west of Bogotá, where the uniformed men worked who, at dawn the previous day, subjected to brute force and use Prolonged of a Taser electric pistol to the lawyer Ordóñez.

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Who was Javier Ordóñez?

The communication medium Time He says that Javier Ordóñez was a 44-year-old father and husband who used to drive a taxi as a means of work to bring his living home. He was about to receive his law degree and had studies in areonautics.

Ordóñez lived near the Santa Cecilia neighborhood, in the town of Engativá, and his death occurred after a police operation based on violence and police abuse.

“Javier was a lawyer and had also studied aeronautics. But he had a taxi and he lived off his taxi. He had two children who lived with him, the mother lives in Barcelona. I was in the apartment drinking with two more friends, they all went out, I imagine to buy beer, “said one of Ordáñez’s aunts.

Until now, the exact reasons or motives for which Javier Ordóñez died are unknown, and based on the comments of those who knew him, this was a good human being.

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“Javier was a very sociable man. He was surrounded by people all the time, he was a very insightful person, he talked a lot. It was the center of the meetings. He made everyone laugh. I want to highlight the heart of gold that Javier had. This is not because he died, I highlighted him in life, he had a very kind heart, “Eliana Garzón, Javier’s ex-sister-in-law, told El Tiempo.

Likewise, Hernando Bermúdez, the victim’s cousin, remembers him as a responsible man. “His children were his eyes, he was a happy, talkative person. He liked the law because he loved defending people, defending people’s human rights, “he said.

Regarding the events, where Ordóñez lost his life, Bermúdez expressed that they did not treat him as a human being, “they lied to us because we were involved in the altercation because I live in the same group as him. The Police told us that they were going to the Farm URI, that was a lie, they went to the CAI ”, he denounced.

“My cousin walked out of the group, they voted him in the patrol and received the first blow to the head, they took him to the CAI and the next news was that he had died,” added Bermúdez.

The death of Javier Ordóñez has caused great indignation and commotion in the city and throughout Colombia, and it is expected that in the next few hours sit-ins and cacerolazos will be held in different parts of the city, including the CAI, the place where they initially transferred to the victim. Ordóñez died at the Santa María del Lago clinic.

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