Juan Corona took advantage of the fact that he was a coach to give private classes and abuse minors

A coach identified as Juan Corona was charged with sexual assault in Texas. Juan Corona was a softball coach and gave private classes. A ...

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  • A coach identified as Juan Corona was charged with sexual assault in Texas.
  • Juan Corona was a softball coach and gave private classes.
  • A teenager decided to tell what had happened with the coach.

A softball coach identified as Juan Corona was charged with sexual assault in Texas after a teenage girl who attended a private class with him decided to tell what was happening.

Juan “Manny” Corona, 44, a Montgomery County softball coach, was charged Wednesday with sexually assaulting teenagers he coached, authorities said according to Click 2 Houston on Wednesday, August 18.

Juan Corona fell after a teenager’s complaint

Juan Corona

According to the aforementioned local newspaper, Juan “Manny” Corona, also known as “Coach Manny,” now faces several crimes, including three counts of sexual assault against a child.

The coach was arrested at his home on January 3, 2018, and a jury is now expected to render its sentence at 9:00 a.m. local time on Thursday, August 19, Click 2 Houston said.

Juan Corona was looking for the minors at school

Juan Corona
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Captain Dan Zientek of the Montgomery County Precinct 3 Sheriff’s Office said Juan Corona had been a coach for about 25 years and 17 of those years were in Montgomery County.

Authorities indicated that he gave private lessons at the South Montgomery County Softball League. In some cases, Juan Corona looked for the minors at school and took them to the place where he gave his classes, Zientek explained.

Threatened the victim

Juan Corona
Photo: Montgomery County Constable Pct. 3

Captain Zientek said that Juan Corona sexually assaulted a girl under 14 during one of the private practices after picking her up from school. The coach threatened the victim and told her that something would happen to her or that he would not put her to play if she told someone about the match they had.

According to a report by the local newspaper Click 2 Houston, investigators learned of the alleged sexual assaults that occurred in May and August thanks to the account of another player.

Juan Corona bought alcohol from the minors

Juan Corona
Reference photo: Shutterstock

“Another player who was traveling to practice with our victim and Coach ‘Manny’ said the coach decided to stop by the store and buy alcohol for both girls,” said Captain Zientek.

He explained that the parents of the other player found out about the event and that was when the parents of the victim began to ask their daughter questions, according to the report of the aforementioned media.

One of the victims said that Juan Corona sexually assaulted them since they were 12 years old

Juan Corona
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Authorities said Juan Corona admitted to giving the girls alcohol, but avoided questions about sexual assault. The researchers mentioned that they believe there may be more victims due to the amount of contact he had with children during his time as a coach. Since Juan Corona was publicly charged, four more victims have come forward with sexual assault charges against him, Click 2 Houston detailed.

One of the victims said that they were continuously sexually assaulted starting in 2002 when they were 12 years old. Evidence recovered from Juan Corona’s home corroborated the victim’s statement, including videos and photographs. And due to the accusations, the trainer also faced an additional charge for the production of child pornography, the newspaper said.

César Torres is accused of killing his girlfriend and trying to murder his 4 children after “talking to God”

Cesar Torres

A California man identified as César Torres was accused of murdering his girlfriend and nearly killing their four children by crashing the car in which they were traveling into a trailer truck on the highway after “talking to God.”

César Torres, 31, allegedly drove the wrong way on the 101 freeway last Thursday, causing the fatal accident, according to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office cited by the New York Post this Tuesday.

César Torres accused of murder

Cesar Torres

“A family has been destroyed by this tragic collision that leaves four young children without their mother,” said District Attorney George Gascón in a statement also cited by the aforementioned media.

César Torres’s girlfriend, identified as Aimee García, 26, died in the accident. His four children, ages 1 to 7, were slightly injured, prosecutors who are handling the tragic case said.

The four children survived the collision executed by César Torres

Cesar Torres
Photo: Go Fund Me

The suspect is now charged with one count of murder and four counts of attempted murder. He is expected to be prosecuted on Tuesday, the New York Post detailed in its report on the event.

People He also reported on Monday that authorities have charged César Torres with murder after he allegedly crashed his vehicle on purpose, which triggered the collision in which his girlfriend died and injured her four children.

The bride died on site

Cesar Torres
Screenshot of video posted by Ktla 5

The diaries Ktla 5, KNBC, ABC 7 News Y Los Angeles Daily News They detailed that the police accused César Iban Torres of deliberately driving his SUV against a tractor on Highway 101 in Encino last Thursday, shortly after 7:00 p.m.

Aimee Garcia, 26, was pronounced dead at the scene after firefighters were unable to remove her from the wrecked vehicle. Her four children, all minors, were taken to a hospital in the area where they confirmed that they only had minor injuries.

César Torres fought with the police during his arrest

Cesar Torres

Police told the two television stations that César Torres, who was also injured in the accident, was detained by California Highway Patrol agents after he allegedly fought with them.

Authorities had to use a taser gun to arrest César Torres, who was eventually tied up and taken to hospital for treatment, People said. For more information visit this note.

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