Audio of alleged police officer asserting that a colleague murdered Octavio Ocaña is leaked (VIDEO)

Octavio Ocaña, was he killed by a policeman? A week and a half after the actor’s death, speculation continues about whether a secur...

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  • Octavio Ocaña, was he killed by a policeman?
  • A week and a half after the actor’s death, speculation continues about whether a security officer shot him.
  • Did cops ‘cover and smear’ the scene of the actor’s death?

Twelve days after the tragic death of Octavio Ocaña, many people continue to hold the police responsible for the tragedy of the 22-year-old actor as audio recordings, videos and images continue to come out that point to the Mexican police officers as the ‘perpetrators’ of what happened and the confusion that followed.

The program ‘Gossip no like‘ has presented content that seems to blame the police who participated in the operation that initially sought to ‘arrest’ actor Octavio Ocaña. The actor ended up crashing on the highway and suffered a gunshot wound which ended his life. The Attorney General’s Office has declared this was accidental and that he fired the gun himself.

The police are blamed for the death of Octavio Ocaña

Mysterious police audio in the Octavio Ocaña case
YouTube: Gossip no Like

And now, this week in which grisly photos of the actor’s body in the morgue have been leaked, showing him naked with blood around his head and the gunshot wound, as well as videos of Octavio Ocaña consuming cocaine and firing weapons, people think that this is all a plot by the police to tarnish his image.

However, an audio of an alleged policeman who is a member of the Mexican police force, which is having a hard time due to the suspicious circumstances under which the 22-year-old actor died and also due to other perceived injustices, would confirm that it was indeed an official who shot Octavio Ocaña.

Police were just going to arrest him but ended up killing him

Police audio case Octavio Ocaña
YouTube: Gossip no Like

However, with the scandal of an alleged police officer called ‘Lesly Monroy’ who apparently stole a gold chain from the actor, and then tried to sell it, now an alleged member of the force is said to have confirmed what was speculated: that one of his colleagues shot the actor when the task was only to stop him.

“They’re saying on this side that they were only going to arrest him, but he didn’t stop and they say that a colleague shot him. He shot him and when he got nervous he started to alter the scene,” the alleged policeman begins, in an audio presented on ‘Gossip no Like’ and supposedly obtained by a woman named Daniela Oca.

The alleged police officer was caught ‘altering’ the crime scene?

Police would confess Octavio Ocaña

The audio continues and the voice of the man, an alleged policeman, is heard saying what his partner did when he saw that he had shot the 22-year-old actor: “It was then that he wanted to put the gun on him and that is when they began to take photographs. That right there is the problem. But yes, it’s said that it was a colleague’s mistake,” you can hear him say.

If that audio is true, the theory that things got out of control for the police of the State of Mexico would be confirmed and one of the biggest injustices of recent years in the Aztec country would come to light, so much so that the President Andrés Manuel López Obrador wanted to intervene, responding to the pleas of Octavio Ocaña’s father.

The police officer who allegedly stole the actor’s chain, sells it for 1000 dollars

Messages auction actor membership

The ‘Gossip no Like’ program hosted by Javier Ceriani and Elisa Beristain also featured an alleged conversation where Lesly Monroy, the police officer accused of being responsible for stealing a chain from the actor as he lay dying inside his car, tries to sell it:

“Give me 1000”, you can read in a text allegedly sent by Lesly Monroy to another person: “That’s pesos, right? And where can I go to pick it up?” She replies saying that those are dollars… “And where can I find you or make a deposit. The amount you’re asking for is big. How many carats is it?

Is the story that they arrested the policemen involved in the death of Octavio Ocaña true or not?

Octavio Ocaña policeman

A week after the tragic death of actor Octavio Ocaña, his father, Octavio Pérez, announced the possible arrest of policemen involved in the actor’s case. He says they have been identified as ‘allegedly’ responsible for what led ‘Benito Rivers’ to lose his life so tragically.

