More chaos in the sky: Another close call reported in Mexico City airspace

Another risky situation was reported in Mexico City flight operations. Transportation officials have reported the increase in dangerous i...

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  • Another risky situation was reported in Mexico City flight operations.
  • Transportation officials have reported the increase in dangerous incidents Mexican capital’s airspace
  • Authorities make a drastic decision.

Air traffic controllers reported another close call in Mexico City’s airspace. This comes at a time when aviation authorities are trying to respond to reports from international associations of pilots and airlines about serious confusion in the skies above the Mexican capital, according to The Associated Press.

Government officials said a flight approaching Mexico City’s Aeropuerto Internacional Benito Juárez de la Ciudad de México (AICM) was allowed to land on a runway where another aircraft was about to take off on Saturday night. This happened just hours after transportation officials created a working group to discuss the increase in dangerous incidents in the capital’s airspace.

Authorities make decision after close call in Mexico

Photo: AP

Following the incident, federal government officials and airline representatives held a meeting on Monday at the  Secretaría de Gobernación. They agreed that 25% of the AICM’s passenger and cargo operations would move to the new Aeropuerto Internacional Felipe Ángeles (AIFA) and the Toluca airport in the coming months, according to the Undersecretary of Infraestructura, Comunicaciones y Transportes, Rogelio Jiménez Pons.

Jiménez Pons told the local radio station Radio Formula that  the migration of operations to AIFA will begin between August and September. AIFA which will receive the largest number of flights because it is “the best equipped and most efficient.”

Officials announce a strong plan

Photo: Twitter

The undersecretary pointed out that the operations migration process will last twelve months. He added that they are considering returning to the original plan that flights from the capital region be distributed between the AIFA, the AICM and the airports of the central localities of Puebla, Cuernavaca and Toluca.

Víctor Hernández Sandoval, director of the Servicios a la Navegación en el Espacio Aéreo Mexicano  (SENEAM) — which manages the country’s airspace — submitted a letter of resignation on Friday. The Secretariat of Infrastructure, Communications and Transportation, to which the agency belongs, initially denied having knowledge of at least 17 incidents of alerts in the ground proximity warning system (GPWS) for aircraft that were flying to the capital’s airport during the last year, and only confirmed one incident last year. Filed Under: Mexico Air Incident.

Warning of danger at Mexico City’s airport

Photo: Twitter

Last week, the Asociación Internacional de Transporte Aéreo, which represents about 290 airlines, wrote to SENEAM to express its concern about these risky situations.

“As you know, these alarms, without prompt action by the flight crew, can lead to a CFIT (controlled impact into ground) scenario, considered by the industry to be one of the highest indicators of risk in Operational Safety, and with a higher rate of accidents, as well as fatalities,” stated the letter. Filed Under: Mexico Air Incident.

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