Cloud in Colombia looks like a cross and causes an uproar

Colombian residents captured a strange phenomenon in the sky. Was there a divine apparition on Good Friday? Was it a sign or coincidence?...

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  • Colombian residents captured a strange phenomenon in the sky.
  • Was there a divine apparition on Good Friday?
  • Was it a sign or coincidence?

Good Friday is one of the most important dates, and moving commemorations, of Christianity. It is the sixth day of Holy Week and it commemorates the crucifixion and death of Jesus of Nazareth. On this day, the Catholic Church commands its faithful to fast and abstain from meat as penance.

In Colombia, the residents of La Ceja, Antioquia, saw a strange cross-shaped apparition in the sky. It shocked those who saw it since it appeared on a very special date for believers. Could it have been some manifestation of a divine being? Or was it a simple coincidence?

A cloud cross is captured in the sky on Good Friday

Cloud Colombia cross shape
VIDEO: Instagram

Al Rojo Vivo reported that a strange phenomenon had appeared in the sky. It was a cross-shaped cloud! What shocked people the most is that it happened on Good Friday, a very important date for faithful Catholics.

“See what heaven has sent us. Blessings for all,” the voice of the person who managed to capture the phenomenon on video is heard. At the same time, several other believers took out their cell phones to capture the important moment. Many are sure it was a sign from God.

A miracle or a coincidence?

Cloud Colombia cross shape
PHOTO: Shutterstock

Although many believers have insisted that Jesus Christ was present in ‘La Ceja’, there are also people who say it was a ‘mere coincidence’. According to the outlet for experts in psychology, Colombia, seeing figures in the clouds has a name.

The fact that we find figures in the clouds, walls or trees is called pareidolia and it is a normal thing the human brain does. We often picture things in our minds and thus, project our visions onto reality. However, reiterating, there is no shortage of people who believe one hundred percent that this was a divine miracle. (VIDEO)

People debated the phenomenon online

PHOTO: Instagram

On Al Rojo Vivo’s Instagram users began to share their respective points of view about this strange coincidence. Some said that it was definitely a divine sign, while others think that it was only a plane or some other coincidence.

“In addition to the cross, the image that is seen behind,” commented a user saying that an image of Christ sitting on a throne was seen in the back. “I did not see the Cross, what I could see is the image of someone sitting on his throne looking down.” “Christ holding the cross.” “Is like when the Virgin of Fatima appeared to 3 shepherd boys.” “Not everyone is going to believe, not even if they see the face of God.” “Don’t be so incredulous. That’s why we are like this. The Lord is yet to come…remember everything the Bible says.” “They are airplanes that they throw that to change the climate,” were the comments people left.

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