What if the police were chasing him and shooting to intimidate him? What if they accidentally shot him that killed him and put the gun on him to pretend that he shot himself? What if a policewoman stole a chain? And what if they are behind the leak of compromising videos and regrettable photos of Octavio Ocaña consuming cocaine, firing weapons and even his corpse in the morgue? These are theories that have swirled around just one week after the tragic event. HERE YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO WITH THE AUDIO OF THE ALLEGED POLICE OFFICER (Everything begins at minute 1:05:00)

Octavio Ocaña’s father reported that some policemen were arrested in his son’s case

Police detained Octavio Ocaña

Media outlets such as La Jornada and El Siglo de Torreón released the news that, this weekend, Octavio Ocaña’s father reported that police officers allegedly involved in the death of the actor had been arrested. He announced it on the Instagram account he created to call for justice for his son.

Octavio Pérez, father of Octavio Ocaña, wrote on Instagram: “Dear all, I was asked to create an account and I have never used social media, however, if this is what it takes to get my son justice, then go ahead, here it is. I will wait for you at the march today in the Zócalo (without violence), thank you very much for all the support you have given us, we will be the voice of Octavio and of many other injustices,” he wrote.

Police officers detained for the case of Octavio Ocaña, who are they?

Papa Octavio Ocaña police arrest

Although he did not say who his source is, Octavio Ocaña’s father confirmed a rumor published on social media that they had arrested the police officers involved in the actor’s death: “They report the alleged arrest of the police official who took actor Octavio Ocaña’s belongings, Lesly Monroy. The images show the arrest performed by the National Guard… unconfirmed information.”

Octavio Pérez insisted that this was true, because in the images it is seen how alleged members of the National Guard are apparently detaining Lesly Monroy, as well as another man in a red shirt and wrote: “I confirm through my lawyers that this is real news, yesterday they were arrested and tomorrow their hearing begins, thanks to all those who have raised their voices with me, we will get to the bottom of this,” he stated on Instagram.

Did the police in the case of Octavio Ocaña alter the scene of the actor’s death?

Papa Octavio Ocaña asks for justice

According to Octavio Ocaña’s father, the police officials involved in the case not only stole the actor’s belongings, but also altered the scene of the incident. This happened under the gaze of people who were recording what had happened with their cell phones. Videos have already come to light and have ended up exposing more irregularities with the tragic death.

He also said that police officers tortured Octavio Ocaña’s companions to make them sign fake statements and make them appear responsible: “The people who were with my son were friends of mine and his friends, let it be clear and they tortured them until they got tired. One of them contacted me and said: ‘Forgive me, friend, but they made me sign this, this and this. They beat me up for three, four days and until today they released me and made me sign a false statement,'” the actor’s father reported to Gustavo Adolfo Infante on his program.

The Prosecutor’s Office denies what the actor’s father says about the police

Police actor case

However, once again there is controversy because while Octavio Ocaña’s father reports that there are already detainees in the case, who are allegedly policemen, the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Mexico denied it on their Twitter account.

“In the investigation carried out into the death of Octavio ‘N’ at this time no person has been arrested,” they wrote on the official Twitter account of the Prosecutor’s Office, so it is clear that the two policemen who were present at the time of the pursuit of the actor, were freed after giving their statements, with no charges filed against them.

Police officers involved in the case of Octavio Ocaña were not detained and more shocking photos of the 22-year-old were leaked

Dad the actor claims policemen arrested

Octavio Ocaña’s father loses it over a photo of his son in the morgue. Members of civil society called for a march this Sunday to demand justice for the actor who portrayed “Benito” in the series “Vecinos”, Octavio Ocaña and who lost his life on October 30 in Cuautitlán Izcalli.

Victor Palma, a resident of the Ajusco neighborhood and one of the organizers, said that the reason for the mobilization is to denounce the police abuse that occurred in the case and in many more cases that occur in the country, as well as the impunity of crimes, according to Agencia Reforma.

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