Coca Cola machines banned in North Carolina county

Coca Cola Machines Banned at Surry County’s Government Buildings. This was a reaction to the soda maker’s criticism of Georgi...

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  • Coca Cola Machines Banned at Surry County’s Government Buildings.
  • This was a reaction to the soda maker’s criticism of Georgia’s new voting laws.
  • The measures will take effect in that area of ​​North Carolina.

Surry County’s authorities in North Carolina have issued a new and controversial decision that will leave the town unable to cool off and they have voted the prohibition of the famous Coca Cola brand’s vending machines, according to information from New York Post.

This measure can only be applied to government buildings in the aforementioned county, and is a reaction to the criticism of the Atlanta-based soft drink manufacturer to the new restrictive voting laws of Georgia.


Coca Cola Machines
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Through a video interview, Eddie Harris, a county commissioner, told WXII that: “The left wing in America, they defund, boycott, cancel, demolish statues, all kinds of heinous actions.”

And he added to his opinion on the controversial issue of the Coca Cola company: “Their expectation is that the opposite political side will cower in the corner and we are supposed to accept that and it is supposed to be fine. And it is not good ”.

Coca Cola Machines: HOW MANY ARE THERE?

Coca Cola Machines
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This vote was made by county commissioners, all Republicans, voted 3-2, and the decision establishes that the vending machines of the famous Coca Cola soft drink will be banned, due to the controversy of Georgia’s restrictive voting laws.

The machines have not been removed from the buildings so far and the total number of machines is unknown, but Surry County has around 73,000 residents in the northern part alone, which would give an idea of ​​how many there would be.


Coca Cola Machines
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But not everything has been there, but Harris also sent a text to the CEO of Coca-Cola who also said that the last presidential elections between Joe Biden and Donald Trump were not carried out fairly, WCNC reported.

Verbatim, he said: “Millions of Americans believe that the last presidential election was not conducted fairly and that more electoral fraud will occur in the future if the elections are not closely monitored and regulated.” Filed Under: Coca Cola Machines

Coca Cola Machines: APPROACH

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As a result of this determination, a bottler called Coca-Cola Consolidated, separate from Coca-Cola, told WXII that they wanted in every way to have a meeting with the commissioners to discuss the matter and see the options.

However, so far it is not known what else will happen in this scenario that has generated criticism because companies have spoken out against it, and the issue has already touched several high spheres of the world of politics and the most recognized companies worldwide.


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In March, Governor Kemp signed a Republican election bill amid a protest when he enacted a radical reform of Republican-sponsored state elections that includes new restrictions on voting by mail and greater legislative control over how voting is conducted. held the elections, as reported by AP News.

Democrats and voting rights groups say the law will disproportionately disproportionate voters of color. It’s one of a wave of GOP-backed election bills introduced in states across the country after former President Donald Trump stoked false claims that fraud led to his 2020 election defeat. Filed Under: Machines Coke

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